AMI for Levi's Blogger Award 2012

Guess what? I'm shortlisted to top 10 for Female Magazine Levi's Blogger Award! I'm the only girl with head covered and I think 1 out of 2 Malay bloggers in this category! Amazing really.. But yeah all the other bloggers are really hot & sexy. 

But anyways, ain't this about BLOGGER AWARD? I mean who else writes about daily outfits, feeds you with fashion shows (instantly via instagram), does event write-ups & reviews and also writes about fashion trend? In hijab, no less ;) Come on, don't you value style with substance as I do? *cough cough*

If you think I deserve to win Levi's Blogger Award do cast your vote DAILY and you also might be on the running to win RM300 worth of Levi's voucher! Yep, that's right. All you have to do is sign up and vote for me ♥ 

VOTE HERE! & don't forget to VOTE HERE for Guess Blogger Search.
It really would mean a lot to me...

I aspire to be as successful as Elin Kling who started as a fashion blogger. Slow & steady! Now vote vote vote, please? *flutters short eyelashes*