WIWT: Patterned Jumpsuit

As soon as I tweeted that, Jezmine said she agrees and would salute & bows at me if I can work this outfit. I hope I did werq it or I would eternally look like a fool -_-"

Silk shawl - Coming soon; intended to wear it like Yuna but we were in a hurry so hmm yeah just wrap it as fast as I can. LOL.
Jumpsuit - Coming soon... (as requested by store owner, glad I got first dibs!)
Yellow ribbed tee - GAP
Heels - ZARA

Holding a MAYSAA package, picked it up at IAMJETFUELSHOP. A courtesy I did for my dear friends Adriani, Rhona, Hanna Rabitah, Dell (Jangan lupa belanja I makan kat Chili's lepas ni okay!) :P Didn't get anything for myself this time, I've spent too much this month, sigh. I helped them buy some overleft Maysaa items from the event from my friend Niena who works as a crew for the event + works at IAMJETFUELSHOP. Thanks a lot Niena!! There are rumors that Maysaa products will be put in IAMJETFUELSHOP but I don't know when will that be exactly. If you guys wanna buy Maysaa, do check out or contact Hana Tajima herself (in case there are more of those leftovers from the event)

Furry mulberry bag wannabe *strokes new pet*

hihi ♥