wedding of the stars!

Went to Rina Salleh's reception first at Taman Botani Shah Alam, it was quite an 'adventure'! Arrived and we parked our car, to ride a tram in the park area to Perkampungan Budaya or Culture Village where the wedding was held. Luckily we arrived just at the nick of time when the bride & groom arrived ;)

Lovely bride Rina Salleh and her groom, Afiq.
Cuba teka mana satu Heliza Helmi? XD
Yana, Nanie, Farah, Alin, Uyun and Nadia Bayu.

While waiting for the tram to get back to the parking lot, it suddenly rained. Pouring rain! We were definitely not saved from being wet since the tram we rode have open-sides. And me & Naz have another wedding to attend to, gladly KL was all heat and we dried up nicely haha

At #ANAIM, Ana Raffali & Naim's special day:
The lovely bride Ana Raffali and my deviantart/livejournal friend from Singapore a.k.a Ana's maid of honor, Dipz! Can't believe how small the world is, I've been friends with Dipz since 2004/2005 and this was our first time meeting. Though I know Ana is friend's with Dipz, I didn't expect her to be the bridesmaid. Ahh, weddings.. They bring people together don't they? 

And Ana looks so glowing ♥
Lastly photo with the whole gang, Geng Abang-Abang the groom said. Haha :P

Anyways, wishing both couples love, prosperity and happiness till Jannah. May your marriage be blessed, amen.. ♥♥♥

what's cookin'?

½ tablespoon of chilli sauce
½  tablespoon of oyster sauce
1 tablespoon of rice vinegar
10 pieces of shrimp, peeled & de-veined
1 clove of garlic, minced
1 inch of ginger, minced
1 medium onion, ringed
3 dried chilli
 ½ red bell pepper, chopped
½ green bell pepper, chopped
1 spring onion, chopped for garnish

1. Mix chilli sauce, oyster sauce and vinegar in a bowl and set aside. But I used apple vinegar because it's the only vinegar I have at home.

2. Heat the pan with cooking oil, add garlic and ginger, cook until light brown. Add onion, bell peppers, dried chilli (and roasted cashews if you have any). Cook until onion turns translucent.

3. Add shrimp and cook, stirring occasionally.

4. Add the sauce mixture, season with salt & pepper and stir to combine.

5. Cook until shrimps are pink and cooked through, garnish with spring onion and serve with rice.

This is what I made the other day for lunch, as usual husband is at work so that means I have to eat alone at home. I love experimenting with cooking (a recent hobby I picked up thanks to mother-in-law) so I looked out on the internet for shrimp recipes, luckily this seem easy enough and I had all the ingredients at home. Just thinking about it is making me all hungry, especially now that it's lunch hour! Anyways this dish can serve for one, just add more ingredients for more servings.

I made Kung Pao Chicken for Naz (for dinner on the same day) using leftover Satay Kajang from the day before, and he loved it! You know what they say, one way to a guy's heart is through his stomach ;)

So, what's cookin' in your kitchen today? I'm feeling noodles for lunch, but hmm I'm not sure yet. Do share your favorite cooking website or even recipes! Would love to try ;)

behind the scene: Safiyya TV9

Thanks sisters Ecah & Timah  for letting me tag along for the ride to Shah Alam // Sha Elaiza is back in town! And she wore Schanaz Dubai Silk scarf in Emerald Green that night, I beamed like a proud mom when I first saw :)

So it has been quite a while since I last gathered with the girls, and when opportunity appeared in the form of 5 minutes of fame with my favorite set of girlfriends, why not? We were invited to appear in Safiyya TV9 (I'm not sure exactly when but it's usually Sunday 9pm). It was really nice to see friendly faces and spend some time together, with everyone so busy all the time it's not easy to gather around like this but half of the group was not there due to personal reasons :(

But we had a great time at the shooting, thanks to Eyqa for volunteering her newly opened boutique as the location for the shooting. And thanks to Aishah for being my stand in 'make-up artist', the recent chicken pox scar on my nose was covered up nicely! 
Do visit Sugarscarf at Seksyen 7, behind Jakel Shah Alam. Right above Fareeda boutique. You won't regret it!
Drapey Duo Scarf + Sequin top + Hannah Palazzo Pants.
I wore Shop SputnikSweetheart from top to toe! ^_^

Do watch out for us in Safiyya at TV9, Sunday 9pm. You'll probably only see my face grinning ear to ear like a fool next to all my graceful lady friends haha. Don't judge! 

three things

Original photo from instagram, forgive it's low quality resolution. Edited by me.
Three-tone scarf: Kamdar | Inner turban: Sugarscarf | Striped top: Zara | Scallop jacket: unknown | Pants: Shop SputnikSweetheart 

All this while that I've been a major social zombie due to personal reasons (months of no blog update, if you shouted hello to the blog you'd probably hear an echo!), I opted for twitter and instagram! Thanks to Naz for gifting me an iPad2 last year and it has been my bestfriend ever since. I looooooove instagram, I think it's one of the best photo app ever created! I don't dress up all that much these days but when I do I try to atleast take a snapshot of it on iG.

