WIWT 2010 Summary

Preparation for the wedding has started since we only decided on the wedding date around December last year. So many things to do but the first thing we did was to find a designer for my wedding dresses :)

I've started being more busy on the wedding preparations, more time & blogposts spent on that.

MARCH - No WIWT shots, final month before I become a wife. Naz left for a business trip in Japan for 5 weeks and came back a week before we got married, I had to do everything by myself. I thought I could have died of fatigue.

I know I've started feeling unlike myself, I get tired so easily, I didn't enjoy our mini honeymoon coz I was tired tired tired all the time.

Only 4 posts this month of May, first I said I was sick and wrote "Take care while you still have your health". Don't know why I said that, sounded so serious. Second post, I was still sick (constant fever, diarrhea, pale, fatigue, shortness of breath) but I posted photos of our solemnization day I got from our wedding photographer. Third post - I finally mustered some energy to go out & mingle, went to Leftblock x Nike event. Fourth - the shocking newsflash.

Uniform for months - with the occasional sweater, beanie and proper matching socks.
Zero posts around these month, was in and out of the hospital most of the time. 3-4 weeks in hospital, and then a few days resting period at home then back to the hospital. I tweeted most of the time. I'm really grateful for those who came to visit, even people whom I've never met (blog readers) came by, such kind hearts. My mother instantly moved in the ward with me, taking care of me like ol' times. Husband came by every single day after work - all the way from Bangi to Ampang. He never slept in our bedroom at home when I wasn't there, he slept on the sofa instead. He told me to keep on writing but I just couldn't. He wrote instead.

Feels so good to be back at home after so long, I got a full month leave from the hospital during Ramadhan and celebrated Eid at my hometown. Finally wrote a post about my cancer, surprised that there are still people reading my blog and giving me support eventhough they only know me through words & pictures.

Was determined to make full use of my stay-at-home leave to meet my friends and go out and just be happy. Attempted to wear the hijab ala Yuna but failed. Was nervous meeting Jezmine & Adriani, in my first maxi skirt and two toned hijab. I'm liking more & more the versatility of styling hijab and loving all the supports from family and friends.

Can't tell you how much I love this month of the year, too many good things happened. Grown closer to really good people, met more amazing people, made new friends. Loved a lot and laughed a lot. All in all, happiest December so far ♥

As a conclusion, 2010 has it's positive streaks - hardships & happy moments preparing for our wedding, designed my own wedding dresses + solemnization outfit, got married to the love of my life after 7 years of courtship, moved in together to an apartment, made new friends, finally met Yuna in person and the infamous Hana Tajima, started wearing hijab permanently (best decision ever).

And the negative side - got diagnosed of leukemia, but hey I won't let it define my life! :)



  1. Ami I cried reading this :'(

    You've got so much strength with you. InshaAllah, you will be better :)

  2. what a year kan ami... hopefully all the changes makes us to be a better person.. InsyaALLAH..

    akibat tido petg tadi, aku mimpi ko lagi gi makan2 kat Klang ngan awin. ko makan kuew tiow udang banyak sgt. ( maybe means that ur getting better! )



  3. YOU DA MAN!!!!!!!
    We're here for you every step of the way. :)

  4. hey ami,
    after reading this entry, i feel like saluting you.. wait no.. I salute you...

    When I read this entry, this is what i feel...
    `It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters`

    u have definitely made an impact on me, even if you don't realize it. keep that strong spirit in you!!! dont ever let it go away.

  5. Nicely done!!
    I know this year has been a hard year for you and hubs..I wish you all the health and wealth for your 2011, ami! :DD

    *Group hug!!*

  6. @Z *wipes your tear* toksah nangeh nanti kita pun nangeh gak sob sob

    @cecima, hang mimpi aku banyak sangat ni mesti anak hang comel cam muka aku kan kan nanti? hehe.. amin la yea..

    @adriani, but but i'm a girl...
    huhu thanks angel!

    @hanna, i hope i inspired you in a good way :)

    @shea, tq shea! *group hug*

  7. dear ami y strong gle.....lawa...

  8. Hi,

    Stumbled upon your blog while readign Jezmine's. Good luck Ami and take care. You are amazing in so many ways :-)

  9. AMI!
    i feel very fortunate to have met you, and eventho i dont know you so well, but i honestly love you =)

    may Allah bless you with much much fortunes for the next years to come,

    and as from me, i will always support you! =D

    love much much,
    maria bising much. ehee!!

  10. semoga 2011 lebih tabah, lebih ceria, lebih klasik, lebih vintage.


  11. photo overload:D

    All the best for 2011 hunxxx

  12. more blessings and great things for you in 2011 ami nami.. amin..

  13. I'm really happy for you and I admire you alot. I've been reading your log for a while now, but never commented before and finally I decided to do it hehe

    Happy new year dear and may 2011 be fille with joy and more blessings from Allah. Be strong and Allah will always be there for you.

  14. ami....!!! i baru tau u cancer ape, after reading ur hub's blog..uwaaaaaa...!!!! all this while, i just tau u were down with cancer je...u mmg tabah ami...selama ni, i'm just a silent reader tapi after reading what he wrote, i mmg betol2 touched and terasa nak comment..hihi...harap u happy selalu k...aminnnnnnn!

  15. You are a STRONG WOMAN. You're truly an inspiration to every woman in the world ! Keep it up, honey !! And cheers about wearing hijab, Alhamdulillah :)


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