Embrace Nature's Healing Through Naturopathy
We all need a bit of quiet time now and again. Whether it is time for rejuvenation or for self-reflection, Blackmores has an ideal escape for you.
Blackmores has designed a simplet yet relaxing two-days retreat that takes you back to nature. We open your eyes and heart to the healing powers of nature as you find peace and revitalize in the tranquil setting of D'Hillpines hill resort, Bukit Tinggi Pahang. You will discover the limitless benefits of naturopathy, the driving philosophy behind Blackmores. Their trained naturopaths will teach you ways to focus on building health and encouraging the body's self-healing process through holistic health education and living as close to nature as possible. 
This is your chance to escape from the stress and rest your mind, body and soul. We will go back to basics, teaching you the benefits of superfood and how they boost your health. You also get to connect with health-concious like-minded people and be inspired by new knowledge.
Not bound by any one strict doctrine, Blackmores naturopaths will let you in on the secrets of:
♥ superfoods
♥ healing power of foods
♥ organic gourmet meals
♥ natural health

Expect to eat well, get out and be active, try new things, make new friends, laugh a lot and and come home revitalized and glad you came.
Things to bring with you:
1) Personal toiletries
2) Loose, comfortable and warm clothing and a pair of sandals.
3) A set of sports attire and shoes.
4) Hat
5) Towels
6) Water bottle 
7) Umbrella
8) Torchlight
9) Mosquito repellent or citronella oil
10) Personal medication
11) Personal yoga mat

Things to leave at home: Worries and stress. Together we experience a renewed sense of well being.

REVIEW: ADANIA, Be Glamorously Natural!

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to be part of Amaryllis Spa & Wellness launch of their brand new all natural products range named ADANIA. As you might know, anything all natural or organic holds a soft spot in my heart as I believe that our body's wellness does not only depends on the purity of the food we eat but also extends to the beauty products that we use on our skin every single day. 

What toxic chemicals is your body absorbing? We absorb up to 60% of what we put on our skin. Children’s bodies absorb 40% - 50% more than adults. They are at higher risks for diseases later in life when exposed to toxins. 

Although I have still not fully change to all natural products but I am trying slowly - reading ingredients is sometimes my favorite thing to do when I'm doing grocery shopping and if there's too much of the stuffs that you don't understand - that probably only means there's too much chemical. Be aware of the toxins listed above. Download SKIN DEEP app on your smartphone to check for beauty products toxicity, most major brands are listed in there.

As for Malaysia, I personally feel regretful and sorry that our country does not require for manufacturers to fully list every single items in their ingredients on products. To make things worse, the supply for all natural and organic products in our shore is rather scarce and most imported brands are sold at such high price that isn't really accessible for average and low income individuals. 

I am so happy to learn that ADANIA is a local brand that is totally dedicated to launching a full range of beauty products that contains no toxin and completely all natural. When they say ALL NATURAL, they mean ALL NATURAL:

I have personally chatted with the founder of ADANIA and I'm so glad that we share the same sentiment towards a healthier lifestyle, not only through foods and exercise but also through they way we think and treat our body. ADANIA products are researched in Australia and are hand-packed locally by disabled people. ADANIA not only has started a good thing with this brand but they are also giving back by creating a sustainable opportunities for the disabled people to earn a source of income. Such a wholesome brand ♥

 Let's check-out their product range!

REVIEW: BELANGKAS ART for All Your Graphic, Printing & Photography Needs

Have you been looking for a printing company to design your business card, silkscreen print, banners and even wedding photo packages? Look no more as I have here Belangkas Art to introduce to you!

Let's check out their GRAPHIC DESIGN & PRINTING work ;)
I'm loving the modern design and sweet color palette! Check out more here 

In need for button badges for that special occasion? Say no more!
More cute button badges to be viewed here 

Label Stickers!
How about that huh? Great for personalization of products or doorgifts on your special day - be it corporate or even happy merry ones like weddings & birthdays! More over here ♥

Ya Allah, they even do ribbon printing!
Somehow I feel I want my own customized ribbons lol, check out more here! ♥