avant WIFE stature

So anyways, this will be my last post as a single unmarried girl! Not yet a woman, NO! *gulps* That status suddenly reads as something really intimidating now, the next time I'll blog I'm gonna be married! I'm gonna be someone's wife *gulps*

Okay, I actually have a bunch of stuff to write but I guess I'll just leave it here now. Going back to Perak soon (on Sunday after finishing all the work here)

p/s: For those that are coming, thank you so much for taking your time to come to our wedding and please drive safely and hope you will enjoy the journey & our modest ceremony. For those aren't able to make it, worry not Bliss Candid will make sure every precious moment is captured beautifully for me :) I mean US! Eheh, oops :P

EDIT: I'll still be . Follow me!

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Thanks to Quiyah & Azzah for giving me Beautiful Blogger award (does not deserve this seriously) & thanks to Aim for Top Blogger 2010 award (we're only into one third of the year and I've already won wohoo! :P)

I'm passing both the awards to these people because they are awesome bloggers who deserve to have some loooooooove! ♥
7 things about me:
  • I'm scared of big trucks, lorry, trailer.
  • All my sisters have the same first name as mine.
  • I'm getting married next friday, if that's still not obvious eheh.
  • I don't have a driver's license.
  • I love green tea, anything green tea.
  • I'm a terrible cook.
  • I'm the only girl out of 8 in my department.
Now, it's your turn! :)


tout à fait romance

LAYOUT: Spruced up le' ol layout with color inspiration from the above picture.

Gonna get some of these before the wedding ♥ *barney-wink*

Got my solemnization outfit last night, and I'm in LOVE! The veil is as how I imagined it would be. Such a dreamy piece. Lovely mermaid trail on the bottom, heavily endowed with pieces of pearls and white shimmery beads. Mapped on top of the heavy lace we bought in Bandung last year, on the 2 toned grey to dark chiffon I chose. The top, lovely. Boat neck ala Jackie O, enticed with rows of pearls & grey beads. Simply divine!

I am definitely coming back for more of Mimpi Kita's tailoring service. In fact, I'm gonna do this maxi dress with Nurul after my wedding. I trust her workmanship. No one is perfect but she gets the job done, makes sure I'm satisfied with the product plus Nurul herself has exquisite taste in fashion. Happy Belated Birthday Nurul! I'll give you your gift later aite!

Thank you so much. For those who asked to look at the dress, I'm sorry, looks like you guys have to wait till after the wedding! ;) Let's keep the outfit a suspense for now.

{images via anyonegirl & tig-fashion}

DAILY {u p d a t e}

GIRL CRUSH: Olivia Palermo is your real live Blair Waldorf

A few more days to the B I G day, I've removed the ticker of how many days left coz it's suffocating me somehow - x days is too little o'time. Stopped reading much into other bride-to-bes' blog to avoid frustration and panic attack. Pimple has subsided, by using Oxy, probably gonna leave a scar but that's better than a bump. Printed our engagement photos and bought a huge black album at RM38, purrdy cheap. Have to print a 12R sized photo though. And have to get a guest book. Tonight we're gonna pick up our solemnization outfit from Nurul MIMPI KITA. Did I tell you she's lending me her lovely Nine West heels coz it suits the dress oh so well. So kind that lady, didn't expect that. She even gave me a sketch book with lovely sketches of my solemnization outfit ♥ so sweet & unexpected too. Gonna have mani/pedi with girlfriends - visit the girls at Wedding Gathering Bazaar this Saturday - hair trimming at Replacement - threading - a friend's wedding at Klang this Sunday then off to Perak. Oh mommy. Anyways, had a lengthy discussion about the make-up the other day and honestly it wasn't as bad as I made it seem ( I only looked at the photos of the make-up session last weekend, a full week after). So I was being bloody paranoid for nothing, granted there were a few touch-ups needed here & there since I am such a fussy person anyways. But overall I think he can achieve what I want. Even Naz was dumbfounded about what I was so sad/mad/paranoid about. Eheh.

