Wishing all muslimin & muslimat a hearty Aidilfitri, forgive all my careless mistakes and thoughtless misdemeanor. For I am only human.

Drive safe, remember your loved ones :)
Enjoy your raya people!

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Decked In Black

What I wore for the past 14 days (exaggeration at its best or IFAIL, actual digit = 9 days) - BLACK, BLACK, BLACK.
It's either coz I'm mourning (oh let it go already) or the fact that I don't carry much when I'm running away from home, running away from nothing actually. Unintentionally it's the same pair of jeans, sequin flats & quilted bag that I wore since 1998, sorry I mean 07-09-2009. Pants alternatively change from Zara hard denim straight cut jeans or Topshop high-waisted acid wash skinny jeans. Black. I live in denim, I sleep in comfy cotton though heee.

Tops are regularly changed day by day, have no intention of taking any new wiwt shots right now. Meh, would be boring anyways. In retrospect, I do love how my sequin flats, slouchy quilted bag and jeans are versatile enough to be worn with anything. Must've been the color though. Nobody in the office said anything so either I'm invisible or nobody pays attention. Hmmmm though that's pretty much the same. Haaa.

Anyways gotta say, I'm really thankful to my homegirl Lilia for letting me crash her bachelorette pad, sharing her room and all. I wouldn't know where to go if she hadn't let me in, ye old room has become a traumatizing place for me to stay. Whatever.

So I've been living in black clothes and in paperbags and laundry plastics. Most of my stuff that I brought to Lilia's house are all in large paperbags and one duffel bag. All the other stuff will be moved after Eid. Oh well, sometimes you gotta make do. I ain't complaining, I'm tryin' na adapting. Bukan tak pernah bersusah-susah pun selama ni, heh.

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NYFW s/s 2010 FAVs pt. 1

Personal favs so far, in no particular order;

Diane von Furstenberg ethnicity attraction.

Zac Posen - floor length ♥

J. Mendel soft beauty

Thakoon color palette & watercolor brush effects.

BACKSTAGE: Erin Wasson x RVCA s/s 2010

The vibes were groovy at Erin Wasson x RVCA. Gang Gang Dance played underneath a big screen that projected an evocative movie shot in the California desert. The models sported beach hair and deep, golden tans. And then there was that "Keep It Neil" T-shirt. This is Wasson's third season at the brand, and the show, held in Bryant Park's biggest venue, was a major step up production-wise from Fall's static presentation. The collection was more hippie girl than last season's rocker chick, but the overall feel was still pure Wasson in the way it closely mimicked the model-turned-designer's own So Cal cool, vintage-loving sensibilities.

Loving Irina's new bowl hair-cut, haven't seen her anywhere in yearssssss, okay exaggerate. I think Erin's collection this time has evolve quite a bit but still keeping it her style. Something that I would looove to wear too :)

EDIT: Ok this just shows how slow I am in the fashun world, wait what what? Nice try Erin, you had me there for a mo. Right when I was just starting to like you. Boo...


Vena Cava s/s 2010

I'm loving every single piece of this. Sheer blouse, nothing like a bandeau bra or loose tank wouldn't help.

view full collection here.

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L.A.M.B s/s 2010

L.A.M.B.'s spring look was characterized by a 2010 take on decades past: '50s redux through an '80s lens. Danilo for Pantene created a scupturesque hair concept inspired by Gwen's tomboy spirit. Said Danilo, "Because the clothes are so sheer, dreamy and feminine, to pair them with sweet hair would just be... gross."

Baby ♥
view full collection here.

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random infatuation

1) Random quotes, pretty girls & cosmic charms 2) baby soft undies 3) DIY feather wingblades 4) Pretty in Pink, Jon Cryer reminds me of GG, lol.

Sigh, meow sigh meow.
Follow my tweets? No, okay I'll update you. 8.30am till now.

