I'm back!!! It seems that I've announced that pretty much everywhere on the net. First of all, alhamdullillah the parents-with-parents meet-up was A-okay and yeah so it's pretty much official that we might held the engagement ceremony in June/July this year. It all depends on $$$$. As always. I'm excited but I'm actually more nervous than feeling anything else, duuude my hands were trembling and I had to be the girl clad in her lace kebaya fidgeting nervously in the kitchen sorting out the luncheon and tea. But ofcourse bonda cooked everything heee, I owe her so so much! Luckily I didn't break anything in the kitchen in the process. Anyways, I would like to say thank you so much to all that had wished congratulations on the previous entry! THANKS YOU GUYS!

  • My salary is supposed to be credited today but it's not! Some colleagues called finance dept and they say it's gonna be credited around 6pm. Since when does So/ny gives out late payment, unannounced?!
  • I'm a little hurt about a little something but it's too trivial if I tell it to anybody anyways. Heh.
  • I was mad, we were a lil angry but not that much that we would want to end things. Totally a different subject than point #2. But, I want things to be like it used to. I hate the awkwardness.
  • Lia (wife to my bf's younger brother) is 3 weeks preggers! And only a month ago that we went to Jakarta for the wedding, sharp shooting Kerol! XD
  • Been watching re-run of Friends season 3 up to season 6 now, I just can't get enough of them. ALWAYS been a fan of Chandler x Monica, they're so cute!
  • Saw Sarah Is The One last week, waved goodbye to her back because we were rushing to catch a movie. Inkheart, hmm not bad.
  • It has been almost a year that I wrote about Marni patent wedges, I didn't get it the first time. Tina did. And I regretted almost immediately as it was sold out way too fast. Gladly, Nose saw it's potential and re-produced the item. Not gonna miss it this time baby

And, Hanis Zalikha is that chu? :)

Vogue Italia January 2009 (Daniela De Jesus)

p/s: Sarah, untuk upload large photos. Upload ke external photo-server eg. Photobucket / Imageshack. Photobucket has a resizing option that you may find useful, then upload to blogger by importing the link of the photos to your entry. Geddit? ;)

Kisah Cincin

Heee sengaja letak banyak kali gambar sama coz I'm trippy like that :P
Okay tak super short bangs? Tak okay kan? Urgh tak sabar nak tunggu rambut panjang balik.

So the boyfriend has surprised me by taking me to a unexpected romantic dinner, which I had no suspicion at all being that he said it was as a compensation for the fact that he had to work late for the past days and broke his promises of buying me dinner. I was like, hmm okay :D. I mean come on, who would want to say no to a delicious plate, haha definitely not me. Even though we were completely broke (atleast I know I am, even the plastic card has pending bills on 'em). He took me all the way to Sunway from Bangi, and I was rather suspicious to where we are actually heading to. And halted to a stop in front of a Balinese restaurant called Bumbu Bali (God that name is awfully familiar but I can't remember from where!), I fell in love with the ambiance, the whole Balinese deco and musics playing in the background. Really reminded me of the time we went to Indonesia last year, which made me totally forgot of why he would actually bring me to such place despite the current state of our economy.

Apart from that I was also feeling a lil bit embarrassed that I was not at all dressed up to go anywhere fancy, my hair was greasy as if it was dipped in a bowl of oil, i was wearing no make-up at all (God forbids!), and with flared cut jeans and a simple top. Seriously I would not have expected it to be THE night. There were three lil amoi in a table near the entrance just glared at me like I shouldn't even be there, whatever I was hungry like a panda and I eased myself by thinking they might recognized me from shoplifters. NOT.

We ordered Grilled Beef Pasta, Nasi Campur Bumbu Bali, Virgin Colada & Blue Hawaiian :))

Sangat sangat sangat sangat sedap hokay! Kecuali the drinks, pina colada Chilli's lagi power kot. Kami juga bertanya whether these drinks are mixed with alcohol, and the waitress replied with a definite NO. Baiklah, bagus.