Nervous? You have no idea. Okay you probably do.

p/s: Wedding Gathering Bazaar walk-in payment is only RM3 (without hi-tea), watchu waiting for?!

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She wanted him to see all of her and also none of her.
She wanted him to be dazzled by the bits and blinded by the whole.
She wanted him to see her whole and not in pieces.
She had hopes that were hard to satisfy."
Ann Brashares, The Last Summer of You and Me


Last S H O W

Alexander McQueen's last collection, Fall 2010 RTW. [via NYmag]

I'm sure everyone who has ever known McQueen, would have felt mixed emotions after seeing this collection. The fact that this was his last one, finished before his death, so arguably beautiful but sad in a way that we will never see any more otherworldly creations from him.

Love these, reminds me of regal brides. The fourth one (bottom right, move clockwise) feels a little vintage with hemmed embroidery & beadings, and those lushes waterfall of chiffon pleats. The third one is simple but oh so divine, would love to recreate that somehow. The second one reminds me of Indian sarees wrapping the whole bodice and worn with full bridal satin skirt. Of course the first one just makes want to fly around on a magic elephant. Whimsical.

previously of McQueen.


DIY Boutonnieres

I know I've promised Moose the tutorials of DIY boutonnieres I've collected over the time, since I'm not making any, I guess why not let others do it :)

DIY Silk Flower Boutonnieres - Recently found this, looks pretty easy and you can even use leftover fabrics from your scallop, curtain or pieces of lace from your wedding outfits? Haha be creative! Check-out the tutorial at Style Me Pretty.

Anti-clockwise from top right;
1. Paper Flowers via Martha Stewart 2. Ribbon Crafts via Martha Stewart
3. Leaf Love Boutonniere via My DIY Wedding 4. Vintage inspired Boutonniere via Love & Lace

Good luck trying!

p/s: Don't forget to to register for Wedding Gathering Bazaar happening next Saturday. Send in your application of attendance to!

Larger version // click!

What to expect?
  • Hi-tea (light meals)
  • Doorgifts
  • Games (for guys,girls,unmarried couples&married couples)
  • Wedding talk & discussions
  • Parade of wedding dresses by some famous designers(ex brides')
  • Wedding albums review
  • Booth for wedding stuff and casual stuff (wedding cards,dresses&accessories,doorgifts,mini dais,lanterns,feminine care)
  • Workshops and tips
Register by Friday 19th March 2010! Fee is RM25. More info here.

Settee ♥

{via poppytalk}

I swore I found this exact same sofa at Alamanda last weekend, but it was in leather. Turn off.

Went out on a date with Sarah (aka @sarahistheone) after the trial/test make-up calamity. I had soo many leftovers of spaghetti since none who came had the chance to ate it since everyone had to rush someplace else. So I invited Sarah and we chatted a little while eating the spaghetti before jetting off in her silver car to catch a movie at Alamanda. Swear to God it could have been over a month or two that I haven't watched a movie in the cinema - feels like it. Alice In Wonderland was in no way available on a Sunday except for the front rows. We watched Book Of Eli instead, it was okay. Quite unexpected twist about the book and about Eli. And the girl was hot too, eheh. Sarah said she's a Jolie lookalike. True.

Have anyone watched Remember Me? People are giving mixed reviews for Alice in Wonderland, but I don't care gonna watch it with baby boo once he's back this Saturday ♥

Wedding Woes

So anyways, I actually had my second fitting for all three dresses last Sunday - on the day that I'm suppose to have my make-up test/trial. Honestly though, two of the dresses are not up to my expectations. I know they say this is not fully done yet but after like trusting someone so much and hearing them rave so much about how beautiful the dresses are, you kinda put your hopes up too high. And I *think* I've been nothing but a good customer, I pay on time whenever they needed and most importantly I give them my utmost trust.

