FEATURED: WHI TV3 for Dream Cloud by Natasha Hudson

On my way to Sri Pentas, TV3 while rockin' my new Alexander McQueen shades which I scored at super low price of RM53! It was on SUPER SALE on Reebonz from RM1k+ to RM250, so glad that I have a credit of RM197. You'll get credits if a friend you invited makes a purchase. So I just bought it at that. Happiest purchase ever, my first McQueen. And so lovin' the ombre detailing ♥
If you want an invite to Reebonz, just leave your email add below! :)

Before the show starts, with Alex Gun (my friend who also works at TV3 as fashion stylist), Tasha & Didi. Honestly I'm only helping out Tasha since I have free time anyways but she's the best friend ever for still giving me a token of appreciation. Felt like I want to cry at that moment itself huahua *drama queen*

Wow, what's with the face AMI? Chill ~_~" Oh! On my left is a model for Kak Farah, love the abaya, perfect for formal events. Whilst Tasha's brand DREAMCLOUD's top & hijab can be used for a more relaxed wear :)

Kak Farah who was a famous singer with the song Bagaikan Putri back in the 90s has also started her own store & clothing line. So inspiring to see these celebs going into muslimah fashion ♥

My first time seriously modeling on TV, if it was someone else I would've probably turned down the offer but since Tasha is a friend I mean why not right? It wasn't so bad after all.. Only that I don't really know where to look at lol.. More funny faces down below -_-"

Standing beside the real model Didi ofcourse I felt tiny, who wouldnt! Hahahahahaha *nervous laugh* how pretty are Kak Farah's models? Lookin' uber sweet in their abayas.

Thanks to Lily Diana for snapping these photos for me ♥

Pic snapped by Nisbatul again! The sweetest gal ever for watching me on WHI. Puffy cheeks reprezentin'! I love my make-up that day, okay I did my own makeup but the wonderful TV3 makeup artist accentuated my eyebrows and did my eyeliner, basically some much needed touch-ups. 

And I love the purplish mauve lip color I used from this Sephora set Naz gifted me for my birthday ♥
Tiba2 cakap pasal mekap, eh!

Anyways, after the show; with Kak Farah & her model and Tasha ♥

Bought these books from Dakwah Corner bookstore in Seksyen 14 PJ, thanks to Tasha for introducing me to this bookstore. Sooo many good things! ♥

My beloved sister who always reminds me to take extra care of myself, reminds me of beauty of Islam and how insignificant we are in the world. Love you Tasha sweetie ♥♥♥

Myspace shot hewhewhew XD

So in looove with my new H&M textured pants ♥ ♥ ♥

And ofcourse by my new love tribal batik wedges from Calaman! So comfy & light ♥

Going back to my hometown for a few days :)
Net scarf OLD BLOSSOM BOX / Peplum blazer @yaypeach instagram / Pants H&M / Tribal Batik Wedges CALAMAN / Polkadot tote bag, door gift from Aldo event / Crown bag tag, ADR for H&M, doorgift from H&M event / Elle luggage bag, lucky draw from Parkson event.

Luna Skye from dreamcloud on Vimeo. Styling by me ♥

Luna Breeze from dreamcloud on Vimeo. Styling by me ♥

LOL at this! Thanks dD for the snap, jelingan manja namanya hahahaha XD

Anyways to find out more about Dream Cloud by Natasha Hudson;
INSTAGRAM: @natashahudson & @dreamcloudbynh



EVENT: H&M KL Grand Opening VIP Night

The night of the opening party! Me & Lin decided to fancy up a lil and paid for a makeup service at Isetan, Lot 10. The only counter who does make-up service was Shu Uemuera but I wished I didn't do it there... Bad idea...

I liked Lin's make-up though, she was wearing my H&M scenery print sweater & watercolour print skirt she called Ombak Rindu ~_~". Hence the colors for eyeshadows should be around that, like light green, pastel yellow & blue. Lin's make-up was done by Chanel girl because the Shu girl was taking way too long to finish doing mine. My bad for not complaining at all to the Shu girl about my makeup along the way coz I was afraid it would take more time to finish everything and we would be late, well we were late in the end but the party was open ended so there was no qualms there. Next time I'll just do my own makeup, I'm already wearing smoky eyes on a daily basis anyways *_*

Details; was blinged out top to toe by H&M! ♥ ♥ ♥

VIPs' lining up to get in, on the red carpet.

My red carpet moment snapped by Akma ♥

3 LEVELS of H&M GOODNESS! Elevator to the second floor and stairs to the 3rd floor. We only went to the 1st & 2nd, gonna have to bring Naz the next time I come coz the 3rd floor is the Men's & Kids floor hihi ♥

Anyways as you can see, the place was jam-packed with people. All the celebrities & fashion people you know & might not know (people who worked behind the limelight) and their friends. It was like a big shopping gathering!
My loves / shopping buddies: Akma, Kish, Jezmine, Lin, Tita & Yani ♥

In the hustle & bustle of shopping, there will always be time to be vain. GIRLS

With dear friend Nick of, the first street style photographer who spotted me at Chic Pop Bazaar early 2011 during my early days of donning hijab (and fresh outta hospital after 5/6 months of chemo cycle). He was really smart to spot out hijabi for his street style snaps. True fashion confidante now ♥

My sweetest gal Adriani Adnan, can you believe that she's a mom now? Why do my friends grow up so fast, LOL XD

Fashion designer Zakwan Anuar, love love love what he's wearing! Oh my Hermes! ♥

MadMarkets at H&M with the super gorgeous Hanis Jalikha hihi, thanks for saying hi doll! ♥

With the man Flizzow, first met him at Nike event and he still remembers me. Well I shall forever be starstruck despite the fact he follows me on twitter since that Nike event haha. Will be waiting up for that event you're gonna do man! 