And then, he kept asking whether I really really love him, am I sure, how much do I love him.. Of course I answered playfully, he sometimes acted like that, nothing out of normalcy and I'm always consistently nervous whenever he's asks those kind of questions anyway. Up until in the middle of dinner, he just touched my hand, squeezed it a little and I saw his other hands creeping into his pockets (THEN I REMEMBERED HE DIDN'T EVEN NEED ME IF HE WANTED TO BUY THE RING BECAUSE HIS SISTER AND I HAVE THE SAME SIZED RING FINGER, AND HE JUST SPENT 3 DAYS WITH HIS FAMILY LAST WEEKEND!!!!), and he said those phrases in the entry below. I was shocked because a few hours before I wrote the entry about him and the ring and now it's right there in my hands. Speechless, dragonflies in my tummy! And of course I was am extremely happy.

And yep, I said YES to a lifetime proposal ♥

p/s: buy my stuff pls :D ahaha tiba-tiba je tapi tengah broke so heee


Selepas bertahun-tahun...
Bee, Naz rasa awaklah orangnya...

psst: details later ;)

Of Others

Hari ni teman lelaki saya bekerja keras lagi, masih belum pulang walaupun masuk kerja jam 8 pagi and 12 hours later dia masih di kantor menjadi pekerja setia kepada Sai-san. Teman lelaki saya ni suka menulis satira sebenarnya, dia bercita-cita mahu menulis sebuah buku satu hari nanti. Pertama kali saya dengar, saya terus gelak. Okay saya sangat tak bahik buat dia macam tu, tapi ye lah sebelum tu dia tak pernah menulis cerekarama kecuali artikel teknikal mengenai perisian komputer yang dia program-kan sendiri. Geek sangat dia tu. Sebab tu saya jadi pandai dan dapat kerja yang elok harini. Hmm tentang penulisan dia, dia kata dia mahu menulis kisah-kisah pendek tapi cuma mempunyai masa untuk mencari ilham setelah pulang dari pejabat, sambil duduk berehat-rehat. Jadi kalau dia pulang lewat saban malam, celah mana pula masa yang ada kan?

Karya dia dipaparkan juga di sebuah lamanweb komuniti, rajin dia tu. Kalau tengok kat sidebar tepi yang berlabel Creative Content tu ada lah beberapa penulisan kreatif dia. Dan surprisingly setiap satunya mendapat sambutan dari pembaca setia Kapasitor. He would brag to me and me being the good girlfriend would applause his passion. Well, dia bukanlah penulis seperti AKAB untuk Catatan Pendek Dari Neraka atau pemerhati bebas seperti Melayu Minimalis (yang menurut teman lelaki saya, tampak sedikit melankolik dari segi penulisan lately), tapi kira okay juga lah penulisan dia. Hehe, ni antara of his writings if you are interested to read: The Adventure of Rampwalk Remo, Aku Budak Star. Aku Budak Star baru saja dimulakan kisahnya dan ya bila aku bertanya mana sambungannya pasti jawapan tiada masa diberikan. Kasihannnnnn.. Tiada masa untuk ber-hobi.

Anyway, beberapa minggu lepas atau mungkin beberapa hari lepas saya sendiri tak ingat. Dia cakap mahu membawa cincin semasa cuti seminggu yang bakal datang ni. Saya rasa semacam tak percaya, sebab saya dah cakap kalau nak membeli cincin mesti bawa saya kerana saya takut tak muat, tapi takdak pung. Tapi, masa dia cakap tu saya macam tak percaya je, betul ke ni. Dan saya gelak-gelakkan je dia. Tapi bila dia bersungguh-sungguh, saya ambil kertas, tutup mulut dan gelak senyap-senyap. Kerana malu. I just can't believe it's gonna happen, I mean it in a good way. I'm just happy. Really.

I can't stop talking about him lately, can I?

Semalam kami disaman RM30 kerana parkir di tepi sidewalk selama 10minit supaya boleh membeli set Burger King yang saya idamkan untuk dinner. Poket sedang nazak lagi kering, tapi tak mengapa baru mendapat hasil tak seberapa berpenat-lelah di Showpink.... *cries*

I will end this nonsensical writing with an illustration drawn by

Creative souls they are.

pointless really

Haha homaigod my dream came true. Within like half an hour, we managed to grab like so many things and duuuude we overspent again but it's okay as long as our customers are happy. We sure hope they are though, anyway we discussed about giving our customers some sort of promotion like a privilege card which can only be used once but we'll be giving it out every week and only to one or two lucky customers.

