HOW to post LARGE photos in BLOGGER

Actually, the secret to posting larger photos than the ones allowed by standard blogger size is by hosting it somewhere else and uploading the URL.

  1. Upload your photo of choice to any IMAGE HOST site eg. Photobucket, Flickr, Tinypic and etc. I will demonstrate using Photobucket.

  2. Under the large UPLOAD button, click OPTIONS. A window will pop-up, you may choose any size you intend to resize your photo to. Take note that smaller sized picture will not be enlarged even if you chose to pick the largest option possible. I choose 640px (width) x 480px (height), which I think is the perfect width for my blog. The only thing that matters most is the width.

  3. Once uploaded, for Photobucket, hover over the image and copy the item in DIRECT LINK textbox.

  4. From DASHBOARD > click New Post > click the ADD IMAGE button on the taskbar.

  5. Paste the url you got from the DIRECT LINK into URL textbox on the right side of the window. And hit UPLOAD IMAGE

  6. And voila!

MK Olsen collage by Fashion Chalet at tfs.

Basically, you need to upload it somewhere else and re-'upload' the url on blogger. You can even upload the photos to your blog from photos that you've already uploaded on your Facebook! (does that make sense?)

To get the url of your Facebook photos just right-click and copy image URL:
And proceed the above procedure all over again.

If your blog is smaller than the photos, keep on resizing it till you see which can fit perfectly on your blog.

Hope that helps and good luck trying!