WIWT: Awkward Leopard

Hello people,

Here I am reporting live from Ward 7B at Hospital Ampang, I got in last night and got a 3rd class bed this time. No biggie, I'm gonna be here only for a few days. It's close to the toilet and next to the TV set (not that I like to watch TV anyways, brought my external hdd filled with TV series that I love.) Need to catch up on Dexter, Criminal Minds and The Mentalist.

~ ~ ~

Just woke up from the sleeping shots they gave me before my bone marrow assessment. Initially they didn't plan for a BMA for me but this morning they wanted to make sure the cancerous cells has decreased or absent at all so they squeezed me in for a slot. Some patients refused to do bone marrow assessment. I don't get why would they refuse treatment. All you have to do is lie by your side with knees close to chest (fetal position) and bare your back a little. The nurse will inject sleep inducing meds in your system before the doctor penetrate your back to get the marrow on the bone closest to your skin, your pelvis bone. As long as I pass out before the doc does that I'm fine, I don't feel a thing and the next time I open my eyes I'm already on my bed feeling drowsy :)

I'll be receiving my GCSF shot this evening, it's gonna sting a little but I'll survive :P Anyways here's an old photo of me when I just started wearing hijab.

Leopard shawl - from Adriani
Tee - from Tina + Kish + Yani (part of birthday gift)
Studded chiffon cardigan - Frette &
Tailored harem pants - The Shoplifters
Brown studded flats - Charles & Keith
Bag - Guess

I guess since I can't do outfit shots in the hospital, I'll post old outfit shots that haven't been published before :)