Ngehh, baik tak? Huu you wait hoo later when I grow up I open The Shoplifters boutique I give many many discounts hooo you wait hoo.

Ish, pandainya orang yang edit gambar teaser tu. Sape ntah, dah la pandai. Comel pulak. Eh.

Kaki jatuh dari langit. Woosh woosh.. Jangan tentut tau Tina.
Hmm, last week was Showpink's Junkyard Sale. We had a cool spot next to Mr Cool, Muz Usai. He's really kind and all and entertained Angah all the way lol. Anyway pictures of the event coming up later.

All featured items are available at The Shoplifters.

Ami nak tengok Gossip Girls.

ps: TIDAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK, gajiku 30hb! :(((( ada sesiapa nak bagi saya angpow? saya belum kahwin lagi tau.. *sobs*

Goddess Worships Lace?

ysl, valentino, monique huillier, threeasfour (favorite!), yigal azrouël (favorite!)

andrew gn, anne valérie hash, doo.ri, halston (favorite!), marios schwab (favorite!)

I'm really not one who wears dresses that much, I'm more of a top & jeans girl or top & skirt. But honestly I've always wanted to own a long maxi dress. But most maxi dresses have not attracted my attention, too loud of prints, too long, too sexy, just too much cleavage exposure which if it's on me no cleavage at all probably. Come Spring 2009, one of the style trend that has been spotted is long maxi dresses with Grecian influence categorized as Goddess Worship. Soft flowy satin and chiffon donning the runways, well to me it looks rather magical in the body of those skinny tall nearly perfect models.

Then why not me, a mere 1.57m with skinny average body size and not so perfect skin wear them then? I will and I shall! Cewah. Only ehemhm I have to find the perfect one through the help of The Shoplifters coz I did vow not to online shop anymore rite rite? And for me, maxi dresses over RM100 are ridiculous unless if it's under a well known brand house or custom-made to fit. But for now, The Shoplifters has fulfilled one dream.

Well hello there brand new lace leggings :)

As you can see, we're still not OVER lace yet. Pfftt :P~

(sorry for the low quality teaser, it was really a spontaneous idea)


Saya rasa.. memandangkan keadaan ekonomi sekarang, saya mungkin terpaksa menyahut cabaran teman lelaki saya mengenai JANGAN ONLINE SHOPPING untuk menyimpan duit demi membeli sebijik DSLR. Mungkin saya shopping kat Shoplifters je dan Fashion Wars je, ngeh.

Lagipun, beberapa malam yang lepas dia berbincang paaaanjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang mengenai pelan perancangan ekonomi untuk uhuk uhuk wedding kami. Ingat simpan 30k tu senang ke? Susah rupanya, kami sedang cuba la ni sedaya upaya. Don't taunt us. Sebenarnya perbincangan tu lebih kepada dia yang menyuarakan segala pelan supaya sebagai komfirmasi kepada diri sendiri bahawa kami mempunya perancangan dan bukan membuta tuli semata. Dia kata dia lega lepas dapat luahkan segalanya. Yang sebenarnya aku pula yang naik resah gelisah bila dia sebutkan semuanya dan risau jika aku sepatutnya tidak membeli itu atau tidak membeli ini kerana there are bigger things ya know. Aku pulak jadi dazed & confused, aku diam saja sepanjang perbincangan sehala tu. Dia kata DSLR buat hantaran je lah, hmm kesian pula. Aku mahu macam-macam, tapi dia mahu apa? Dia kata dia pun tak tahu dia mahu apa.. Shiannnnnnnnnn..

kenapa dia buat muka macam tu? mungkin sedang confused.

Takpelah, saya kumpul sendiri saja lah duit tu. DSLR yang mana pun saya tak pilih lagi sebab teknologi evolves ever so quickly so it's best to decide when I already have the means to buy the thing. It's not the most important thing in the world but as long as we're living in this world we gotta have some aim or something, rite?

