WIWT: Lazy Day

Last Tuesday was a public holiday for Awal Muharam right? Me & my man decided to wake up early for breakfast at our favorite mamak and go to wet market so that we can cook up something for lunch. Nevermind the lighting in this, it was actually darker than this around 7++ am around my apartment.

Silk scarf + pants - a gift from my man from India. It's actually a part of a Punjabi suit! Looving the scarf, it's super duper longggggggggg!
Shirt - H&M, actually a dress.
Wedges - Nose.
Purse - Nine West.
Pink mesh phone housing - 100 baht bought in Bangkok. Around RM10. And I see people are buying 'em at ridiculously high price here in KL :/

Devi's in Telawi 2, Bangsar has the best thosai.

Afterwards we went to Carrefour Midvalley and bought a few stuff for me to cook Green Curry and for him to make Baked Salmon. Forgot to take photos of the outcome but our friends who came to our house for lunch had extras! ;) Both the recipes are pretty easy, Naz just created his recipe on the go whilst I looked this up:

Curry in a Hurry!
I changed the Wok oil with olive oil, added some ginger, onions & garlic. Have a go at it, it's really easy & tasty!