What I love most about events like this is that I get to meet old & new friends, in their busy life (who am I to say I'm busy, my life is on pause right now :P) it's hard to find time for yourself and sometimes dates get canceled and relationships grow apart or basically becomes more digitized through twitter / facebook. So to remind ourselves of human contacts, we attend events such as this and rekindle that happy feeling when we get to laugh around & enjoy actual human's company. Gosh I just sound sad! But isn't it just plain true?

Hijab & inner scarf - local night market; Tied it up without using any pins at all! ;)
Sheer crocheted top - Topshop, a gift from Adriani when she came to visit me in the hospital. She's an abundance of joy & kindness all wrapped in one. Bringing me clothes + scarfs + fashion magazines 0n her visit, she even said sorry for not being able to find a leopard print ballet flats (coz I tweeted about wanting one at that time) so instead she bought me a leopard print scarf. This top is actually a long top as can be seen below. A lookbook photo Adriani found & emailed me before ;)
Dark blue tee worn inside - Winkstick blogshop
High-waisted harem pants - Pumpkin blogshop
Python print studded belt - The Shoplifters
Bag - The Bags Galore blogshop
Shoes same as previous look.

Geng srikembangiputraj'ans sans Kish

With Baby comel.

Jezmine, Maria Elena, Yani, Yanny, Shea & me.

Trust me the place was jam packed! Although there were only a few vendors as this is an exclusive fashion bloggers flea market but everyone sure did brought their game on, every single booth was filled up to the brims with stuffs and goodies and there were soooo many people it was hard to move around without knocking the elbows or heads (of the people who were sitting down on the table in the middle of Fat Spoon). I only manage to buy one top from Hui Wen & Hui Jing sisters :) We rounded up that place about 3 times with a strategy of 'divide & conquer' lol. And then giving up, was thirsty & hungry so we headed to Wondermilk for food.

My first time hanging out with Maria Elena & Shea. Shea is just super cute and smiles a lot, I'm envious with her flawless complexion whilst Maria Elena is just super funny. I haven't laughed that much for so long my jaws hurt!

Also! A photo with my favorite fashion blogger - Mas Angelina. Isn't she's just fabulous? :)

All in all I had fun, and I wished I had said yes to Joyce when she emailed me to join the event. Alas, maybe next time you guys get to raid my closet!


  1. I iz jelos! So much funnnnnn. Everyone looking sooo goood.

  2. ami!! meh cni u pulak nk kena pelukan hangat i..hahaha..
    thanx ami! so fun meeting u,finally!
    cant wait for maysaa,iA! :DD

  3. @anna, why is u no come? lama tak jumpa! hehe

    @shea, awwwwwww sweet!

  4. just made me cry again
    terharu.... :')

    Serious happy gila tgk u boleh pakai the top...and i super like the way you style it like that! <3
    mula2 takut besar for you bila baca you tweeted mentioning you've lost a lot of weight....

    Thanks soo much tau for making my day by not only wearing the top but also teman me shop shop and chit chat...must definitely do this again!!!!!! <3

    and pls next time join lah jual barang tau tau tau...promise i'll help you out carrying stuff and setting up the place if you need help and if naz kerja... :)))

  5. tak pernah fail ..u always look gojes ...inspiration to me .. :)

  6. love ur vintage style.


  7. ami...i loving your new style!!! you dress yourself so well :)


  8. so cute larh u guys.....c0mel...hi ami...nice to kn0w u here..

  9. Great ladies with a great carrier :)

  10. wow!it looks like u have so much fun at there!great! :)

  11. @adriani,now u want to make me cry............ why u so nice one?? *hugssssssssssssssss*

    @sha, i tak puas hati sikit ngan look ni. nampak trying too hard pulak rasanya huuu but thx anyway sha. jom2 kita melaram all day long! :P

    @clara, thanks!

    @misz sue, thanks!

    @superumi, getting some pointers from people around me including you :D thanks umi!

    @sue, yep we did have fun. nice to know you too dear :)

    @anastasheeka, carrier as in bag?

    @ifa, thanks dear!

  12. i tak dan nak take a pic with u.duhh.. next time i will make sure dan nak ambik gmbar dgn u..teheee

  13. ohemmmjiiiii...
    i luv the way u put on ur shawl n like ur style..
    I'am following u..
    Do drop at mine too..

  14. @bila, tuh la pasal! jgn lupa ok next time :)

    @anast, oh okay :)

    @syamin, thank u dear :D

  15. i memang mengusha u from the moment you walked in tau. and then i said to shea "eh i suka la her style!". she replied, "tu la ami! you know her blog sputnik sweetheart?"

    i was like

    danngggggg. awesome siottttttt!

    hahaha!! lovely meeting you dear! lets hang out again ya!!! =D

  16. Wow this seems fun! I've always wanted to go to Flea market and meet all the fabulous fashion lover like me lol! You guys look gorgeous :D



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