Anyways, kebetulan pula I bought the same thing as Tina on the very same day at the same place but not the same time. Hehe, I sleep in the dark, I barely need this but my curtain is lace so light gets in like there's no barrier at all. Loving it! But there are just times when all I wanna do is doze off a lil bit more aite..

Say hello to my furry friend, Mr. Patapon :)

p/s: Saya dengan pandainya sekali telah menggunting fringe (aka rambut depan) saya dengan sendirinya. Lalu ianya terlalu pendek sehingga saya dah jadi budak geek yang tak comel pun. DILARANG MENGGUNTING. sekian.

Sunday Daze

Tahulah saya pendek tapi kenapakah harus teman lelaki saya yang genius tu menangkap gambar dari atas sehingga saya kelihatan bantut dek tumbesaran -__-"
Lace bolero, Tomato.
Cream Spag, FOS RM10.
Necklace, F21 sale.
Wonder Pants, from Pumpkin. Boyfriend calls it Aladdin pants, well it is actually.
Big Triple Way bag, courtesy of The Shoplifters.
Gold black T-bar, overused, from Jusco.

Last saturday, me & Tina went a lil bit more than just crazy on buying stocks for Neue Fashion. At first, we didn't find anything we like, but then we went to our favorite area and there were tons of good stuff! I almost max my credit card! Kidddding :P

I got myself another studded belt! Courtesy of The Shoplifters.

Well it's actually gonna be on sale tomorrow, so you can get one for yourself too!

Anyways, it's not a good day today. Hmmf!

By all means let's be open-minded, but not so open-minded that our brains drop out.
Richard Dawkins

Ish. I need Eclipse & Breaking Dawn! :(

Boyfriend challenged me to stop online shopping and save that money for a DSLR. He said he knows I'll be able to save up enough money within four months if only I save all the money I intend to use for online shopping or for shopping at all towards the DSLR fund! Impossible! But the way he explained it to me it's highly likely than I can do it, which is a bit of an embarrassing thought that I spend that much all for myself. Hmm, I haven't said yes to the challenge, if I go for it this blog will be so boring wouldn't it? Haha.. Hmm we'll see..

p/s: please join me at Fashion Wars at Facebook. I need more clans people!

Karma List

Whoever gets me this, I'll be forever grateful to you and I'll be your shopping companion forever XD

or this leather strap bracelet!

Anyways, among other things;
  • My ex-housemate is now 6 weeks pregnant! Congratulations alin & shuk :)
  • We're getting a sony mp3 player as a gift for sony's 20th birthday. We actually got to choose between a DVD player or an MP3 player but meh, most people chose the MP3 player coz it's more expensive. Ironic rite?
  • I watched Interview with The Vampire the other nite and it ruined my romantic thoughts of vampires, mostly because of Mr. Cruise. Not impressed, not impressed. But yeah, now I understand why Edward wouldn't want Bella to be a vampire, I mean the way it was told by le Brad Pitt, their life are... pretty sad........... *gasp* I'm obssesed am I? o_0
  • Why is my boyfriend still keeping my leather skirts? I need to wash 'em up good so I can wear 'em.
  • We've sold the limited edition geek chic Casio Databank Calculator! Yay!
  • Just received the 2gb MP3 playah! It may not be as cool as Ipod but the point is it's freeeeeeeee....... Though I actually still have a free Philips mp3 player from Citibank, still unused...

  • Tina told me there's going to be a r/i/o/t parade from KLCC to U.S Embassy this evening. Bring loads of shoes people. Maybe we can knock some senses into their heads. Hmmf! :(
  • Playing Fashion Wars on facebook. Getting hooked!
  • My modepass contacts are expanding eventhough I only have like three photos in there? Where do all these people come from?? Chictopia is way too slow, do not have patience for that (most possibly, I'm not chic enough). Got an empty LookBook account......
  • I'm thinking of getting a SLR, I used to be so against of the thought it coz why would I need a big-ass camera just to take photos of myself.. or so I thought. Now the Nikon P5000 seems a lil boring and I want something else, better, stronger...... but it's not like I have the money now anyways.. and my nikon has done me good...
  • The new housemate who is also an old friend, is somewhat invisible as we rarely get to spend anytime together as she's a night owl and i'm an early bird, literally speaking. Working from 3pm to wee hours in the morning she does. And I understand that takes a toll into your life, and all ya wanna do is laze around whenever there's time but for goodness sake keep lah the house clean! Okay I tidy up a lil on the dinner table and took out the trash and arranged our shoes.. Hope she'll do her dishes when I come back tonight. *fumes*
  • Budak kecik Kitsch Snitch kata nak balik minggu ni. She needs to be spanked!
  • Woah long list. Ends here.