Here's a gist of what I've captured on my instagram lately;
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One of the latest photo I took is of this bow-tie pasta I made for supper last night. Ain't it the cutest pasta ever??

Quite reminds me of this (rather ridiculous but awfully cute!) bow-tie pasta earring on Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2012  fashion show.
If you are interested you can DIY them yourselves, the girls at Honestly WTF will show you how ;) Good luck trying!

Anyways, I have a friend who loves posting advices or reminders to her future kids on her twitter and facebook. The quotes are rather good, right on point and very much the truth honestly. And, it reminisces the way Ted Mosby of How I Met Your Mother talks to his kids. Love that show! Problem is, posting quotes on facebook status and tweets may not ensure that her future kids would get the message since it's hard to trackback all those quotes. So, I'm gonna help her on this and fancy it up a lil bit ;)

image source: Flo Morissey. editing by me.

Had a bit of "designer's" block while trying to figure out how to make the quotes look nice enough to be added on possibly Yani's tumblr. I'm not liking the end result :( but truly uninspired right now and I've been at it all day. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Importantly Yani loves it! Ah well...

Reflection Fashion Show

Although the fashion show has happened exactly a month ago, but every single moment is still fresh in my mind. The panic, nervous, hectic running around changing and styling the models backstage and so on. What makes matters slightly worse was that I was sick from a viral fever and dry cough (which I confirmed later, after all the hustle & bustle of the fashion show ended). Definitely didn't want to get myself checked in to the ward with all the preparation going on). Attended by famous names like Hana Tajima, Vivy Yusoff of FashionValet, singer Heliza Helmi and numerous celebrities and media; you can imagine my hurried walk and awkward pose at the end of my show (y'know, the one where the designer walks on the runway with one of the model?). Anyways here's the *cough cough* collection! Our collection remains to be casual, wearable and affordable, hope you like what you're seeing :)

1. Schanaz Dubai Silk Scarf, get it in numerous colors here; and our exclusively made Rose Maxi Dress (not yet released).
2. Schanaz Dubai Silk Scarf + Aema Oversized Shirt (comes in 5 different colors) + Mila Ruffled Maxi Skirt (sold out on the day of the fashion show itself, oooh did I mention we also opened up a booth at the bazaar? Mila will be released in 6 different colors end of February 2012).

3. Schanaz Dubai Silk Scarf + Auni Peplum Top (comes in 3 colors) + Hannah Palazzo Pants (one of our best-selling item!)

4. Schanaz Dubai Silk Scarf + Lea Bubble Sleeve Top (comes in 3 colors) + Fareena Double Ruffle Skirt (sold out on the fashion day itself! Will be released in 5/6 colors end of February 2012)
5. Schanaz Dubai Silk Scarf Neya Silky Jumpsuit (not yet released, also comes in olive and nude brown!)
6. Schanaz Dubai Silk Scarf + Printed Maxi Dress (in assorted prints, premium quality silk with diamante. Not yet released.)

Another good news, in light of the fashion show alhamdulillah Vivy Yusoff from FashionValet has invited Shop SputnikSweetheart to be part of the FashionValet family! We are working hard on producing FV dedicated products which will be available there soon! So excited!! it's a great opportunity for my label to be introduced to a wider set of audience in Malaysia and internationally. Alhamdulillah.. But you still can buy straight from my website ;)

Phew! Editing all those photos above reminds me of myself on final year uni days, I did not budge one bit till it's all finish - not even for lunch. Okay time to get some food in my tummy! If you see anything you like above, watchu waiting for - SHOP NOW!


p/s: thank you so so much to Ammara Hijabi & The Insiders team for inviting me to join the event, for even trusting a small label like Schanaz to be presented along with all the other famous blogshops. I am truly honored! Thank you so much girls. Much loooooooooove!!

photobomb malacca2011

Scarf from Shop SputnikSweetheart | Top, belt and pants from Old Blossom Box Store

once upon a time

an old outfit photo of what i wore on a day trip to Malacca last year.

p/s: I'm in the midst of cleaning up my blog layout, which I do every couple of months or years whenever I feel tired of the same look. Still work in progress though.. and hey it's already the second month of the year but Happy 2012 everyone!