WIWT: Military Chic

Remember my oversized Khaki jacket post? So here's me in my beloved military jacket / parka in two different nights :)

Night 1, at Putrajaya on 19th January 2011. We had Sushi King for dinner & watched Season of Witch.
WHAT I WORE: Topshop inspired military jacket from Little Paris Dressbook, maroon lace dress (can't remember where I bought this), white bow thin belt (last worn here, can't remember where I bought this), Zara jeans, Vincci+ wooden wedges (last worn here) & Casio watch from my online retro Casio shop, Urban-Retro.

Night 2, crashed at my BFF's place last night (husband went for his boy's night out, they talked till dawn at various mamak & kopitiam zzzzz ). While me & Wynn talked all things weddings! My own Rozita Che Wynn is getting hitched February 2012 ♥ Congrats girl! I'll be by your side as long as you need me :) and sorry I used your ceiling length mirror closet to take my style shot XD
WHAT I WORE: Maysaa chiffon snood (perfect for lazy hijab days, just fit it on & zip!), 2 tone shawl from ShawlbyVsnow (to add colors to my outfit), Uniqlo VOGUE shirt (last worn here), Zara light grey jeans (last worn here), vintage belt & Primark tiered heart necklace that you can barely see.

You've seen this purple scarf here.
Naz doing a great impression of a Japanese face....
Haha! No lah, I'm just kidding. Took this shot of him accidentally. Funny though, huh?

Fashion Valet cookie received in Mimpi Kita goodies bag ;) Yummeh!
The garang stray momma cat & kitty who lives under a door next to the window of our apartment; at the corridor area. we fed her cat food for the first time, she's still a lil cautious but hungry...

p/s: I've realized that I now have quite a number of new hijabi readers and all I can say is that I'm not perfect in so many ways maka diharapkan mana yang baik dijadikan tauladan mana yang buruk jadikanlah sempadan. Insyallah let us all grow in our own pace to better ourselves ♥


ASK AMI: Fashion at Age 16

alinisthename asked: wht should a girl at age 6teen wear? :)


Teenagers shouldn’t restrict their styles to just one genre unless if it’s influenced by music, someone they look up to, ambitions or hobby. Experiment experiment experiment while you still can, don’t let your teen years pass you by just coz you are stuck in one look unless that’s the style you’re really sure you want your whole life. And I quote:

“You don’t need fashion designers when you are young. Have faith in your own bad taste. Buy the cheapest thing in your local thrift shop - the clothes that are freshly out of style with even the hippest people a few years older than you. Get on the fashion nerves of your peers, not your parents - that is the key to fashion leadership. Ill-fitting is always stylish. But be more creative - wear your clothes inside out, backward, upside down. Throw bleach in a load of colored laundry. Follow the exact opposite of the dry cleaning instructions inside the clothes that cost the most in your thrift shop. Don’t wear jewelry - stick Band-Aids on your wrists or make a necklace out of them. Wear Scotch tape on the side of your face like a bad face-lift attempt. Mismatch your shoes. Best yet, do as Mink Stole used to do: go to the thrift store the day after Halloween, when the children’s trick-or-treat costumes are on sale, buy one, and wear it as your uniform of defiance.” - Role Models by John Waters (via)

Read all sorts of mags to be inspired, listen to musics to get your groove on & read books from science fiction to poetry to manga coz you’ll never know what you’re missing in life. From there, you’ll develop your own interest & personality. That, will shine through, through your everyday style. Bonne chance love!

Ahh before that, here’s a checklist I found for what closet staples a girl should have. Closet staples are the basics that you can use to mix & match with all the other items in your closet to create your own style. Do keep in mind that it’s a universal check-list made by Matchbook Magazine. You don’t necessarily must have all 50 pieces if you are living in equatorial countries.. But of course this is a closet check-list for girls of all ages ♥

Editorial was photographed by Erez Sabag featuring model Zenia Sevastyanova and styled by Ekaterina Mukhina for Elle Russia September 2010. (via)

Question was received via my tumblr. You may ask anything nicely through my formspring & tumblr ask box. Thank you so much for all the kind words, messages & du'a, this frail body is strengthen with supports from the likes of you ♥


1st Check-up

So... today is the first day for my check-up with the oncologist after I failed my blood collection a month ago. Was quite nervous & worried, the point of my check-up was to discuss the in-depth result of my bone marrow, if I'm not mistaken it's called ze molecular test. Checking for the bad protein in my chromosome within the bone marrow. Woke up & got ready around 6am and we left the house around 7am. And then we had our breakfast at McDonald's infront of Hospital Ampang at Jalan Pandan Mewah area.

