[LIFESTYLE] ASTRO Exclusive Previews!

Did you know that ASTRO has given exclusive previews of 12 HD and 2 SD channels, plus access to ASTRO-ON-TO-GO at no additional cost from now till 15 Feb 2014?

 I immediately downloaded ASTRO ON-THE-GO on my iPad Mini and checked out all the available channels!
Nobody knows this except for my dorm-mates in uni (uni times seems like eons ago), but I used to get hooked on watching Korean drama during my free time in uni. As time passes by, I eventually got over it plus no one in my family is into Korean drama except my lil sister-in-law who's in Sarawak. Since my spouse is not into it, we didn't subscribe to One SD channel on Astro. But once I heard about the exclusive previews given by Astro, I immediately tried opening the channel One SD on my iPad mini. I was beyond ecstatic to find out I'm able to watch it at my own convenience and at my own personal space as well. Don't need to fight the remote with Naz this time, coz I know Korean drama is not his thing. I can safely cry *cough* or laugh on my own at these cute melo-dramatic Koreans ♥


Loving Kree's new arrivals that I just had to share with you guys, the photos are so so nice too! Can't help but fall in loooooooooooove ♥

[LIFESTYLE] Secret Recipe Candy Crushing Deals on WeChat!

WeChat, the world leading innovative mobile social communication app, has announced their latest addition of Official Accounts in Malaysia *drumrolls!* - Secret Recipe Malaysia!

"Secret Recipe is a well-known Malaysian lifestyle cafe and we are excited to have them on board with us on WeChat. This initial offer by Secret Recipe Malaysia for WeChat fans will be the first of many efforts we are pushing in the pipeline of our collaboration," said Mr. Louis Song, Country Manager of WeChat Malaysia & Singapore.

[HEALTH] BLACKMORES Concept Store & Naturopathic Service

MidValley Mega Mall, Lower Ground Floor (same row as Maybank)
+603 2202 3380
Monday to Friday: 1030am - 830pm

I was invited to this health evaluation event by Blackmores in addition to introducing their first new concept store which opened up about a month ago. I have always been a fan and consumer of Blackmores and it was really nice to see that they have opened up a one-stop centre for customers to drop by, with a naturopathic consultation service to boot! 
I love the welcoming blue & white space of the store, it feels like I'm in a candy store but the kinds that will make you feel healthier y'know? Lame? I know.. I prefer supplement pills to candies haha! Anyways as you can see there's a table in the store for customers to sit down with the appointed naturopath consultant and discuss which supplement would be suitable for them. Wonder what NATUROPATH is all about?

Naturopathy is a philosophy of life and an approach to living. It is the belief in living a lifestyle as close to nature as possible. It is a system which focuses on building health and encouraging the body's self-healing process through holistic health education with the ultimate goal of achieving holistic health and well-being.

The healing power of nature - nature has the innate ability to heal.
Identify & treat the cause - there is always an underlying cause, be it physical or emotional.
Do no harm - a naturopath will not use treatments that may create other conditions.
Treat the whole person - when preparing a treatment plan, all aspects of a person's being is taken into consideration.
The physician as a teacher - a naturopath empowers the patient to take responsibility for his/her own health by teaching self-care.
Prevention is better than cure - a naturopath may remove toxic substances and situations from a patient's lifestyle to prevent the onset.

Provides naturopathic health consultation through an in-depth assessment of each individual's needs by reviewing their diet and lifestyle patterns, as well as other examinations including iris analysis.
Provides counsel & recommendations to live healthily through lifestyle, diet & supplement intake.
Assists the individual in selecting products most suited for his or her health care needs.
If the individual is seeking complementary treatment options, including to complement care given by a medical doctor.
♥ If the individual would like to learn more about health prevention methods.
♥ If the individual is seeking advice on dietary & lifestyle solutions.

