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Last week after a mundane afternoon buying stocks for The Shoplifters, me and Naz went to Midvalley to catch a movie. As we were squinting our eyes to see the show times board, tiba-tiba there's this girl and tall man came up to us. Tadaaaaaa, it was Tara & Aoki! They wanted to catch a movie as well, so we sorta had a movie double-date watching Changeling. Atleast I didn't sleep like the time when we went to watch Benjamin Butang. The movie was okay, but Mrs Pitt was seriously thin and old.. maybe she was soo into the character but she was not as appealing anymore. Sorry Angie, but two advices baby girl, stop working out so much and eat healthily darling.

Afterwards we parted ways coz Aoki needs to catch Geng with her mom & sisters. Met-up with Naz's siblings, Lia & Mak for late dinner at SS2 Murni. They were of course discussing into details of Adik's wedding ceremony, this March.

Poor Lia and K-rol, they just lost their first unborn baby due to iron deficiency. I feel terribly sorry for them :((((. This is the couple that I went to Jakarta for December last year for their wedding.

Then we went home around 1am and slept till 510am so that we can get ready for Sony Staff Clearance Sale. When we arrived around 620am there were already people queuing up but we were among the first 10 people to arrive. Waited till 930am for the place to open up and there were like 3km of queue by then. We went in, and got what we wanted. I've got a new baby laptop, an 11.1" Vaio bought at less than half it's price.

Am I lucky or what? Now I'm a lil broke so go on over to shoplifters & leftovers to buy our goods XD


Hairy Timeline

Hi! I'm Maggie Cheung!

I stormed out of the salon with a big backpack (carrying a laptop, the bf and his sister left me at the salon and went to Nilai -_-) and my handbag with my hair still a lil bit wet, well I didn't actually storm-ed out furreal, that's too dramatic for my life. I walked really fast to the toilet and combed my hair straight, tried to. Kind of like a mad woman in distress. I was alone and in need of comfort talks telling that my hair looks fine, wanted to avoid the crowd but had to queue twice at the ATM machine and then waited for the guys to pick me up at Starbucks.

When I met Naz & his sister, they said the hairstyle suits me fine. Made my face a lil chubby, not sure whether that's a compliment or what but he also said I look sexy? Panicked a little thinking that the boys at work would tease and laugh at me, but nobody said anything. They said I look different but obviously men don't really know what they're talking about. But the girls said I look much better than my waify barely there straight-not-so-straight hair. I was happy as a bee. I'm also quite determined to maintain it's volume and texture for a whole year.

I'm thinking of perming my whole head now, wonder if that's a lil too drastic? Afro girl?



That's me and dD at shoplifter's first bijou ever. I can say my hair is pretty much like hers except that I still have my fringe and my curls are smaller.

Use your imagination :)

I've been abusing poladroid. I LIKE.
C-ya l8r allig8r!

Crown Of Love

I really DON'T KNOW why Tina is always headless :P
And I'm wearing a size L on the destroyed jeans, duuude seriously?
Yeah I've gained back my weight but I'm loving it, 48.5kg. I dropped to 45kg a few weeks before CNY partly because I have no money, business was slow and I don't know why but I simply detest eating.

Really wanted to add more stuff to the photo but was suddenly caught on a lazy wave.

And then when business starts picking up, everything seems to fall into place and I started binge eating on chocolates & cheesy stuffs almost every hour. I blame Listerine mouth-wash for making my mouth feels empty and distasteful. Though, I like this one better, you can literally feel the liquid building up an iron fort on your teeth and gum.

I have a drying cold sore on my upper lips, honestly, really ugly. It's like somebody punched me and left a bloody bruise, well not bloody now but the bruise is still ugly.

This weekend I'm gonna go pamper myself, after a long time being sabbatical on that part, I'm gonna go do something to my hair ;)

Inspired by Siri Tollerod in Lula #6, Spring Summer 2008, Crown of Love:

ain't she just the cutest?

I probably need to start wearing my contact lenses a lot more, colored lenses, Y/N?
Feels like I need to kick it up a notch just as a wee prep on soon-to-be-wedded-girl (alasan hebat tak boleh blah for a girl to spend money on herself).

p/s: many people has misconstrued that the ring was an engagement ring, nah! that's just cincin merisik/proposal ring? We'll have the engagement ceremony around June/July and the wedding will probably come next year. Hey, I actually still have time to party!

WIWT / Malam Semalam di Ibukota 69

- raided angah's house bringing hefty nasi beriani lunch boxes
- did a vintage leather skirts & bags photoshoot with tina
- went to NZ and had tea + truth revealing moment with Naz's friends.
- went to OU on a whim, he bought a Zara pistol tee, and I bought Vogue UK with Cate Blanchett as covergirl, burned a hole on my wallet as usual.
- ate Beef Chilli Cheese Fries + Portobello Double Mushroom Burger, last expensive meal of the month, shared. We hope not.

What did you do last Sunday?


We went on a mini roadtrip last week, Schuhz was suppose to go with us tapi dia sombong-sombong kucing. And Angah was also suppose to go with us but he's a workaholic. So... it's just us three. Tina has never been to Jonker Street, so she went crazy for the first 5 minutes :))

gambar wajib malam semalam di ibukota 69. Schuhz, I cakap tutup muka je, duh! Dramaqueen. Hmmf.

kaki siapakah paling kecil tu?

saya suka spek bulat saya, macam Mary Kate tak?


penat dowh

moar photos here :)