SALE: REEBONZ First Ever 40% Storewide Sale

Have you ever heard of REEBONZ? I bet you have you lil shopaholic you! ;)
If you haven't then you are missing out on the biggest deals on luxury items sold online ever! REEBONZ is an established company based in Singapore and has opened up offices all over South East Asia and even in Dubai as well! You can read more about REEBONZ here

What's the most important thing that I wanna tell you right now is that this is the FIRST time ever Reebonz is having 40% off STOREWIDE sale for 10 days from 20th - 30th JUNE 2013. Wanna see my favorite picks for summer at 40% off? Oh I'll share it anyways hehe:

Longchamp Le Pliage Handbag & Le Pliage Autruche Handbag (too bad both are sold out!), Prada Cervo Shopping Tote, cute biker gal Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5-Zip, See by Chloe Maani Long Wallet (look at the cute detailing!), urban Proenza Schouler PS1 Large Woven Satchel (ahhh, be still my tiny heart ♥~)

And as for the rest of the collections they have ongoing now:
SO MANY AM I RIGHT?? But lo & behold, the sales for each collection changes every 2 days therefore you have to be quick as a lightning! Or fast as Kal-El! Geddit? Geddit? Sorry... nerdy Man Of Steel joke :P (huge fan right here hehe!)

Before that, all you have to do is sign up for free membership at this link:

Here's a fancy video showing how to shop at REEBONZ:
Easy peasy huh?!

Worried about Shipping, Delivery, Returns & Authenticity?

Reebonz ALSO provides 0% Installment Payment Plans with 8 banks: Ambank, MBF, RHB, Citibank, HSBC, Alliance, Public Bank, OCBC!

So yeah, what are you waiting for? Just sign up on this link (this link only!) and you will receive RM78 STORE CREDIT which you can use to make your first purchase on the 40% STOREWIDE SALE!

Happy shopping! ♥

psssst: if you already have an account, sign up a new one under a different email! Oooops... oh don't forget about my favorite picks, I'll send you my address for shipping later. Thanks in advance for the gift! Hahaha..


My Scholl Spring Summer 2013 Shopping Experience

Looking back at all my high heels collection, I have to say at this age (sadly to admit) I much prefer comfort over style.. Sobs sobs sobs.. Long gone are the days of strutting super high heels at every possible minute, 2 hours is the most I can do these days, and I'll hastily change into flats like my life depends on it. I've known about Scholl brand since probably forever and they are one of my first choice to buy for my mom, simply because I trust they truly design for comfort & stability. When I was introduced to Scholl EVONNIA from their Spring Summer 2013 collection, my heart just floats into the fluffy sky of clouds as my feet sink into the most comfortable cushioned wedges I have ever worn in life!

I knew it was just meant to be, over the month I have worn it every single day whenever possible if I ever needed a boost of height, I gotta say all my other heels are getting a lil bit jealous lol. I can wear my SCHOLL EVONNIA for hours, like up to six hours and sometimes I even wear it up and down the public transport (KTM, LRT train, cabs etc) and the fact that it is so light to begin with I feel like I'm floating all the way. Nope I am not exaggerating, okay maybe just a tad lol! The pop of color certainly brightens up my days too! But most of all at the end of the day, my feet doesn't feel like it had to work hard all day. The super thick & soft cushioned sole is pure loooooooooooooove ♥

Evonnia Range
The ladies’ Evonnia collection features a series of slip-on open-toed wedges that will liven up your wardrobe. Available in dark brown, taupe, black, camel and ruby red, these wedges are set to capture your attention with leopard prints and pompoms, adding just a touch of panache to your everyday wear. Specially designed with Arch Support, the soft foot bed on these wedges not only cushions your feet for as long as you have them on, but also offers optimum comfort for those with flat feet, weak or fallen longitudinal arches, helping to reduce foot strain and relieve tired, aching feet.

When I was at the SCHOLL store I even learned that my right feet is actually larger than my left therefore sometimes I actually need to wear a size 7 instead of 6 (depending on design), that was something really useful to learn because I've always thought I'm a true size 6 but I do feel with certain shoes my feet gets a little tight by midday which makes it rather uncomfortable. So glad I learned the fixer, thanks to SCHOLL!

