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GIRL CRUSH: Olivia Palermo is your real live Blair Waldorf

A few more days to the B I G day, I've removed the ticker of how many days left coz it's suffocating me somehow - x days is too little o'time. Stopped reading much into other bride-to-bes' blog to avoid frustration and panic attack. Pimple has subsided, by using Oxy, probably gonna leave a scar but that's better than a bump. Printed our engagement photos and bought a huge black album at RM38, purrdy cheap. Have to print a 12R sized photo though. And have to get a guest book. Tonight we're gonna pick up our solemnization outfit from Nurul MIMPI KITA. Did I tell you she's lending me her lovely Nine West heels coz it suits the dress oh so well. So kind that lady, didn't expect that. She even gave me a sketch book with lovely sketches of my solemnization outfit ♥ so sweet & unexpected too. Gonna have mani/pedi with girlfriends - visit the girls at Wedding Gathering Bazaar this Saturday - hair trimming at Replacement - threading - a friend's wedding at Klang this Sunday then off to Perak. Oh mommy. Anyways, had a lengthy discussion about the make-up the other day and honestly it wasn't as bad as I made it seem ( I only looked at the photos of the make-up session last weekend, a full week after). So I was being bloody paranoid for nothing, granted there were a few touch-ups needed here & there since I am such a fussy person anyways. But overall I think he can achieve what I want. Even Naz was dumbfounded about what I was so sad/mad/paranoid about. Eheh.

Nervous? You have no idea. Okay you probably do.

p/s: Wedding Gathering Bazaar walk-in payment is only RM3 (without hi-tea), watchu waiting for?!

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