Maysaa Pt II

Photo compilation of beautiful people & me :)

Alhamdulillah I had the opportunity to go to this long awaited event, I thought I was gonna be in the hospital but I wasn't. And thanks to the sweetest girl ever, Adriani Adnan for picking me up at home so I could hitch a ride to Solaris. I think that was my first time there but thank God to GPS we arrived safely though we circled a roundabout twice. LOL! If I'm not mistaken we arrived around 12pm after picking up Maria Elena (and all the other girls in her car) + Emmy at Wondermilk Cafe. I didn't even eat anything in the morning anticipating the moment when Yanny would say that she's here. Was super hungry and when we arrived we immediately joined Jezmine and the girls at Paparich. But by the time we were finished eating and cam-whoring we found out that people have started queuing for pass tickets to get inside! Gasp!

Saw Hanna Rabittah had gotten her tickets and asked what's her number and she said she's number 60+ to register, we were thinking we might have a chance at this seeing that she's only about 20+ ahead of us. But when it was our turn, turns out they only accept public attendees up to no 85 and my name was the LAST to be accepted in! I was like slowly 'yay-ing!' inside but I feel bad for half of us who couldn't get in, among them were Yani, Maria Elena, Yana and her two sisters who came all the way from Johor and others. They got a Maysaa poster and a discount voucher for online purchase on Maysaa. Well as much as that was nice but people came to see the show and we thought 150 of us would have a chance to do that :'(

We went to Maysaa pop-up boutique and as much as I don't want to spend it's hard to resist when you can touch and feel the softness of jersey dresses or silk pants. End up buying Maysaa Chiffon Snood as I don't even own a plain black scarf yet, it was RM85 after 10% discount. Bless my husband for not being mad at me for buying this (I'm not suppose to shop!)

Err, not as pretty as Shea Jolie's maysaa photos but love the Maysaa Chiffon Snood, so easy to wear!

When we were in, it all felt surreal! Was a bit unsatisfied that some of our friends couldn't get in, Jezmine opt to wait outside with two of the other girls and gave her pass to Yana. Isn't she an angel! Yuna sang about four songs and as predicted her live performance was flawless, her voice fleeted out smoothly. I first heard her sang when she recorded Deeper Conversation and posted on her livejournal which was ages ago, before she started her myspace page. Fell in love ever since then, she has a very unique voice - reminds me of Fiest and Cat Power but with her own personality. Anyways we were also greeted with goodies bag on each of our seat in Black Box!

Maysaa catalog, 15% online voucher (discount code: LIVELOVE), chocolates and Follow Me skincare products.

After Yuna's performance, lights were dimmed and an interview video of Hana Tajima was displayed. She said she will be opening a studio & store soon in Malaysia which is really a big relief for us fans. I think it's suffice to say that most of us fell in love with Hana Tajima's personality and style before we fell for Maysaa. And being that Maysaa is triumphantly executed with fashionable hijab-friendly products, who wouldn't want to have some taste of it?

Pic credit: Ena Photography
This is my most favorite item from the runway, I know dramatic right? Love it! Can't wait to have this when the store opens next year.

Pic credit: Ena Photography
I also love the Maysaa t-shirt Hana was wearing, I tweeted & commented asking when will it be available online for us to buy. Little did I know that the catalog has already printed out that the t-shirts collection will be made available next year, and all of them are based of Hana's own sketches. But guess what?! Hana reblogged our photos together on tumblr and added:

"Was so lovely to meet you! xx

p.s. As soon as I get the time I’m making you one of my t-shirts. "

Ain't she the loveliest being?! Ahh, I'm so blessed, thank you Allah for introducing me to this lovely girl. All in all, LF/♥M was a great success and all the buzzed up happiness is still lingering me till this moment. Mad loooove!

Can't wait for the next event Maysaa! If you are in need of man power for Maysaa Studio/Store in Malaysia, let me know ;)

EDIT: Click here to see photos of me with Yuna & Hana at the backstage!



  1. Ahhh loving this post -- as much I loved (and envied u!) the other Maysaa posts!

    p/s -- still punching myself for not having the courage to say hi to u that day T__T

  2. Ami working for Maysaa Malaysia??????? you better!!!!!!!!!
    Hot ok!!!!!!!
    pls do, so can gimme news on new arrivals :B

  3. Hahahha shea jolie yerr? :P
    u wear it well ok!!leh try dgn specs lak psni :D
    nway suka ur compilation of pics kat cni...everyone's sooo beautiful!!
    n yes, if u dpt keje dgn dia, bg ktorg staff price uuuu!! hahaha :D

  4. I sangat sangat sangat suka our picture tu.

    Really looking forward to another event like this. Best gila rasa nak meletup je kepala.

    Maybe we should have a girly girly day out or something. Nak tak? Jom!

  5. Along, haaaaa tu lah nape sombong tak tegur i. majuk tau majuk :P

    @adriani, ofcourse nak kerja with maysaa nak nak nakkkkk

    @shea, dah adala pic with specs tu haa atas tu. kannn semua orang look so happy and looooved

    @anna, ofcourse boleh! arrange la bila2 ;)

  6. @sue, alhamdulillah i'm feeling all the looove makes me feel so blessed <3

  7. hi ami!yana here..nice to meet u that day..serius lawa gila u pkai snood 2!!i dgn maria mcm nk bli..but ktrg kne bli on9 la kan

  8. Hi Ami thanks letak gmbar kita kat ur blog. you sorg yg sgt cool bila jmpa personally, tenang je. Like you so much! Yeah looking forward to have an event like this again! Have a nice day sister! (: <3

  9. Your very own customised shirt by Hana! Lucky you =)


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