Wore my old Lucky necklace & Maysaa chiffon snood for good luck charm ♥
(picture has been edited to shadow my tiny acnes on my forehead)

Found our way to the specialist clinic, got my blood taken for testing & waited for my number to be called. After about an hour waiting while Naz drilling me about his programming ideas about Shop Sputniksweetheart, ting! Number 1506 called to room 36. I almost ran to the room, LOL. But anyways... turns out the result is not out yet.. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. The doctor did say it's probably gonna take another month so I'll have to come back at the end of February.

So far from the last molecular test, the percentage of bad protein is reducing. When I was first admitted, my bad protein level was 500%! A normal person should be 0.. After first chemo, it went down to 300% and after my 3rd chemo it reduced to 0.36%, which is really good considering that it's going down tremendously. But not until it's 0 that I will be considered as free of cancer. And even then they won't know whether the cancer will strike back one day, so check-ups will be done periodically.

IF the result of the molecular test shows that it's increasing, then the doctor said they need to give me an extra strong chemo :'( .. and find me a matching stem cell donor for my transplant. I really really hope it won't come down to that..

So far, alhamdulillah I'm living as much as I can. The doctor said there's nothing I can do to make the bad protein to go away or to prevent my cancer from striking back, except to live my life happily, eat healthily & pray. Okay I added the pray part. I almost shed a tear when he said that. Hmm... Friends & sisters, can you help me out please? Do put my name in your prayers please :'( Pray for my happiness & longevity if it's not too troublesome..

Thank you so much, may Allah bless you all...


WIWT: Yellow!

WHAT I WORE: Inner Balqis from Sugarscarf, Mustard longsleeved tee from MNG, vintage belt, brown wide legged jumpsuit (the same one I wore to ChicPOP), Mulberry inspired fur bag from tiffanywardrobe, Charles & Keith studded flats.

Diana came over to pick up the vintage dress she bought from me, and we went for a fro-yo date at Seri Bangi. Just found out that it's actually owned by Ainul Aishah's mother, first time I met Ainul Aishah was when she modeled for Old Blossom Box opening. She's so cute ♥ I'm also loving Diana's Alexander McQueen inspired scarf.

My healthy breakfast this morning = 2 green apples + 3 frozen strawberries + 250ml milk + top off with butterscotch honey syrup. Blend that milkshake!

Was reminded to eat more fresh fruits & water by a reader who also have cancer, thank you so much Saadah for your wonderful email. I admit I have been neglecting those two for a while, tsk. I have an appointment with my oncologist tomorrow and I hope the in-depth result of my bone marrow assessment is A-OK. Prays for clean bone marrow. Amin..

ASK AMI: Presentation Attire

Salam Azza :) basically I would recommend wearing something formal, nothing skanky or slutty.

  • Avoid anything too tight or revealing. No to leggings, denim and leather.
  • Do not use too many colors, you want the attention to be on the presentation you're giving. Not on your clothes.
  • Keep it simple, straight edge line if you get what I mean.
  • Don't over accessorize, perhaps a thin belt or a simple brooch is acceptable but do not stack on bangles or rings.
  • Optional Items: A-line office skirt, chiffon maxi skirts (chiffon exudes elegance compared to lycra which seems a bit casual), plain buttoned-down top, tailored blazer, a pair of pumps or formal looking ballet flats, straight cut pants.
  • Outfit example:


WIWT: Tutti Frutti & Crocs

The bow of my pants is tied off, only realized this after taking this photo. Too lazy to take another shot :/
WHAT I WORE: Vintage top, MNG tapered pants (sweat-pants material, I've always wanted one of these), my brand new Crocs.

Tadaa! Surprise! I bought Crocs XD, I'm probably doing some fashion faux pas but I think these Crocs are cute though right? They don't even look like Crocs but functions & weighs all the same. The purple one is Barney, I mean my new suede pumps wedges. Bought it at 50% off. And the greyish-blue is Naz's brand new Croc's leather boat shoes, sale at 30% off. Our first Crocs evah! I love how they don't look much like Crocs, y'know how Crocs are always associated to being ugly and blah? Well hopefully this one will change your mind :) *brain-washing you into buying Crocs*

Adriani, Ili Syazwani, Kish Roslan, Yani, Eyqa Sulaiman & me.
The girls & I went for some fro-yo at area Seri Bangi shoplots, the shop here just opened for about a week. So yay now we have a place to get together in Bangi :D I asked Eyqa to bring some stuffs from her online shop and me & Ili went a lil' crazy looking at all the scarfs & inner hijab!