Glitter sandwich with tweed patty LOL!

Jiman Casablancas, the man who doesn't need any introduction.

This boy it's like a lil brother to me now, Ridhuan of Tukang Tangkap Foto Gembira Anda (yeah I know, catchy!) or TTFGA. Budding street style photographer :)

Baby girl Yuna Zarai who is obviously don't look like one haha, as usual super tall and pretty. So glad I could catch you even for a few minutes before you leave again today. Thanks for saying hi to me and all the best love ♥

Tabatha, H&M stylist from Japan who helped me chose & prep my outfit for the opening night. She was super nice & pretty too. Hope I get to meet you again girl, maybe in H&M Tokyo? Hahah ;)

Man of the hour, Amri Rahim. Thanks for the invites man! ♥

Outside H&M Lot 10 that night, with my girl Lin ♥

Empire State of Mind was playing in the background at this moment, the closest to feeling like it's New York shopaholic moment, well as of right now it is. Heh!

Thanks for the outfit sponsor H&M! Truly felt like a star thanks to you guys ♥
Sweater / Necklace / Pants / Boots / Ring / Clutch, all H&M.

And these are the items I got from H&M:
GIFTED: Glitter Sweater / Glitter Pants / Leather Clutch / Earrings / Necklace / Ring / Boots. SECOND OUTFIT: Scenery Sweatery  / Gradient Textured Pants (which I also love from the sneak preview)
BOUGHT: Silk floral print pants & scenery print midi maxi dress ♥

Close-up ♥

DOORGIFT!!! Anna Della Russo x H&M crown bag tag & leather passport cover. Can't wait for the global launch of ADR x H&M on October 4th ♥

Sigh, all in all it was super fun. A night to remember and I am definitely coming back for more of H&M items regardless of what people might say about it. 


More pics in my facebook!

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Behind The Scene: Fitting at H&M for VIP Night

Hey! Let's tell the story chronically, this is me 2 days prior to H&M KL Grand VIP opening night happily going out for a fitting at H&M Showroom. A month ago they decided to sponsor me with clothes to wear that night, MY FIRST TIME EVER BEING SPONSORED CLOTHES TO A VIP NIGHT (wait, lemme think.... hmmm by an international brand? YEAH A FIRST!) YEAY!! Can't tell ya how super stoked that I was, totally highlight of my year as a fashion blogger.

My first outfit choice, they remembered that I LOVED the pants from the H&M Media Preview! The sweetest bunch ♥ Ofcourse I love love love the sweater too but back then I know I would never fork out RM400 for a sweater regardless of how much bling it has *cries in the shower*

The second outfit choice was this fur cardigan with metal belt & black harem pants. I looove fur as well but seeming that the night gonna be crowded and all I suppose that wouldnt be the best of choice. The fur cardi was going for RM150 or something. Plus my small frame looked drowning in it. To be worn somewhere cold, well that's the dream (and hoping not to look like Cookie Monster!)

Trying on the fit, complete with boots. Boots was super comfy, except that I wished I wore it with socks to prevent abrasion on my legs from it's zipper that night. Something to remember. Boots was around RM120. Wanted a pair of pumps but they had no choice to give me since the rest of their items are already reserved for other celebrities or special guests. No I'm not complaining, I MEAN COME ON FREE STUFFS! XD

I can choose the accessories to go with the outfit as well! Already had the earrings clipped on, and saw that leather clutch. It also has a metal chain strap inside, on sale for RM249 okay this one I remember the price. Hiks!

They wanted to take a photo of full look, so this was it :)

Blings *_*

Cat mask I think it was selling for around RM30, but it's not yet available in store.

Rainbow glitter pumps, totally loving this but it's not yet to be released. ZOMG CANT WAIT!

Thanks Yani, I love over exposed photos. Can barely see that gorgeous floral dress, but I bet you can tell that it's TDF! Can wear as baju kurung some more tau!


Lin made that cute face and later asked to borrow that sweatshirt from me to wear for the VIP Night. Yep, H&M guys made a surprise and let me chose ANOTHER outfit to keep. Alhamdulillah rezeki... Nasib baik Lin buat muka cute there, rasa nak lempang lol!

HAPPY FACES, for the first time ever I felt like Andy Torres or Carolina Engman in real life! Thank you so so much H&M for the sponsorship! ♥♥♥

WHAT I WORE: Sugarscarf scarf / Retro shades / Necklace Vincci / Sweater Old Blossom Box / DIY handcuff with wired headband & brooch / Pants ZARA / Bag Charles & Keith

Shall continue with photos of the opening night & what items I got from H&M in the next entry. And good news of the week guys!
So happy that I'm chosen! Guess One To Watch official international blogger :O
Alhamdulillah syukur ♥

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