WIWT: Outfit Mash-ups!

It's been way too long since my last outfit post so why not a mash-up of them altogether? Haven't been feeling fashionable much lately but today I went for my hospital check-up and got my kidney function/renal/blood test and everything turned up A-OK! Alhamdulillah!

You've probably seen these outfits before as I haven't shopped for what may feel like years, saved up for the trip and still saving up for something else other than personal shopping :P

Scarf: ZARA | Cardigan: Cotton On | Pants: Online | Bag: Charles & Keith | Shoes: ZARA | Ring: The Curve

Needed something Morrocan-esque for Mira Mimpi Kita's wedding reception and I just re-wore this embroidered caftan I bought for raya. Worn this for The Scarflet's JELITA photoshoot. So sad that the photos of me and the bride & groom was too shaky :((
Scarf: Schanaz Scarf from Shop SputnikSweetheart | Headband: DIY by Diana | Inner neck: Maysaa | Caftan: Addara

At Wondermilk's 6th Cuppacake Show last weekend! Yes, I'm in flats! I brought along my satin draped wedges but decided on flats :O
Picture courtesy of a customer, Hana Ali :)
Scarf: Schanaz Scarf from Shop SputnikSweetheart | Lace top: Shop SputnikSweetheart new arrivals (also available in black, nude pink and pastel yellow) | Polkadot Harem Pants: Shop SputnikSweetheart new arrivals (also available in other prints! Only RM45!) | Flats: Rubi, Cotton On

An old photo during a photoshoot with Ammara Hijabi team, hence the make-up :)
Scarf: Schanaz Scarf in Pearl | Top: Kimono Cardi from Shop SputnikSweetheart | Skirt: Stripe Maxi Skirt from Shop SputnikSweetheart | Choker: DIVA

Wore the same Kimono Cardi to Yuna's performance at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas.
Scarf: Chiffon Scarf Maysaa | Kimono Cardi: Shop SputnikSweetheart (also available in other colors) | Polkadot Shirt: online | Tailored Equestrian Pants: The Shoplifers | Boots: Charles & Keith

What I wore to Ili Syazwani's wedding, planned to wore the same baju kurung modern in NZ when we sorta celebrated Raya there but plan failed :P
Scarf: Schanaz Scarf in Rose | Kurung modern: ButtonsMyButtons | Heels: ZARA

That is all! :)
By the way please make time for this Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival!

SHOP SPUTNIKSWEETHEART will be opening up a booth! It's an open event and free admission so do drop by ;) Check-out their facebook details { here }

NZ Trip #2: House Tour

So immediately after checking out of our one night stay at Columbia Apartment, we went to Tai Ping Asian Market to buy groceries. Since we came in a large group, cooking seems like the more likely option during our stay. Ofcourse our tongue and throat still desire asian style cooking and where else can you get it other than cooking by yourself, and to get all the cooking stuffs luckily there's Tai Ping Asian Market (I think they have a lot of branches all around New Zealand, seen some of them in our travels).

Figuring out is the wheat starch they sold and wheat flour back at home are the same. Not too sure but our home made 'cekodok' turned out hard :/
Their album; coming soon to a store near you :P

Shy birthday girl Yash who's birth date fells on our second day in New Zealand. Still waiting for that birthday party hehe

On our way to Karekare, crossed a beautiful bridge overlooking these scenic views.
Before we arrive to our holiday home, we made one more stop looking for halal meat. Luckily Yash has already made her research and we went straight to the halal meat factory in Avalon city! LOL! Ofcourse we were directed to Muhammeds Halal Meat Shop after that because for obvious reasons we can't purchase the meat from factory. The reason we're purchasing halal meat was that we were planning to cook rendang and have our own raya di perantauan moments! Although that plan didn't fall through just as much because we didn't really change into our traditional baju kurung and baju melayu due to the cold weather but we did cook rendang, have ketupat and lemang too! Pictures of that later ;)

After about an hour journey from Auckland, we finally arrived at Wharepuka! Trust me the road was long winding but scenic and lovely, it was also quite fun to see the farms by the road side all along our neighbour houses. We rented a house on top of a hill in a private farm. Pictures!
Those lil' white things on the grass are actually daisies :))
The farm view from our patio. Look at those tiny lil sheeps!