[FASHION] Isabel Marant Pour H&M 14 Nov Price List

Isabel Marant x H&M collection will be out tomorrow, entry bands will be given out starting 630am. 
Will you be queueing up?

Click & check out the price list below for more info ♥



So why did I went into chemo, AGAIN?

I've finished up all my 4 gruelling cycles of chemo in 2010.
I went into relapse in May last year 2012 and did one last chemo that the docs say is the strongest my body can handle. 

So in March 2013, when the docs say,"I'm sorry Salmi but your cancer is back........." which every words after that seems like a black hole sucking my life in. You've probably read that part from my FEMALE magazine entry here

And then I said I never went back to conventional medicines again right? I turned to nature, alternative medicine and eating super healthy and shit. So what happened?

This happened, I grew up and pop goes both of my wisdom teeth on the lower level which decided to erupted at the same time and impacting the teeth beside it. That's not my X-ray by the way, just something from google to show you. It sure damn hurt when they first came out.

So my good looking & nice dentist, Dr. Anas who wanted to sponsor me with braces didn't wanna risk removing my teeth due to my disease. Since I do have blood disease, it's plausible to think so. Upon his coercion *heh* I finally went back to Hospital Ampang, I did a walk-in to the Hematology Clinic and got my blood drawn for testing after like 7/8 months. 

WBC aka white blood cells 74.1 (normal 4 -11)
Platelet 7 (normal 150 - 450)
Hgb or red blood cells 6.3 (normal 14 - 18)

So in the hands of these oncologist, Dr. Ong especially; he decided I should go through a mild chemo and a blood transfusion. Dr. Ong said the chemo will only be for 3 days at Day Care, which I can go back home once finished every day. As for the wisdom teeth, he suggested I have it checked at Hospital Ampang's dentistry and if it needs to be removed at least they have all the blood supplies to back me up if so anything happens. Mind you, my platelet needs to be in normal state so that it can help clot the blood and stops any bleeding. 

[LIFESTYLE] Show: Sunsilk Hijabku Gayaku

Do you guys still remember about that Sunsilk competition looking for muslimah fashion designer and models? Guess what?! The shows are starting like now! I’m so excited  to watch 'em all especially because some of my dear friends will be in there

Check out their promo video! Subscribe to SunsilkMY youtube channel so you won't miss it!

I really wonder who will be the winner for this double competition!

[LIFESTYLE] Casio Exilim TR15 aka Awesome Cam!

Not a very long time ago (though it kinda feels like it), I was offered this new camera from Casio. I've actually never heard of such thing. What? A camera? I only know the existence of the brand's cool urban retro watches, one which I still love and adore; a Casio gold calculator watch Naz bought for me from Japan. But of course I jump to the opportunity of getting know a Casio camera, especially after looking it up on the intehwebz and found this awesome and cool video of it:
Nice huh?!

Also available in Pink & White, urgh really wished I had chosen White if not Pink but I settled for Black that night.

[FASHION] Coach, The Gardens Grand Re-opening Party

Haven't done this for awhile, been uber busy with demanding blog assignments. It's still a fashion blog so I'm gonna share with you pics from the Coach Grand Re-opening Party I went a few weeks ago.
MILKTEE.NU diagonal shirt / Diva choker / Clutch a gift from Adriani / Iron Belted Pants bought somewhere online / Maysaa Scarf / Striped Pump Heels from Zalora

At first I was photobombed while trying to take my OOTD photo -_-"

Recently in early October, Coach at The Gardens has renovated their store and opened up an even wider, grander space for all their new collections which now includes ready-to-wear pieces like shoes & jackets for men & women. I'm honored to be part of the invites to witness the launch of this new space ♥

[TRAVEL] Part 3: Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh

Now that we're here, let's finally explore inside!

You'll see the man-made beaches right in front of you once you come in. 

Walk to the right and you'll see the Theme Park on your right.

So much fun!

We walked further and finally arrived at Kepura Cave where we will be having our lunch ♥

Excited and happy!