the phone call;

Photo after I just came back from hospital for chemo (last August), has no eyebrows, pale and looking sick. Should’ve atleast worn some make-up, it was a surprise birthday celebration for me by hubby & my friends <3

So, this morning when I was preparing breakfast my phone rang — and as expected Hospital Ampang called (dreadfully). The head nurse said it’s time for my treatment, so I must be admitted tomorrow. But this time it will only be for awhile, I won’t be having another chemo session, this time it’s only for blood collection. Tube insertion to my femoral aka veins high on the thigh on Friday and GSCF shots every day for four days. Then blood collection for one or two days. Then I can go back home and wait for them to arrange all those transplant admission date whatnot.

I wish I didn’t have to go through transplant but I simply MUST do everything that I can to get rid of this cancer. If I don’t do it, what are the chances right? I just can’t forgive myself if I don’t go through this. So anyways, you might not hear any updates from me till later next week. But I’ll still tweet, and maybe …. blog and heck I might still tumblr! :P

Internet addict, pfft!