[LIFESTYLE] TESCO: My One Eyed Figurine

Having an eye infection really is no fun at all, especially when it infects the other eye T_T

Thanks to Tesco Heroes & Friends whom Naz had started collecting since they promoted, he surprised me with Mike Wazowski the one eyed monster from Monster Inc. It made me laugh none the less. Funny coz I was warded with one infected eye which I constantly cover with tissue and one good eye to see, and my patient uniform at Hospital Ampang is also in green color! We have so much in common! Although I haven't watch Monster Inc or Monster University yet but I hear Mikey is quite the character.

Aside from Mike, Tesco Heroes & Friends also has more array of figurines to be collected. Naz's next target is Thor which is the most recent release of figurine. 

Mike looking over my Chanel Le Boy iPhone case gifted by Adriani, so over the top for me to be using in the ward but whatever lol. I sling it back & forth, sling it back & forth, back & forth! All the girls have one too ♥ And next to Mike is the two eyedrops & eye ointment I was given to treat my eye infection.

Which one have you collected or targeting to collect?

[HEALTH] The Eye Story


As some of you might know, I'm currently warded at Hospital Ampang for an eye infection. I was feeling feverish last week on Wednesday but brave through it and didn't take any paracetamol and sat the whole day writing blog assignments. Slept early that night coz I was finally feeling super tired and my left eye felt like there was something in it. When I woke up later in the midnight my left eye was watery, I try to clean it up by really softly wiping the wet area with clean cotton buds. When I woke up around 3-4am later, the watery discharge from my eye has blood stains on it.

That was when I really panicked and we decide to go to the emergency of Hospital Ampang immediately. 

I've honestly been through a lot in my life (if I may say so) but seriously this crying out blood stuff is the most twilight zone horrifying event ever. Particularly also because me & Naz just finish marathon watching two seasons of American Horror Story lol. Suddenly I got my own version of Horror Story.

Sadly even though I had high fever (39c), flu & cough and the red eye; they didn't wanna ward me because they didn't have enough bed in Haematology Ward. So I went back home after seeing the general doctor at emergency, a haematologist and also an ophthalmologist for my eye. I was severely fatigued and hungry by then but had no appetite because of my sickness. Even though we arrived at the hospital around 8++ am but we only left around 3++pm. Pity Naz because he was the one who had to do the running around here and there to get meds & consent etc everything, I fell asleep at the sofa at the waiting area while waiting for him to get the meds.

[LIFESTYLE] Girl's Generation for Baby G!

Girls’ Generation as a highly versatile girl pop group whose members not only sing, but also appear as models and actresses on TV, in commercials, and in films, is the ideal match for the Baby-G brand. 

Also known as SNSD among their fans (who are called ‘Sone’) the group is adaptable yet tough, active, sporty, healthy, beautiful and complemented by the individuality of each of the nine members’ fashionable lifestyles.

With a huge following in Asia and beyond, it’s no wonder that Girls’ Generation have been the face of Casio Baby G in South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia since 2012.

Members of Girls’ Generation:

Taeyeon aka Kim Tae-yeon born 9 March 1989.
Jessica aka Jung Soo-yeon born 18 April 1989
Sunny aka Lee Soon-kyu born 15 May 1989
Tiffany aka Hwang Mi-young born 1 August 1989
Hyoyeon aka Kim Hyo-yeon born 22 September 1989
Yuri aka Kwon Yu-ri born 5 December 1989
Sooyoung aka Choi Soo-young born 10 February 1990
Yoona aka Im Yoon-ah born 30 May 1990
Seohyun aka Seo Joo-hyun born 28 June 1991

Casio Baby G timepieces are renowned for their toughness and cool designs and feature a compact version of G-SHOCK’s shock-resistant structure and the same high-level water resistance, Baby-G is perfectly comfortable in hard-use environment.


Sometime ago, me & my blogger friends paid a visit to G-Factory - I'm sure you know what I'm talking about if you're an avid shopper at Midvalley MegaMall where the dark figures and illuminated G watches are displayed in glass cabinets and walls. It's very eye catching as well, as you can see below:
This one is situated at the 3rd Floor, same floor as the cinema.

Globally, the number of stores in the G-factory network is growing rapidly, reaching 355 stores in July 2012. The distributors of Casio, Marco Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd aims to have 12 G-factory stores by the end of 2013, with this latest store in Midvally, along with existing 8 other G-factory stores in Malaysia.

