Bayou Batik Boutique (err, behind the silver car)
address: 16, Lorong Dato' Sulaiman, TTDI, Kuala Lumpur (same row as Omar Ali & Tadika Diyanah)

Bayou Batik is a retailer of hand-made batik wear. The company was formed in 2010 by two sisters, Hazlina and Zarina in Kuala Lumpur. Back then, they realised that most of the batik designs that were available in the market were mostly traditional and lacked modern and edgy creativity for the current fashion. Being passionate about the art of batik prints, the two sisters decided to join forces and realise their dream of creating modern and exclusive batik designs, and hence, Bayou Batik was born. Bayou Batik specialises in both traditional and modern Malaysian baju kurung; kebaya modern; scarves, jubah and kaftan for Muslimah clothing; blouses; mini kaftans and pareos for beachwear; and summery dresses. Let's check 'em out!

As I walked into the boutique I was quite stunned by ever so many choices of Batik pieces that they have and in so many designs as well. I was spoiled with choices! Quickly I asked Puan Hazlina to show me some of her must-haves that would suit my petite body. Lucky for me, Bayou Batik has sizes ranging from XS - XXL!

One of the Modern Kurung, love love love the delicate painting & pastel colors. Excuse my almost bare face, taking a break from makeup ^_^


Sometimes I feel like I'm not writing enough on my blog, I'm the happiest when I have at least 5 posts each week but that's not always the case. I actually just came back from Lost World of Tambun Trip with my lovely butterfly bloggers over at Butterfly Project Malaysia last weekend (Sunday - Monday).

Had a wonderful fun filled 2 days 1 night stay, wish we stayed longer! LOL. Literally hit the ground running coz as soon as I arrived back from the trip, I didn't go straight back home and instead waited around in KL to go for food tasting experience courtesy of KL Restaurant week, which I reviewed Opus Bistro menu

The next day spent half of a day at home to do a speedy review of my food tasting experience before dinner at Datin Ana's house for a lil sisterhood meeting with my favorite girls Natasha Hudson, Sarah & Rene & new lovely faces. Datin Ana made the cutest mini pavlova ever! More on this lil gathering soon!

Yummy! We even tapau some to bring home hehe ♥

Tired but the next day I went to a mineral makeup introduction event at Subang Parade where I got to play with RONASUTRA new mineral eyeshadows with my new favorite sister blogger Kelly
More on this in my future entry ;)

Had dinner with Naz at Pho Hoa, looooove my Vietnamese soup and my new scarf from @bellezzasofia (insta-shop). This week is definitely a green kinda week.

Finally got my LEVI's REVEL jeans which I tried on here during launching and I instantly wore it the next day for a fun day with Bobbi Brown & La Mer (funny story behind this which you might know if you follow me on instagram).

Went to theSKINtopic 1st Anniversary Bash which we learned how they create the aromatherapy synergy oil and bring back home the travel size. I'm so in love with the smell! So soothing & soft ♥

And also, I went to Bayou Batik boutique a day before my trip to Ipoh and just went a lil koo-koo trying on their in-house batik creations ♥

So that's all the branded content I have piling up this week alone! Love love love but since I haven't been home enough to write it all down all these gonna be released slowly, which one do you wanna see first? :)
How's your week?

REVIEW: OPUS BISTRO (KL Restaurant Week 2013)

Arguably one of the best Italian Restaurant in town, Opus, the little bistro at 'The Bangkung Row' has been serving up 'Authentic Italian'  food for the past 10 years (pork free). Chef Ariff bin Mohd Nor who prepared this menu especially for KL RESTAURANT WEEK has more than 15 years of experience with cooking Italian food and as one of the pioneers at Opus has been heading the kitchen for the past 10 years.