And the make-up? I wasn't even ready...... point is I'm not satisfied. I don't want to be transformed. I want to be myself, but enhanced! (is that somebody's tagline I stole? eh eh eh).

But we still have time, they still have time to enhance my dresses and tone down on the foundations. Gonna have a lil talk with all the respective people. I'm the one paying, I should have my say, no?

And I still have time to calm down my senses and kill the pimple on my cheek. Such a nuisance!

Wedding Cake Topper

Naz just ordered this Unazukin cake topper in Tokyo. Super kawaii :)

Oh, Naz said unazukin is a rather rare item in Japan, in Amazon JP it's selling for about 13,000 yen! That's about RM500+ OMG! But luckily he found it from a rakuten - local online shop and it was about 2000+ yen. Phew! It's out of stock all over Japan and can only be found online with varied prices. Alhamdulillah, we're lucky enough that he just encountered one at a reasonable price..

p/s: check out this dude, he used unazukin to predict the World Cup results. LOL

EDIT: unazukin was made much more special coz Naz's boss decides to give it as a wedding gift to us. arigato gozaimaas sai-san! *happy*


Yay another item striked off!

Send to printing company, print size A3 and laminated. Gonna print about 3 each. Hope that will be enough. Oh yes that's my real name, Ami Schaheera is gedik name :P but orangnya tak gedik2 eh? Ye ke?? -_-"

p/s: Gonna print at the office and laminate it outside. And these arrows look bleurgh and too thin! Fatted them up after asking opinions from colleagues :) Gonna do a left sided arrow too it seems.


So many things to do, so little time;

  • Pick and choose & print out engagement photos, buy albums & frames.
  • Design signboard and send to printing company. DESIGNED!
  • Send thank you tags to printing company (!!!!!!!!!)
  • Wedding playlist, suggestions please! ♥
  • Buy guestbook!
  • Call up Clarins for facial appointment. Yay! Home counter is always fully booked, menci. Booked at Jusco MV on 28th and after that balik kampung for ze wedding the next weekend.
  • Buy lotion, contact lens solution & grey lens, or brown lens or grey? :[
  • Buy more ceramic plates (two more) and more cute flower buttonaires for family, friends do you wanna wear 'em too? :)
  • Sister has finally come around and wanna help deco bilik pengantin a lil bit. Alhamdulillah.
  • Make my own design portfolio, I am my own worst nightmare client. There's so much that I want and not want it's really hard to start designing. *smacks self* I love sleek & simple design though.
  • Pedi & medi, girlfriends occasion fo sho this one.
  • Update my resume.
  • Program lists for the BIG DAY, and job responsibilities for family members & relatives.
  • Hair trimming, REPLACEMENT still owes me RM55/RM52. Can't remember!
  • Shit, haven't posted my bridesmaid fabric. Eek sorry Wynn! Gonna do it asap.
  • Guests - fb page (sorry I really do have to limit our invites :( sad.. ), addresses, stamps, post the cards out.
  • Wedding cake confirmation. Oh my.. Does anybody know any good wedding cake baker in Ipoh?
  • Oh make our deposit payment to Bliss Candid, our chosen photographer. Must remember to do this, but Naz said wait for him to come back which is next week yo!
  • Renting out my mannequin for the upcoming Wedding Gathering Bazaar. Her name is Sundae and she's a size S, any takers?

3 weeks to go, people.

REVAMPED: Jezmine Blossom

After changing the layout for Old Blossom Box, Jezmine immediately wanted me to do layout for her personal fashion blog. She wanted lots of bows, and I injected her with ideas of deers, Paris tower more cutesy stuffs that she always has in her blog entries.

Upon agreement I started working and I turned her blog from this:

to this:

Check it out: Jezmine Blossom

She wanted lotsa bows, so I made her a custom background picture;

And added on all the things that she loves in the header;

But ofcourse, I also did all the graphic work on the sidebar and customize her HTML codings, same as what I did for Old Blossom Box. So glad that she loved it and she said it's like been given 10 pairs of shoes as a gift! Well, I'm just glad she loves the 'shoes' I picked ;).