Ili is the owner of Ilsya Hijab, my first time meeting her though we've been twitter pals for quite a while. Even Naz had met her before me, during the time Ili passed him the book she participated in writing - Perempuan Simpanan. Naz is a big fan of Sindiket Soljah's books.

These cotton Jumana scarves shown in the pic above will be available next week, we got an exclusive sneak peek! Tempting aye? *gulps* Now I know what you girls meant when you simply can't control yourself when buying scarves, I read once on twitter about someone who just spent RM300 for hijab and I was super shocked and thought ya'll must be crazy (this was before I wore hijab). Well look who just joined the crazy-over-shawl wagon? T_T

The model is Eyqa's little sister, she has her own separate site selling scarves too. I salute these business-ladies. Mira is only 20 years old by the way! Anyways, I'm head over heels over this silk chiffon scarf & super cool turban-ish inner. Head on over to Sugarscarf & ShawlbyVsnow to get some! If there's any left ;) *evil laugh*

p/s: This is not a paid advertisement, I really just want all of you to spend money & shop haha! No, just kidding. Really! Good things are best shared right? ;)


ChicPOP + Heliza Helmi

My come hither look, I put on this look at ChicPOP all day to seduce customers into buying my clothes & shoes. When I'm tired, I made Robert Pattinson do the job and he was more succesful at it than I am, ah go figure! XD (just kidding peeps)

Shared the booth with Jezmine, Anna & Wartea. At first we were a bit sad coz we had the end lot but turns out it gave us so much space to move around our stuff. Thanks to Jezmine who brought along her super long railing and with her wiseness, we maximized the space given. If it were up to me & Wartea, the booth would've looked terrible! Photos taken before the crowd started coming in at 12pm :) By the end of the day, there were only two pairs of my pumps unsold! Woot XD

My sisters & fellow blog readers, thank you so much for the support & saying hello to me. So sorry if I was too busy or if I didn't smiled enough to you guys when I was tending the booth..

Girlfriends! Fariza & Wynn came to give their support ♥ Wartea & baby Nia Hasya!

From top left, anti clock-wise; Nareez Zabidi & Shikin, with Sueann Chong (Managing Director of Tongue in Chic - was so sweet of her to come & chat with me eventhough she was super busy. Thanks for your kind words hot chick!), Karen Wong (Editorial Assistant of TiC), Lyna "motif" Kamal and ofcourse my panda Naz who stayed the whole day with me ♥ & in the largest pic from left, Sharifah Amani aka Dr. Tita, Yani Msvlad & all my lovely ladies.

Meet-up with the Scarflets at Nando's Jaya One, for a special session with Heliza Helmi. Heliza even brought along her own entourage, PA Zeq & 3 of her own photographers. She's absolutely dazzling and talkative, cute as a porcelain doll & of course she smiled and chatted with every single one of us. I didn't stay long coz I had to tend the booth and luckily Heliza & the girls went to my small itsy bitsy booth. Gave away a belt & pair of white studded flats to the star coz she's been so kind ♥

Saving the best for last, pics of me & the darling star. Thank you so much for coming to meet us ♥

All in all, ChicPOP was such a success. It has been really long time since I last joined a bazaar/flea market, was a bit out of touch but I had the help of pro-seller Jezmine so I was really lucky. Plus, Anna, Wartea & Naz was a big help at serving all the customers who came. Really satisfied that I sold most of the shoes and atleast half of the vintage dresses & men's clothes from Monday Monsieur (gave the unsold men's clothes to my lil brother :)). Packed up all the unsold vintage clothes & gave it away for the recycle charity bin, our 3rd round these past two months. Had been cleaning up my closet & his too, so stuffs that we no longer wear were given up. Including some of my shoes >.<

Anyways, notice the brand new header? Made it myself! Finally gotten around with photoshop again. Also made this for the upcoming shop site, wait for it coz it's gonna be LE-GEN-DARY! ;)