Hijab Experiments

Honestly, each time I go out I try out new styles of wearing hijab. For instance, on Maysaa event, I tried out Adriani's simple style of wearing scarf. Today I'm trying out Inna Rovita style;

Scarf - Petaling Street, Neck covered inner - Fizza Closet, Top - The Shoplifters, Jacket - IAMJETFUELSHOP.

It's super easy, takes about 5 seconds to wrap! I love how experimental hijab can be, with different texture and types of cloth it creates different effect to your face. It's so much fun! Check out youtube for more hijab styles :)

Also! A brand new bag, bought from Tiffany Wardrobe at RM35. I've been looking for fur bags since I'm in sort of dazed of furs and as elegant as it is to wear a fur coat it's pretty much unnecessary here in Malaysia. Plus, I haven't own anything that looks like the famous Mulberry bag yet, so here's my first!

Better pictures soon :) Sneakily bought this online, but never do that again kids coz your father mother or husband can still find out. Was scolded for a bit for not trusting that that I can tell him anything and ask for anything and he would always say yes. That's true, he almost never says no if he thinks it really what I wants (furthermore even he couldn't say no to a RM35 bag that look as gorgeous as this!) Honestly, better picture soon.

As promised!