Aside from Baby-G, G-Factory also carries 4 other major brands such as G-SHOCK, EDIFICE, SHEEN and PROTREK. Pretty sure you've heard of these, I think Casio G watches are very popular throughout my highschool year to uni and even till now almost every guy I see randomly would own a pair of G-SHOCK one in their collection. My husband has a collection of Casio watches which he keeps in display in our home office T_T, he's an even bigger fan of Casio than I am!

Me holding up one of the Baby-G watches, I love 'em in white (probably coz it matches my outfit that day hehe)

I simply love that Baby-G watches are cute, cool and tough; exactly as their tagline personifies and that's how these watches embodies. There will always be one (or more) for everyone because of the many shapes, styles, colors and textures in the collection. Despite my feminine-ish look (eh, really ha?), I love a tough boyish sporty round large shaped watch with contrasting pastel colors. 

[LIFESTYLE] CASIO EXILIM TR15 21mm Wide Angle Lens + Fun Filters

Don't you just hate it when you wanna take a selfie group picture, everyone has to squeeze in super tight before snapping. Well not with Casio Exilim TR15 you don't have to, with it's 21mm wide angle lens you are able to take wider pictures with little hassle.

Check out the comparison between TR & a smartphone self-portrait aka selfie pic:
♥ Small face effect by special lens on TR and 21mm wide-angle lens.
♥ Skin brightening and smooth skin effect using make-up mode on TR, I bet your smartphone don't have this. 

Wouldn't it be wonderful that we don't have to flood our smartphone with before after edited photos of your selfie and have it all in one click using TR? Come on, I know you edit your pics toooo am I right??? Hehe..

With 21mm wide-angle lens, it allows you to take wide image and perspective picture and 21mm wide-angle lens on compact is only available on CASIO starting May 2013 which includes Exilim TR15. Another huge huge reason why you should get this bad ass baby!

As you can see in the sample pic above, 28mm is a standard lens for most smartphone and check-out the length and width comparison compared with a pic taken using 21mm wide lens. Major right?! Why waste time trying to include details you wanna take in your picture with a normal angled lens when  you can get everything and so much more with TR's 21mm wide-angle lens ;)

Apart from that, there are also some other fun filters available on Casio Exilim TR15 including:
HDR ART... woahhhhhhhhhhh!

Another HDR ART.. woaaaah!

SPARKLING SHOT! It adds those bling bling to your photos, I think only works if there's a light source :)

My fwens got FISH-EYED lol.. Sorry Shirley, Lin, Aric XD

MINIATURE filter, this would look best if you are overlooking a scenery of a town or high hills. Cheating the tilt-shift effect kinda like the results here.

So nice huh?! Check out my other reviews of Casio Exilim TR15 awesomeness:

Find out more at:


I haven't shared these pics I took using Casio Exilim TR15 when Maya from Oman came to visit. This is my first time meeting Maya and it was so much fun! But ofcourse us girls would love to have a full frame pics of ourselves but we didn't want to bother any strangers with our shameless happy-go-lucky poses.

Luckily I have my Casio Exilim TR15 with me. As you may remember the design of this awesome camera is that it's LCD screen can be twisted around and it can stand on it's own when put on a flat surface. As pictured below:

With that, notice the bench behind us? I hung the Exilim camera  on the rail with both lens and LCD facing us.

[LIFESTYLE] Panasonic Cooking - Opens Up Possibilities

"Panasonic Cooking, Opens Up Possibilities"
On 20th November 2013, Panasonic Malaysia has launched a new communication campaign Panasonic Cooking, Opens Up Possibilities for its wide range of Kitchen Appliance products offering a delightful culinary experience. Panasonic Cooking comprises of kitchen appliances used during food preparation and cooking process to whip up a wide array of food choices.

Dato' Chef Fazley Yaakob did a cooking demonstration of quick, healthy recipes using Panasonic Kitchen Appliances. He claimed he lost 20kg from 90kg to 70kg by learning to cook right - high protein & low fat meals using these appliances right after he won MasterChef Selebrity Season 1.

As seen in the video commercial above, the new spokesperson for Panasonic Cooking who is also the winner for MasterChef Celebrity, Dato' Chef Fazley Yaakob shows that Panasonic Cooking aims to provide a sense of enjoyment and create firm bonds among loved ones. Simply achieved through 3 key words:


Panasonic aims to CONNECT family ties through HEALTHY eating habits, using Panasonic Cooking products to CREATE mouth watering dishes. Being the trend setter for the Kitchen Appliances industry, Panasonic is proud to be the only brand that carries this wide range of cooking appliances suitable for all level of expertise. Cooking is made easier for all Malaysians who lead fast and busy lifestyles, yet enjoy well-prepared meals with their loved ones.

