What I Will Wear;

Most of it, tomorrow:
Although Naz has banned me from online shopping for the month, he did allow me to spend some money on retail shops. I've been wanting to own pumps for the longest of time but whenever I get to any shoe shop, my head will always forget and grabs the newest what's the most trendy shoes I have not yet own - knowing well I'll only wear them a few times considering the height. Same goes for online shoe shopping, I'll lean towards boots or caged heels when I should be getting a basic pair of pumps. Since I no longer work in an office which requires me to put on formal work wear, pumps is no longer my first option when choosing shoes. I had one before in black & houndstooth pattern and a cute little bow on the peep toe front, but nice little nephews stomp on them and snatched off the bows. But, that was years ago and I have never bought a pair of pumps since. So I said to Naz I want one and he said okay, let's go get them. Easily the best time of the year to go shopping since there are major sales everywhere! We went in Primavera, Charles & Keith, Vincci, Zara, Vincci+, Topshop (okay, wasn't mainly looking for shoes in here - was more attracted to the new arrivals + discount racks), Vincci+, MNG, and then back to C&K. Settled for a suede pink pair from Zara - I know right, PINK?! Ok first of all, it's my second pair of pink shoes (first was a ballet flats from Vincci, here) + it's suede + the price was reasonable enough for Zara + the heels is not too high. And lucky me, Naz decides that I need those C&K red woven clutch in my life! Who am I to object, ofcourse I need them honey :) I've been wanting to collect clutch since I only bring my purse + phone whenever I go out, so a pretty clutch in hand is much more practical than a large tote. Thank you so much sayam! Other things you see in the photo, a lace top from Pumpkin, bow tie pants from Ditsydot (I love this pants so much!) and a blush pink sheer scarf I bought some time ago. Anyways, enough rambling, I'll post up some outfit photos perhaps tomorrow ;)

auf wiedersehen!


  1. whoaaa...comelnye.......sue suke..

  2. I'm having the same problem! Basic pumps are my favourite on-the-go footwear but I always seems to get stuck with boots and killer heels whenever I go to a shoe shop or online shop! Great that you finally found what you needed ;D


  3. Cantik2x... nye those things... my favourite range of colors masa muda2x.. weheheheee.... miss my red hue days... >_<

  4. tq sue :)

    @harleen, must be harder on ourselves next time and stick to basic needs! :D

    @arlyn, bukannya tua sangat kot.... still can wear red. hehe


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