Round Round Eyes

A few months ago when I first started wearing this brand new contact lenses I had some people asking me on instagrams asking about my round round eyes. I have to admit at that time, I just recovered from a pro-longed sickness and been avoiding the social media like a plague. Staying at home most of the time made me ignore the need or wish to wear contact lenses, glasses is the best way to go. But then, I felt better and since I have agreed to Diana Amir to join her event - I sent Naz running to go buy a pair of dark brown contact lens for me. He came back with Blincon BB Brown, I was pretty amazed that he managed to grab a Koren enlarged contact lens for me. Even I have never chosen the enlarged version.

This is the one:

But I was grateful that he did, because eventhough the event supposedly started at 10am and ended later at 6pm and I was super super tired but my eyes looked extremely NOT TIRED! Lol at my choice of words.. Do you get what I mean? And the most important part was it doesn't feel dry even worn over 8 hours. That criteria is pretty crucial for me coz once your eye gets dry, it's just super annoying!

Tired face, NOT TIRED eyes. LOL!

Anyways,  later afterwards I was introduced to Glasses Online Malaysia. They don't only sell sunglasses & glasses, but they also have contact lenses!

Sunglasses for men, women & even sports!

I'm so happy that they also have Blincon BB contact lenses and even much better, at 50% discount! Woohoo! I immediately ordered two more boxes that day itself and it arrived the next day. Talk about great service huh?

Orange is not the color I wear, but just to show that it comes in various colors for your choosing. 
At RM39 per box discounted from RM78, I was ecstatic! Click here to view Blincon, mind you they have a long list of brands of sunglasses & contact glasses in store ♥

Wearing Blincon BB contact lens ♥

And especially for my dear readers, don't forget to use this discount code to purchase anything at Glasses Online Malaysia and you'll get RM20 discount for purchase over RM100!

Don't forget to like their facebook page to keep up with their latest updates & promotions!


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