[FASHION] Syaiful Baharim for ZALORA

On 26th November, ZALORA, Malaysia's leading online shopping destination has revealed their latest design collaboration with Malaysia's award winning designer, Syaiful Baharim. This is also Syaiful Baharim's first foray in affordable ready-to-wear, hip hip hurray for us average income but tastefully stylish ladies. The collection features a very chic & simple design that will appeal to young and golden generation ranging from modern kurung to casual kaftans. Personally I'm loving the cutting and the way the color choices for each design complements each other, color block sometimes can be quite a tricky thing to pull of but here Syaiful Baharim has manage to do so and portrays the ladies who will don these creation to be fun and as well as sophisticated at the same time.

This exquisite Syaiful Baharim for ZALORA collection is available for all fashion lovers across Malaysia and Brunei at prices between RM199 – RM299. Limited stock only. Orders will be delivered to your doorstep within 48 hours and 72 hours for East Malaysia.

Check out below for more of this collection, tell me which one is your favorite! ♥

[LIFESTYLE] CASIO Exilim TR15 WIFI Photo Transfer

Let me tell you one more reason why I love my Casio Exilim TR15..
Well aside from the fact that it made my skin look absolutely gorgeous :P

Whenever I took photos with this camera with my friends in it, they would definitely ask for me to send it to them. I can do it as easy as 1,2, 3 ;)

How you ask? 

Read on for step-by-step how to transfer photos from Exilim TR15 straight to your phone:

[HEALTH] The Making of...... my Big Foot

I went out on Wednesday 20th November, twice in 2 weeks this chemo cycle (one chemo cycle = 30 days). The first time I did was on 15th November, I had a shooting for a secret project not a secret anymore, The Influencer, which started as early as 9am until 6pm and I went for an event later that night. That was on day 9th or so of my chemo cycle.

Wow Ami really? How strong you are girl blablablabla..

Probably not the best thing to do when you're in a chemo cycle, any doctor or oncologist would've strapped me to the bed to avoid from me getting myself busy. I came back home that night around 11pm feeling exhausted beyond my wits, multiple red dots on my legs and some on my thighs. A few bruises (in old school Malay believe they would say "kena gigit hantu") propped on my legs and thighs here and there. Woke up in the morning with a long piece of darah beku inside my mouth on my right cheek. That was the weirdest thing ever. But I know those were signs indicating I have low platelet counts.

I know I have overworked myself. 

I stayed in and did some blogging jobs while on bed and in the living room, some might wonder why I still do what I do but man seriously this is my income. Who's gonna pay my bills if I don't? I know Naz work hard enough to cover everything but I don't feel good not pitching in on anything especially since I'm the one who wants to buy all the organic produce, health pills, supplements and medications. 

And 5 days later which was on Wednesday 15th Nov I felt good enough to attend an event, but opportunities and invitations came knocking last minute and all of them were only a few steps apart from each other. I couldn't possibly say no. End up I attended four events. I felt good that morning. I dressed up (had to start with something formal for a corporate event but that didn't stop me), put on a red lippie and slip my feet into a pair of flats to avoid major exhaustion by the end of the day.
Had to put on some gold, I mean come on I'm a lil diva fashionista ain't I? ;)

Dato' Chef Fazley Yaakob was demonstrating some quick healthy recipes using latest Panasonic appliances. I'll share more on that in a blogpost later. Did you know, he said he lost 20kg after MasterChef Celebrity just by learning how to cook high protein, low fat meals. That seriously blows everyone's minds, from 90kg to 70kg yaw!

[LIFESTYLE] ASTRO Exclusive Previews!

Did you know that ASTRO has given exclusive previews of 12 HD and 2 SD channels, plus access to ASTRO-ON-TO-GO at no additional cost from now till 15 Feb 2014?

 I immediately downloaded ASTRO ON-THE-GO on my iPad Mini and checked out all the available channels!
Nobody knows this except for my dorm-mates in uni (uni times seems like eons ago), but I used to get hooked on watching Korean drama during my free time in uni. As time passes by, I eventually got over it plus no one in my family is into Korean drama except my lil sister-in-law who's in Sarawak. Since my spouse is not into it, we didn't subscribe to One SD channel on Astro. But once I heard about the exclusive previews given by Astro, I immediately tried opening the channel One SD on my iPad mini. I was beyond ecstatic to find out I'm able to watch it at my own convenience and at my own personal space as well. Don't need to fight the remote with Naz this time, coz I know Korean drama is not his thing. I can safely cry *cough* or laugh on my own at these cute melo-dramatic Koreans ♥


Loving Kree's new arrivals that I just had to share with you guys, the photos are so so nice too! Can't help but fall in loooooooooooove ♥