Let's check out the Scholl Spring/Summer 2013 collection shall we ♥

Eileen Range
As such, let Scholl do its job of caring for your feet through the Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. To help you ease the pressure, the Eileen range consists of fashionable heels that are perfect for those who do not want to go completely flat. Having the choice between sling-backs and slip-ons, these heels come in orange, mustard, cream, maroon, light camel and black, making it easy for you to match them with any of your outfits. Furthermore, with its Massage foot bed, these wedges will help you smooth away tension and improve blood circulation on your feet even as you walk!

Biomechanics Men's Range (Harry, Harison & Richard B)

Biomechanics Women's Range (Juli & Milla)
Biomechanics range is one of Scholl's best selling foot technology and this season sees the release of some fun and funky sandals and slip-ons for both men and women. In addition to the unique designs that perfectly reflect spring in the women’s Juli and Milla selection, and the manly Harry, Harison and Richard B options, you will also be amazed at how comfortable it is to finally give your feet a break. The Scholl Biomechanics foot bed is clinically designed to reduce heel, ankle and lower back pain. It helps to realign the posture of your feet and body, as well as prevent excess pronation (where the feet roll inwards). As a result, the Biomechanics foot bed can help to provide you with natural pain relief from some common foot ailments.

Emily Range
The Emily series of casual slippers and sandals are designed with your ultimate comfort in mind. The collection comes in young and vibrant colours of the season – bright red, sunny yellow and hot fushia on top of the basic colours of black, white and taupe.

Evon Range
For those who prefer classic designs, the Evon range will certainly satisfy you. Available in both with or without ankle straps, these sandals are indeed made for walking as it comes with the delightful Massage foot bed.

Edric Range
Making your man look rugged and outdoorsy, you have a choice between the ankle-high lace-up boots in khaki or camel colour, and the slip-on design in a classy dark brown. Surely this range will entice Naz the hubby ;)

Festive Range
Meanwhile, career girls can look forward to the Ladies’ Festive collection of smart court shoes that are perfect for important client meetings. Available in closed and open toes, the collection’s elegant and classy designs will help you seal that deal in style! 

When I went to SCHOLL store I was obviously spoilt with choice and mind you I spent hours trying to make the best choice, y'know how picky a girl can be especially when there's so many to choose from *grins from ear to ear*
Comfy wedge with Arch Support? Yummy..

Loafers maybe?

Memory Cushion / Sole Support / BioPrint technology? Wow even shoes can get so hi-tech! 

The SCHOLL brand was founded over 100 years ago by Dr William Mathias Scholl and has been taking care of feet all over the world, up to 70 countries! Continuing the legacy of its single minded founder, Dr Scholl, the brand remains dedicated to improve the health, comfort and well-being of people through their feet. Backed by its research and development team, SCHOLL continually introduces footwear and foot care solutions which have the latest innovations and technologies to ensure that feet are given the best care.

Among the foot technology the SCHOLL team has invented over the years are:

It conforms to the natural contours of your feet for optimum comfort. Supporting the arch & heel, it absorbs the shock generated by every step and provides different levels of pressure and support to each part of the foot.

Providing maximum comfort when you are walking or standing, it reduces fatigue and revives tired legs with the impact absorbing gel that cushions and protects.

Offering optimum comfort for flat feet, weak or fallen longitudinal arches, it also provides relief from foot strain, tired arching feet. Its soft footbed cushions your feet.

It exercises and tones your toe muscles and provides grip while walking. It helps to lift weakened metatarsal arches to protect and relieve tenderness at the ball of the foot.

It has a unique footbed that adapts the contours of the foot and springs back into shape to offer the same level of support for the next wearing. It relieves aching feet.

It massages the soles of your feet and smoothes away tension in your feet. It helps improve blood circulation.

It is clinically designed to reduce heel, ankle and lower back pain. It has a tri-planar motion control system control and helps to realign the posture of your feet and body and to prevent excess pronation that takes place. It helps provide natural pain relief from common foot ailment. 

Its specially engineered curved sole constantly exercises your muscles and tones up your legs, whether you’re walking or standing around. It naturally promotes better posture and improves blood circulation, while its double-density suspension pyramids absorb and reduce the stress going through your feet, for total well being.

