Stylo // Mimpi Kita

Was invited to an interesting event today, will let you know more about it in the next entry. First, on to the photos!

Nude brown scarf - Ilsya Hijab
Lace top - Honey Pumpkin
Bow pants - Ditsydot
Red woven clutch - Charles & Keith, a gift from loverboy
Suede pumps - Zara

Me & Melly from Tongue in Chic, loving her Zara boots.

I really shouldn't be standing next to a model -_-", NOW next to a headless mannequin - that's acceptable. Hah!

Me & Diana Azmi, another fashion blogger | Wynn & Diana's friend, didn't get her name :(

Wanna hire Wynn for your runway/photoshoots/ads? Gotta get through me first! Heh just kidding :D Check her out here.

After the event, me & Wynn went straight to Mimpi Kita to raid their clearance items. Turns out they've already transferred it to the back room to make space for new arrivals. We went nuts!

It wasn't originally like this, but we manage to make a perfect mess all over the place. O-oh!

Nurul tossed designer shoes at us - at clearance price! There was Burberry, Cole Haan, Steve Madden, Liz Claiborne, Aldo, Isaac Mizrahi and so much more! I DIE.

Grabbed this Studio flats at RM20, my old black flat has died due to excessive usage.
Total damage done -> crepe silk kaftan + beaded chiffon hijab + maxi dress + shoes = RM200. BARGAIN OR WHAT?!

Loving this turban style, Nurul taught me two ways of wearing turban. Can't wait to try 'em! Thanks for the tips babycakes!

Thanks Winenona for today, love you girlfriend! XD



  1. omgggg love3 everything bout ur outfit today!!
    d color combo, d lacey details n oohh ur clutch!
    okei i da mereng..haha..

  2. You outfit is AMAZING. You look so nice. Love the pop of color on the shoes. Gorgeous.

  3. LOVE LOVE the splash of color in your outfit. Such cute pants too. I do so love a good bargin!

  4. @shea, hahaha thanks shea <3

    @nawal, thanks hun. it's on sale right now :)

    @erin, tq cik erin. me likey oso! :P

    @jj, thanks!

    @wynne, yay thank u so much. that made my day :D

    @ursula, awww thanks dear. loving nude browns at the moment.

    @vonilicious, thanks honey and i love bargains too!

  5. hey, love r blog. i knew it through hijabscarf.btw nice pants, if u dont mind where d u bought it..seriously lawaa..

  6. @norbee, i beli online je at :)

  7. sis.....bile nk ajar sue pakai trban plk?


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