What else that's good to eat in a cold windy Spring day that reminds you of home? Maggi ofcourse!! Haha we had an impromptu small picnic at the patio while the boys were resting. In all honesty it turned out to be too windy and cold outside as the day was closing in to night *_*
Love our cosy living room!
Grown-ups had good ol' Maggie and kids had their own porridge :)

My favorite spot, the golden sun mirror :)

Random pics outside;
Say hello to our neighbour's sheeps! The house has 4 rooms and even an outdoor hot-tub. At night we needed to light up the fire at the fire place or else the temperature would be too cold to sit in. Love the place though and our land-lord was more than accommodating. If you are planning to visit Auckland in the future, you might wanna check-out this holiday home! The rent was about NZD1.5k for a whole week and I think it was really worth it compared to living in a hotel! But the price might be lower if we didn't come during Rugby World Cup season, some say it should be half the price! But anyways it was all worth it and even till this day we're still reminiscing about our moments spent at that holiday house.

More pictures of the trip in the next post!

By the way have you heard about Giuliana Rancic being diagnosed with breast cancer?? It's one shocking and devastating news indeed. She only found out about having it when one of her doctor pushed her into doing mammogram before she does her 3rd attempt in IVF. Good news it was detected at an early stage, even Giuliana didn't expect to do a mammogram not until she turned 40 which is in 4 more years.. And her family has no history of breast cancer. All I can say is be strong Giuliana, I really do admire you seeing that you're such a hardworking, open and inspirational woman. Such a huge fan of Giuliana & Bill reality show by the way. I hope all will go well for you G ♥

NZ Trip #1

It all started when a couple of our friends invited us to buy these promotional tickets to Auckland during Rugby World Cup 2011, at first I wasn't really into it coz I was afraid if we couldn't come up with enough money to spend for the travelling and stuff but Naz got quite excited especially because they chose a date during the RWC. So bought the promotion tickets from JetStar around RM1.2k for both of us return! Rather cheap wasn't it?? But ofcourse little that we know what we're gonna go through with JetStar...........

First, 3 weeks before date of departure Jetstar called us and said the flight was canceled so we had to move the date either a day earlier or a day later. We opted for a day earlier, so we asked for compensation from Jetstar since the change has interfered with our accommodation schedule and everything - only after we came back from New Zealand did we receive the compensation vouchers after calling them up so many times. And ofcourse the transit flight from Singapore to Auckland was delayed, but it was a blessing in disguise because! Jetstar managed to lost my friend's baby stroller so most of our time spent in Changi Airport was running around looking for the stroller T_T and believe me the stewardess nor the Jetstar officers were any helpful, they were infact very clueless.. Oh well, that's what you got for taking cheap flights.. Note that Jetstar is the Australian version of AirAsia...

Anyways on to the photos!
Baby Nia Hasya stroller got lost in between transit boohoo :(

Finally found it at Lost&Found after hours of chasing around! All is well again. Note that Baby Aulea was influenced by Amat to look up and to the side -_-" (pengaruh rakan sebaya bapanya.. tsk tsk)

After 10 hours flight from Singapore - Auckland, we finally arrived! Little that I know that it was actually freezing outside at 10 degrees!! Rain and windy day brrrrr, I can't really stand cold  weather :(

On our way to Auckland City, but ofcourse an ALL BLACKS KFC!

Changed my boots to my trusty red Bata sneakers for walking around in the city. It was Sunday so most shops are closed :( and it was really windy brrrrrr...........

The first Kebab shop we found, Kebab on Queens at Queens Street. Filling up our empty stomach.

The boys going crazy in front of Mt. Eden Stadium, one of us - Nan went to see a rugby game there in between Fiji vs Samoa I think. 

Infront of a cute house right in front of the stadium, so cute we wanna move in immediately haha. In our dreams indeed!

The Estima we rented for our stay, needed a big car for our big 'family' and because we're staying out of town so it's easier to move around. El-Cheapo de Jucy!

Goofing around in Auckland City.

STAR-ian rugby fans.

Eh look, Menara Kuala Lumpur! NOT! It's Skycity Tower :P

Once again, Naz going berserk -_-" Giant rugby ball at the end of Queen Street.

After walking around town for awhile we came back to our small one night room at Columbia Apartment, not recommended if you have a big family or even if you have children with you as the room was rather small for NZD110 per night. Alas we only needed just one night there because the house we rented was not available a day earlier, remember that our flight was canceled and changed to an earlier date? Oh well, looking forward to show y'all pictures of the house we stayed in, in my next post!