  • Leighton and I have kissed, and I’ve banged into her teeth. I think that hurt her a little bit. I was clumsy ! ” — Ed Westwick
  • tak sangka i ordered RM60 worth of tat nenas & batang buruk for eid. i feel so desperate housewives susan mayer.
  • for the record, ordered the kuihs last month without thinking. there's more .......
  • retweet with ♥ RT: @farizalice: Common culture & history. Spread the love not hatred.
  • “ I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it. Audrey Hepburn -- remind me of @telurikan, heh.
  • shiny toy guns.
  • o/m/g two more balang of tat nenas just arrived for me, and one balang of kuih suji. ... HELLZYEAHLUNCH!
  • and i don't even know kuih suji tu apa.
  • @sarahistheone someone is in looooove ;)
  • I’m all for being in love and whenever I like someone, I end up pretty much completely smitten. ” — Ed Westwick
  • wants to rewatch GG season 1 & 2 but just remembered i haz no laptop no more.. tart, this is depressing.
  • @sarahistheone http://leloveimage.blogspot...
OK, now you can follow my tweets! :)

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Leighton Meester & Ed Westwick(!!!!♥!!!!) in Korea's Ask Enquired.

Who else is as excited as me for Gossip Girl Season 3?! Can't wait to see Blair & Chuck's relationship finally evolves into what we all want. Chuck/Ed is so hot, nuff said.

UPDATE on the robbery case, the police said there were only partial fingerprints and it's not enough. Asked whether they're willing to come down again and prolly just take a look at my window to see if there's any finger prints and ask for an official statement from housemate (seemingly that she's the only other person in the house it's only normal she should be asked rite? No I'm not accusing her of anything, I just want a formal investigation), the policeman snorted and asked whether I saw any fingerprints on the window, and in a way lazily said no to me... Told me to find any pious ustaz that could help me, told me to pray and such.. I mean thanks for the suggestions but I was sorta disappointed that he doesn't seem to be of any help at all. Yes, the policemen of our country. Thank God we have 'em.

Hmmpfft anyways.. Saw a giant red half moon in the sky last nite, creeps the hellz outta me :[

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Song Bird

"I feel drained thematically if I'm in the city too long. I think that when I'm in nature—for example, I went to Big Sur last year on a road trip and just looking up and seeing dark shadows of trees and starry skies really gets me and makes me feel happy. I would sit right by the sea, and any time I have been a bit stuck I will go for a long walk along the ocean and it's just really good to see vast horizons, I think, and epic, huge, all-encompassing visions of nature really humble you and give you a good sense of perspective and the fact that you are just a small particle of energy that is vibrating along with everything else". Natasha "Bats for Lashes" Khan

i have a wee bit girl crush on her. /shy

jewels in a dark crown;

theshoplifters: neue fashion updated!

Designs by Mouton Collet / Tobias Wistisen / Philippe Roucou
all guys should subscribe to this.

Been playing Paramore's cover of Use Somebody (Kings of Leon) on repeat. Is it weird that I like it more than the original KOL's version? But KOL is still forever sexy in my heart / eyes / ears, I can't decide.

"I've been roaming around, I was looking down at all I see
Painted faces fill the places I can't reach
You know that I could use somebody
You know that I could use s o m e b o d y"

"Someone like you

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Sharp Focus

theshoplifters: neue fashion updated!

& the fashion show continues;

Vogue AUS Oct 2009 / Photography - Terry Richardson / Model - Lily Donaldson /Fashion Editor - Elissa Santisi
scanned by Love More

Sorry for the previous outburst, I'm feeling slightly better now. All I have to do is not talk about it or think about it. I've been living as a nomad for the last couple o' days and probably will do so till end of the month. Already found a room in an apartment at a gated community, probably a better, safer place to stay till next year, moving in end of this month. Been snooping around at furniture shops too -- (needs to buy new mattress & railings for the new place), trying not to remember things, trying to live the life, heh.

Can't wait to move out and start life all over again, especially doing the interior decorating part haha!


p/s: thank you for all the nice kind words people.