Ahah! I bet you've never heard all these kind stuff aye? Lol I was the same, and at awe over the explanation by the SCHOLL sales representative. Love it when they really know their stuffs ♥
Some shoes that I tried on at the store:

Excuse my ugly feet :(

Gosh it was tiring! I mean I keep on trying and trying and trying, luckily the sales person was so nice & accommodating. Even help took a photo of strutting a pair haha!
A sure winner, the red pair from EVONNIA range ♥

But I did not just brought home one, but two pairs of SCHOLL that day! Guess which one is the other pair ;)

So far I'm loving both my Scholls and they are definitely my go-to shoes be it for style & especially for comfort ♥ I can walk for hours in the Scholls wedge as it's super soft; Comfort at The Highest Level and my other pair of Scholl which I will let you guess has become my everyday shoes if I'm ever feeling like I need to wear flats, it's Sole Support foot technology has given me much comfort for the past month and I even took it to trip to Miri, Sarawak a few weeks ago. Can't leave my Scholl behind now! All I can say is that I'm 'soles' happy :D

And you can be too!
Visit SCHOLL today!


GIVEAWAY: Winners for Diana Amir x emel by Melinda Looi Fashion Show

Congrats to these winners! All are randomly chosen and I've emailed your details to Melinda Looi's event organizer ♥

Syafiqah Hashim

 Zarith Sofia Bt Noramni

Munira Nor Azlan 

Ummi Nadrah

See you gals at PWTC on 26th June!


GIVEAWAY: Diana Amir x Emel by Melinda Looi Fashion Show Tickets

One day when I was having my dinner at home (have been sick a lot lately) I received a surprising call from an unknown number; a cheery familiar voice greeted me with salam and introduced herself as Diana Amir. Ooh wow, why would the famous TV personality call me, I ask myself. She explained herself and asks me if I would like to join her on a small venture. I honestly am not sure how I agreed to it eventhough I was not feeling well and can't be sure if I will be well on the particular dates. But anyways who can say no to Diana Amir's cheery happy voice, and that's that. I will be part of Diana Amir x Emel by Melinda Looi Fashion Show..... as one of the *cough* scarf *cough* models *cough*.......... I just hope I don't faint really!

Price range RM59 - RM89

So what is going to be shown really at the fashion show you ask? Ahah! Diana Amir herself has guest designed a collection of scarves exclusively for Malaysia's famous fashion designer Melinda Looi's limited edition, accessibly priced annual Raya collection. What's even more interesting is that a portion of the sales will be donated to charity, Diana has nominated Keluarga Besar Norlina Alawi Berhad (KBNAB, formerly known as Pusat Perlindungan PERNIM Berhad) as her charity of choice. Persatuan Kebajikan Anak Pesakit HIV/AIDS Nurul Iman Malaysia (PERNIM)  is dedicated towards helping abandoned or orphaned 
children living with HIV/AIDS. PERNIM's founder, Norlina Alawi, has since then adopted more children to live under her roof as one big family, most of whom are HIV/AIDs free, and so Keluarga Besar Norlina Alawi was born. What a noble cause isn't it? ♥

Titled ‘Raya for HER’, the ‘emel by Melinda Looi’ Raya 2013 collection was created for women, by a woman (Melinda) who is no stranger to the art of balancing the hectic schedule of a demanding career with the tremendous effort of raising her children, and spending enough quality time with close friends and loved

Some of my favorites from Emel by Melinda Looi ♥

I designed ‘Raya for HER’” for the modern lady who juggles her family with work; moving seamlessly from one role to another. There is something for every occasion – from cheerful prints for celebrations with the family to more elegant looks for Raya parties in the city,” explained Melinda of her inspiration for the brand’s first collection. ‘Raya for HER celebrates the many roles that a modern woman fulfils – as an income-earner, mother, wife.

Anyways, Melinda & Diana has managed to rope in celebrities & bloggers to showcase the tudung collection. Among them are: Natasha Hudson, Siti Nordiana, Salima Habibi, Anis Al Idrus, Ameera Zaini, Lynda Roslan and fellow bloggers Shea Rasol and Raja Nadia Sabrina. Exciting isn't it?

WHEN: 26th JUNE 2013
TIME: 2.30pm - 4.30pm (Hi-tea will be served)
DRESS CODE: Smart Casual
o Melinda Looi & Diana Amir meet and greet session
o Retail launch (selling) of the emel by Melinda Looi and Diana Amir x emel by Melinda Looi collections
o Tudung fashion show featuring celebrities and selected bloggers
o Fashion show 
o Hi-tea will be served

Now just for my wonderful readers, I will be giving away 4 tickets to the hi-tea & fashion show of Diana Amir x Emel by Melinda Looi! All you have to do is leave your name & email address below and I will choose the winners randomly. Make sure you are able to come to on the date above so that we can mingle along & shop for charity alright? ;)

By the way you can only leave your name & email once and I will announce the winners on 19th June 2013! So quick and try your luck! ♥