WIWT: On Top of The World feat Azorias

WHAT I WORE: Double breasted yellow blazer, a gift from Hui Wen exclusively produced bt AZORIAS. You can find the electric blue one here | Maysaa inner neck cover | Cat shirt | Striped harem pants I bought at a small shop back in Perak | Bag from Alin by The Bag Galore | Gold flats from Cotton On

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and I heard there's a contest going on right now, RM500 at stake!
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Stayed at Bala's Holiday Chalet, quaint little place and cheap! Went to the Butterfly Garden, lotsa flowers and butterflies in there ♥ Went up to Boh Plantation and climbed 174metres up to their View Point to enjoy the view, the climb was indeed challenging (I have little stamina to be proud of) but the view was breathtaking!; Bought some roses, mixed flowers, mixed vegetables all at cheap prices.. ahh I LOVE CAMERON HIGHLAND

We'll be back, one day!
Check out the entry on my first day at Cameron Highland { here }

Hoodie Veil Tutorial & Scarflets x Jelita

You'll be needing Schanaz Scarf or a long scarf that has half moon edge or else it won't have the same effect. I used Schanaz Scarf in Pearl which is still available at this moment of writing.
Come and get it: { Schanaz Scarf Pearl }

So, among all the votes, style no. 3 won!

and the turban style came to a close second place. Anyways Eyqa from Sugarscarf helped styled my turban for our photoshoot for a local magazine, Jelita on Aidilfitri edition (coming out this August!). Most of the Scarflets were invited for the spread. It was so much fun being dolled up and get to pose for a professional photographer. But as usual, I'm so not used posing for something as serious as this. It was a little awkward for me! *laughs nervously*

Anyways, some pics of the day :)
My make-up was done by Anna Cherie, check out her { facebook page }. I have secretly been a fan of her work for awhile now and was so psyched I get to use her service for free for this photoshoot! I really love how she doesn't change my face so much and made it look glowing? She commented my real lashes were rather non-existent (LOL!) so she put on a pair of natural looking fake lashes instead of those heavy sets, I think I prefer these! Though in real life I don't use fake lashes, I don't even use mascara! I hate how they make my under eyes black like panda, yeah I know I know I should use water-proof mascara? But oh gosh the hassle -__-"

Anyways! Some more behind the scene photos we took ourselves :)
Me & Jezmine | Me & Anna Cherie

We all wore our own clothes actually, and had to wore my raya abaya eventhough it's not even raya yet ;_;
Wore two silk satin scarf for this, get it here Schanaz Scarves ♥ and Nilam Ring Set that you can get over here at Shop SputnikSweetheart.

Hope you enjoy the hijab tutorial!

Roll Out with Chevrolet for TRANSFORMERS 3

Wanna be among one of the first few people to watch Transformers 3 in the WORLD? Stand a chance to do so by entering this TWEET contest!

All you have to do is:
1. Follow @Chevrolet_MY on twitter
2. Like Chevrolet Malaysia's facebook page


Tell @Chevrolet_MY which is your favourite Transformers character, Chevrolet model and WHY

Example Answer: Optimus Prime n Chevrolet Captiva because they’re both COOL and reliable! @chevrolet_my

25 winners will be picked out and you'll get to watch TRANSFORMERS 3 PREMIERE SCREENING on Tuesday 28 June 2011, 6pm at GSC Midvalley.

I've always been a fan of Transformers and been watching them since I was a kid! Can't wait to see this sequel and also get to watch Victoria Secret's supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley strut her stuffs *coughs* in the movie along side Shea Labeouf! HOT! And AUTOBOT :P

Oh by the way;
*Tweets must be in between 25 June 11:59pm till 26 June 11:59pm only*
so you only have a few hours left! Tweet as much as you can interesting as you can :D

See you at the premiere! ♥

So... You Think You Can Style?

Parkson, in collaboration with Tongue in Chic, will be hosting an upcoming style challenge called 'So You Think You Can Style'. It's a competition that mashes the adrenaline from The Amazing Race together with the fashion vogue-ness of, Project Runway, where teams of 3 will have to fight out a style wars to create the most chic ensemble. Three sets of style kits worth RM1,000 filled with goodies and prizes is up for grabs for the top three teams.

You will be able to pick your own team members but bear in mind that one will have to model while two play stylist. You won't have to run around the ENTIRE shopping mall. But you'll be running around 4th floor, Parkson Pavilion. Heels are of course, optional!

Successful participants are required to pay RM60 per team to join Scratch that, it's free! They will also need to include a picture of all team members together.

How to participate? Email with the details: Name, address, I/C details and contact number.

I'm forming my own team! Guess who I'll be teaming up with?
Let's join in the fun girls!
So.. You think you can style? ;)

read more about { here }


Have you checked out { Shop SputnikSweetheart's } latest update?
Then what are you waiting for?

And yes, we do ship worldwide!
Measurements will be given upon request :)

Photo credit:
Photographer: @abouttheletterA
Models: Tina, my partner in crime from ye old blogshop The Shoplifters and myself.

WIWT: Blooming Orchid

Went to an impromptu trip to Cameron Highland with the husband last weekend. Luckily I brought this vintage dress! Where else should you wear colors and floral when you know you're gonna be surrounded by 'em? ;)

What I Wore: Schanaz Scarf in Royal Purple, exclusive color from Shop SputnikSweetheart | Floral vintage dress, a gift from Bono of Stellar. Did you know that Stellar also has vintage dresses? They have it in store, which you can only check offline! | Pastelina yellow chiffon skirt | Gold flats from Cotton On | Proenza Schouler PS1 wannabe bag, a gift from Alin of The Bag's Galore

Day 1 at Cameron Highlands!
Love the geometric floral prints of this vintage dress! Makes it so current ♥

More pictures on { my facebook }