For the lunch menu at a very reasonable price RM38 nett, you have TWO choices of APPETIZER which is ASPARAGUS SOUP or CAESAR SALAD. I have to say my favorite is the Asparagus Soup, it just tasted so fresh & light. The Caesar Salad is just as fresh and crunchy but if you prefer something different and warm to the tummy - I'd recommend having the Asparagus Soup.

REVIEW: Power Bank for the Power Lady

Regardless what you do nowadays, your smartphone is part of your everyday essential and you definitely wouldn't have it accidentally left behind especially since you're kinda always on the go and whilst that - your fingers can't stop working the phone by reading emails (gossips & sales info!), sending off tweets about a shoe you just saw in the store, updating your facebook status about your busy life, instagrammin' your lunch and ofcourse to make that important call to hubby to remind him to pick up the laundry. All this must be done on the phone and let's face it, the juices runs out pretty quick especially with all those running applications.

I was blessed when one day I received this golden powerbank brick for my iPhone courtesy of Miss Reen. It's like God-sent! After using this powerbank for over two weeks, and barely having to recharge it I can positively say I can't live without it! Like seriously...

How to Look Cool and Relax for an Outdoor Summer Picnic

If it’s summer and the weather is nice outside, then this marks the perfect opportunity for a picnic. It is a great way to relax and enjoy a nice day’s out. However, in order to do so you need to make sure that you are wearing the right outfit. Here are a few suggestions that can help.

1. Be casual
When it comes to selecting a nice outfit for a picnic, you need to think practical. Casual clothes are a great idea because they allow you to move freely. You can emulate your street style if you like and this way you can still look as stylish as you want. A simple t-shirt or tank top will look great when combined with a pair of jeans or capris.

REVIEW: Nokia Lumia 925 Photography

As a full-time fashion & lifestyle blogger (and a vain lady at that, ehem!), I must say the first thing I considered of when I was handed Nokia Lumia 925 is the CAMERA. Let's face it, being a blogger requires you to document images in the best way that you can at all times and I can't deny I sometimes sorta despise (sssshhh!) carrying around my compact camera eventhough it's not as bulky as a DSLR some bloggers carry around. But hey I'm a girl, and sorta love holding small cute clutches and wearing sky high heels although it's a complete torture, and swinging out a bulky cam is not as cool as carrying a thin & reliable smart phone which allows you to take high quality photos & edit them at the same time. So yeah, back to the subject;


I have no idea what does all that technical jargon means, let's explore the window:

Lunch @ Grafa, SS15 Subang

Scarf Jenahara / Lace cardi MNG / Palazzo Pants THEPOPLOOK
Current favorite face look - strong eyebrows. I don't pluck, I just fill them in with eyebrow pencil and comb them into place. What's your current favorite face/makeup look?

As usual for the #GlamCats clan, a meeting at 12pm most usually means everyone will arrive an hour two later. Lin arrived the earliest at 1230pm, she drove like cray from Ampang probably thinking she's already late, the whole gang finally arrived hours later teehee.. We had our lunch at GRAFA, SS15 Subang
Umar playing around, pic taken using Nokia Lumia 925 SmartCam app ♥

Lin was telling a sad story about her doctor's appointment and was on the verge of crying so I snapped this photo but she managed to snarl & smile at the same time. LOL!

WIWT: Purple Rain

Schanaz Scarf / H&M Floral Dress & Pants / The Calaman Jelly Wedges / @rippinrack clutch (insta-shop) / Guess watch

 Manage to capture these style shots a few weekends ago right before it rained. When it did, it poured. We didn't have anything else planned so we decided to visit Eyqa of Sugarscarf and her cute baby Airis Sofea. Sadly when we came it was already bed time for Airis so we only got to play with her for a few minutes before she wanted to lay down and dozed off like an angel. She's so cute!!
♥ ♥ ♥
I still have loads of pending blogposts, I do try to post daily but not on weekends coz it's time to go out yaw haha! I don't know how other bloggers do it with multiple posts per day, I'm seriously trying to catch up lol. HOW DO YOU DO IT LOH? >.<