Wedding PREP {u p d a t e}

Sorry for the low quality photos, Naz took away my Lumix to Japan.

DIY my hantaran last Saturday:
Used RM5 large ceramic plate as base (budget bride) , cute lil paper roses, heart shape diamantes, and this wouldn't happen without the help from dearest office mates - Kak Gee & Iylia. Love these guys so much!

I didn't DIY my buttonaires as planned due to time constraint :(
Bought cute lil flowers and glued on the pin at the back. Also added on blue ribbon & beads for his family, theme color black+white+blue. My family is even simpler, purple roses made of straws. And can be re-used as brooches afterwards :)

Solemnization Outfit by:

Here's a sneak preview of the top, early sketch is in here:
I love it soo soo much! I really felt like a fairytale princess in it, pearls & grey beaded neckline, lace patches all over the hem and a lil bit on the sleeve and and lil bits of pearls on the laces - OH MY GOD. I was literally floating when I tried it on, granted there were a few adjustments needed to be done but I'm sure Mimpi Kita can ace it anyways. I love love love it soo much ♥ ♥ ♥

But I haven't seen the long skirt part, tonight hopefully I get to wear the whole set. And I also asked Nurul to make me the veil since she's doing such a great job so I'm trusting her to do it. There were balances from the lace I gave her, so that will be used for the veil. I'm thinking something simple like this:

The veil the veil! But I'm not sure yet about the length coz I'm afraid if it would be too much with all the lace patches on the top & skirt. Will discussed it with Nurul tonight. And I'm gonna buy sort of tudung Ariani and wear the veil like this (EDIT: but tucked in to show the gorgeous neckline):

EDIT yet again: Just text-messaged Nurul, she postponed our meet-up to Thursday night (due to unforeseen circumstances) :((((

Beautiful Sab on her solemnization day, love it ♥

Peep Toe White Heels:
From Yunique Paradise, it arrived last Saturday. But it was off-white!!!!!! Not white as in the photo. If I had wanted an off-white heels, I would've bought off-white heels! Darn it I'm so pissed! But I might just wear it anyways coz 24 days left and I couldn't care less. But if anything else goes wrong, I swear I'd scream from the top of my lungs even Naz in Japan can hear it. Takut tak?

Sad.... :'(

HOW to post LARGE photos in BLOGGER

Actually, the secret to posting larger photos than the ones allowed by standard blogger size is by hosting it somewhere else and uploading the URL.

  1. Upload your photo of choice to any IMAGE HOST site eg. Photobucket, Flickr, Tinypic and etc. I will demonstrate using Photobucket.

  2. Under the large UPLOAD button, click OPTIONS. A window will pop-up, you may choose any size you intend to resize your photo to. Take note that smaller sized picture will not be enlarged even if you chose to pick the largest option possible. I choose 640px (width) x 480px (height), which I think is the perfect width for my blog. The only thing that matters most is the width.

  3. Once uploaded, for Photobucket, hover over the image and copy the item in DIRECT LINK textbox.

  4. From DASHBOARD > click New Post > click the ADD IMAGE button on the taskbar.

  5. Paste the url you got from the DIRECT LINK into URL textbox on the right side of the window. And hit UPLOAD IMAGE

  6. And voila!

MK Olsen collage by Fashion Chalet at tfs.

Basically, you need to upload it somewhere else and re-'upload' the url on blogger. You can even upload the photos to your blog from photos that you've already uploaded on your Facebook! (does that make sense?)

To get the url of your Facebook photos just right-click and copy image URL:
And proceed the above procedure all over again.

If your blog is smaller than the photos, keep on resizing it till you see which can fit perfectly on your blog.

Hope that helps and good luck trying!