ps: takde kena mengena dengan karma, tapi encik Yosh has left the building yesterday. Kenali lah TSTV, kelakar :)


"Be less curious about people, and more curious about ideas" - Marie Curie

Lacy Lucy

i just learned how to edit photo with edges like, just now -_-

I've been coveting for a piece of form fitting black lace bandage dress for as long as I can remember, haven't found any that I like. Inspiration piece would be that anonymous girl Rumi of Fashion Toast up there, can't remember where I found that picture of hers but I like how she pairs a piece of lace dress with studded lace-up boots. The contrast in the elegant look the lace brings is toned down & toughen up by the black studded (I think you guys probably know how much I love studded anything) boots. Also, have not found any black flat boots that I like. How hard can it be really? Based on experience, I'm pretty hard to please. Well, maybe sometimes I'm not :)

Both two lace dresses with peach (WHY IN THE WORLD THAT IT'S PEACH? Of all colors kan) lining are from Forever21 sale page. I almost bought a cheong sam inspired black lace dress with BLACK lining at F21 but it's sleeveless so that partly ruined my dream so I decided against it. Tahpahpe ntah kan, beli baju pun banyak songeh? Oh saya cuma membeli barang-barang di high-street stores kalau ada diskaun je. Kalau tak, fikir 80x dulu nak swipe kad plastik tu. Hehe..

Hmm.. I can't believe I sold my mode black heels. Sedih la pulak rasanya :(((
Anyway these are photos of recent purchases of necklaces + bracelet:

Black plastic thing, F21 sale RM10.
This one looks like a European badge from the 20's? Entah! Sukati aku je. F21 sale RM12.
Heavy chain gold necklace, RM12.
Uncle Owl again, it's body is made up of various things including a wing, Eiffel tower, small heart, and a candle holder, Diva clearance rack RM21. (Rupaya sale F21 lagi best!)
Multiple drape necklace, F21 sale RM19. Saja nak tunjuk lagi sekali sebab suka :D
Multiple seed bracelet, Diva.. tak ingat berapa harga..
Slithering snake necklace dari... rahsia... RM25, boleh jadi bracelet jugak.. heee

Lepas tu, once upon a fortunate time there was a clearance sale at Nine West. And I grabbed this.

Tunjuk kotak je boleh tak? Heeee, the actual photo is here. A similar design of Steve Madden's Piya. It's kinda whorish looking, slightly heavy but I still can manage. A bit tight on the buckle, but I guess this baby just needs to be worn in a lil bit. A whooping drop from RM399 to RM169, actually all the other pair of Nine West were discounted to the same flat price but most of them no longer has my size. Mak takkan beli kasut harga lebih RM200 beb, gila ke? Unless kalau ada orang nak bagi hadiah la kan huhu. But no offense to people who can actually afford it though :)


I'm just gonna say, whatever it is I'm gonna stay calm & collected (as if I can la kan dengan panas barannya saya). Tapi takpe, tak guna buang tenaga untuk entah sapa2 tu. Redha je lah, dah Tuhan nak buat camni takkan nak baling batu kat langit or sepak ombak kan? Teringat masa kecik pernah tanya kat Bonda, masa tu Bonda tengah basuh kain guna tangan kat bilik air (takde washing machine kot zaman tu, tak mampu milik lagi), I was half naked with only my short on and I asked, "Enche, kenapa kakcik gelap ye? Kakcik anak angkat ke?".. I think my mom laughed a little at my serious questioning face and answered somewhat like this, "The skin color does not mean anything dear, of course you are my child.. Don't worry, soon when you grow up you'll be much fairer (or buy things that can make you fair)". Hmm camtu lah gamaknya dia jawab, tapi takde la dia berbahasa Inggeris dengan aku yang umur 7 tahun masa tu. I asked whether I was adopted because all my elder sisters have fair skin with hazel eyes & siap rambut perang lagi (bukan dye ye). Tapi, saya mengikut physical trait sebelah abah kot dan do i feel unlucky because of that? Why should i? Lemah self-esteem tu kadang-kadang ada, tambah2 lagi bila ada yang mencerca. Tapi nak buat macammana, mulut orang tak boleh ditutup, jari tak boleh dikerat. Kalau boleh kerat, lama dah aku buat. *sabar sabar*

