Studded slanted shirt from Winkstick, Daring Pants from The Shoplifters, Rivet studded waist-cincher from a long time ago, Chain bag from Nine West, Studded suede flats from Charles & Keith.

An outfit I wore to work last week and meet-up with a customer afterward. Had my hair braided but it was too short it doesn't even deserve to be called a braid haha. Once my fringe is long enough I'm gonna braid 'em like this;

STYLE ICONS Ashley Olsen & Alexa Chung ♥
via Olsen Anonymous & Studded Hearts.

Best I can do is this, bahaha:

I'm thinking of dyeing my hair or maybe just some highlights, I'm getting bored waiting for it to grow long in time for my wedding next year. Aiyaiyai! Any tips or secrets to make your hair grow longer faster? Merci les amis..

EDIT: Forgot to add this! Ahhh...

A video tutorial on how to do Heidi braids by cutesy lady Carrie from

Show me your Heidi Braid once you've don it! :)

AIDILADHA x Thanks Giving x TiC Style Award

So The Shoplifters has been over a year in the industry, we wanted to celebrate our 1st anniversary but we didn't, we were too busy with our personal life and abandoned the date like it had no meaning. Ahah no need for any despair now do we, since the beginning till now we have been maintaining our price at a minimum profit, enough to keep us going but still affordable for the folks who stayed on with online shopping because of it's benefits of not having to leave the house and order your wardrobe with an email at reasonable prices.

We are sure that despite that, we have our very own flaws to make-up with, we're working on it. From the deepest of our heart we're sorry if we had ever let anyone down with our mishaps, turn a new leaf shall we?

Alas there's a lot we would like to be thankful for but most of all we are thankful that you stayed on with us, till today ♥

Do vote for us on the Blog category at Tongue in Chic Style Award, never had we dreamt of being nominated, love us? Vote for us, if you want, once an hour would be swell haha!

Have a great holiday ahead, Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha + Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe!

P/s: I'll be away till this Sunday. Will reply your comments then!

Shoplifter Ami // Sputnik Sweetheart

WIWT (&stuffs for sale)

A pic of me 20 days ago;

Polkadot Bow top from Pumpkin, Smarty Pants (I'm selling coz it's a lil big for me) from The Shoplifters, Chameleon Sequin flats from The Shoplifters, studded diamante hairband from local night market RM5 / USD1.50, pearl bracelet a gift from Adik.

Also selling this Geometric Leggings, and more second hand goodies available at Shoplifters' Leftovers.

Do visit Neue Fashion 39 - added Rihanna Full Bloom Blazer, Studded Fringe dress, Sequin Bodycon dress & Perforated Pleather Jacket.

Also Monday Monsieur 25 (for the boys) - added Metallic Hi-Top Sneakers, Heavy Loaded Suede messenger bag, Sailor Dude button down shirt, Mr. Plaid II button down shirt.

Do remember we accept payment via Paypal and no matter where you live, we can ship it out to you.

I think most of my readers are silent teenage girls below 20 years old, who sometimes love to reblog without giving out credit. If you are older, then shame on you! Slightly annoying especially if I find out about it. Give credit where credit is due.



images via oui, je suis

While my monthly salary is not enough to buy a piece of Chanel 2.55, I've always coveted this piece of jewelry. Maybe one day once I've bought my own house, I'll save up to own one. Right now there's too many delectable to choose from in the fashion world that I don't have the will power to resist. And I've never been into buying fake designer goods, especially labels that I consider crème de la crème of all designers but...... this time I just couldn't resist. While buying a real Chanel 2.55 reissue bag has always been my dream, I think I shall be mildly content with owning something that look quite similar to it. High quality and doesn't look cheap, rather heavy on it's own. Ahh, the best part is it's price. The only thing I bought on my weekend trip last week to north of Malaysia.

I'll post up the picture soon once I've taken it out for a walk ;)
Now all I have to do is gather up some Chanel badges!

"be yourself;

everybody else is already taken" - Oscar Wilde

Above is the quote I chose to commemorate my 4444th tweet today, yeah I know that's a lot but I think I've been twittering since May 2007 so that's not a lot over time haha. I just have so much to share, I do! Seriously! If you follow my twitter you should know that I always share infos/links on latest fashion news/make-up tips/music find/things that I find interesting... Well aside from my own personal drama drenched twits :P

Rimmel Exaggerate lipliner in Red Diva, Lace Eyelet dress from Old Blossom Box, Quilted faux-Chanel flats from Tokyo, Studded felt bag bought last week RM20 / USD6, brand new Grandpa cardigan bought last Saturday RM23 / USD7 ;)

Recently I've been much braver in experimenting with colors, colorful smoky eyes, perfect double winged eyeliner, ruby lips and so on. It's so much fun, I can look at a cover of a fashion magazine and do almost an exact copy of the beauty look they have on, provided that I own the correct tools and if it suits my outfit for the day. Imma so proud of meself! About a year ago I don't even have a gel eyeliner let alone knowing how to do a perfect line using a brush. Now, I can safely announce to my fiance that if he wants to give me ANY surprise gifts *hint hint*, make-up would be a safe bet coz I can never have too many (shush you on cosmetic expiry dates!)

Anyways, I've also been super conscious all my adult life (I prance around in dresses when I was a toddler though) about wearing dresses coz I have these awkwardly stubby knees and a scar from accidentally burned myself when I laid my legs next to a hot motorcycle exhaust pipe. Don't know where all this confidence came from but I'm determined on wearing more dresses before I get too old to wear 'em. And a dainty one at that, this one a lace eyelet custom made by Jezmine. Naz (the fiance) loved my outfit so much, he told me he wants me to style myself like a BOND girl. Well if he wants moi to be a BOND girl, he has to look like James Bond to begin with :P

Clyde Shelton, Law Abiding Citizen - via

We went to watch Law Abiding Citizen that night, a gruesome & heart-wrenching movie about law & injustices. Gerard Butler was once again the good guy, but with a bit of twist, a father & husband with vengeance against law itself. I love the movie and I recommend you to go and watch it. Lemme know how you like it :)


"Millicent Lambert and Henry James Pallett play two star-crossed lovers in the September/October edition of Australian Russh. Photographed by Derek Henderson and styled by Stevie Dance, the pair star in the 1950s inspired story, “Badlands”."-via FashGoneRogue

Love the styling, wardrobe and every single one of these photos.


A vintage dress that I meant to hem but never did, bought last year at Bijou Bazaar in Menara Hap Seng for RM10 / USD3;

Vintage tiger dress RM10 / USD3, Brass necklace from Uberlove RM49 / USD15, Panther bangle from Diva RM20++ / USD6++, Studded 'carpet' bag bought last Saturday RM20 / USD6, Jelly sandal from Orange Little RM30 / USD9.

Oooh all in under RM150. Who said you can't look good without breaking your bank?

We ate at Tiger Jit Singh for breakfast, most delicious chapati & condiments in KL city. Secluded and hardly crowded. Mr Singh is quite the personality himself, once we saw him axing a wooden spatula in the middle of the restaurant with a timid Indonesian maid gingerly holding the other end. And dude the axe was huuuuge!

And check this out:

Everyone needs extra security, rite?