Eee.. hmm takpelah life goes on okay. Esok lusa gambar belt craze sepanjang bulan November/Disember 2008 pula ya. Ini kan blog shopping je, no more personal2 stuffs....... Tanak tanak *tutup telinga tutup mata*

ps: tak sabar nak shopping NF ngan vintage dengan tina. one way of emotion release, sangat satisfying walaupun bukan beli untuk diri sendiri.

pss: (i'm cramping everything in here) OMG WTF, FOUR EARS CAT!

psst: Ya Allah superficial nya aku ni. Sila derma ke tabung NSTP FUND FOR GAZA, it's the least we can do....

Betul Ke Dah 2009?

Herlow sweethearts ♥,

It's been awhile has it? I just came back to work after a long holiday, factory shut-down. It feels good to be back, although I'm still worried of stories of recession in other factories. Pape je lah! Live life while you can rite? Haha anyway I don't have new year's resolution or whatsoever, never did and probably never will kot.

On New Year's night we went to watch Yes Man, the last movie for 2008 and the first for 2009 (not much of a party girl). Gaddd that movie is such an eye opener! I use to be one of the most optimistic go-to girl among my friends, and people come to me for advices & whatnots. I remember, back then even an enemy of a close friend accuse me of being too optimistic. I mean what's wrong with that right? Of course it's totally fine, lessen the wrinkles on my forehead and good for my heart rate as well. But as time passes by, I'm slowly becoming a dark (macam vampire pulak) person, always a lil bit too angry over nothing, low tolerance for just about everything and I'm terribly easy to be annoyed. What gives?? I don't know since when I've started to become a heartless biatch but dude I'm not liking myself one bit. So I guess maybe I will have one resolution this year, to have a more optimistic outlook of life from now on onwards. Hopefully. I don't want these hatred people, gimme sum lurrrrveeeeeee :P

Anyways this is an outfit photo these are 3 outfit photos before I go meet up with an Urban-Retro customer and go back home to Perak:

Bat-Wing Top with pleated sleeves (I'm currently crazy about simple bat-wing tops with minor details). Bought two & sold the other one over here.
New found love! Multiple drape necklace in silver + gold + bronze + dark blue, F21 sales!
Triptych Stud Belt, Kittencake comel.
MNG side zipped slim pants.

And here are some photos from Eco Festival + U.O.X Play, thanks to Qilah A'xteqs!
Hmm alamak, the photos are larger than usual as I took them directly from facebook.. eek aak

Was wearing;
Topshop Gold Zip Ethnic Top.
Miss Selfridge Cullote Pants.
Wonderwoman Belt from onebabeshop.
Vintage Boxy Bag, thrifted.
Gold Black T-bar sandal, Jusco.

Le Seducer, Cik Senah + Qilah + Anil of A'xteqs, moi & one very excited Angah of Partimelovers.

Pherry Clucker, Tinessa, Angah Partimelovers, Anil + Qilah A'xteqs, le mua.
Wore a vintage inspired houndstooth jumpsuit, tictactoe.
Vintage Belt, 6Ts.
White Bata Badminton Masters.
And nothing underneath (kiddddding!)

Okaylah, tu je. Oh ya;

Be good everyone :)

Don't forget to watch Yes Man!

p/s: I finished Meyer's books Twilight & New Moon within 4 days, in the hunt for the the third & final sequeal. O-oh, dah terjebak. I LOVE YOU ROBERT PATTINSON! Mwah! Heeee huuuu hiiii...