Wedding PREP {u p d a t e}

Sorry for the low quality photos, Naz took away my Lumix to Japan.

DIY my hantaran last Saturday:
Used RM5 large ceramic plate as base (budget bride) , cute lil paper roses, heart shape diamantes, and this wouldn't happen without the help from dearest office mates - Kak Gee & Iylia. Love these guys so much!

I didn't DIY my buttonaires as planned due to time constraint :(
Bought cute lil flowers and glued on the pin at the back. Also added on blue ribbon & beads for his family, theme color black+white+blue. My family is even simpler, purple roses made of straws. And can be re-used as brooches afterwards :)

Solemnization Outfit by:

Here's a sneak preview of the top, early sketch is in here:
I love it soo soo much! I really felt like a fairytale princess in it, pearls & grey beaded neckline, lace patches all over the hem and a lil bit on the sleeve and and lil bits of pearls on the laces - OH MY GOD. I was literally floating when I tried it on, granted there were a few adjustments needed to be done but I'm sure Mimpi Kita can ace it anyways. I love love love it soo much ♥ ♥ ♥

But I haven't seen the long skirt part, tonight hopefully I get to wear the whole set. And I also asked Nurul to make me the veil since she's doing such a great job so I'm trusting her to do it. There were balances from the lace I gave her, so that will be used for the veil. I'm thinking something simple like this:

The veil the veil! But I'm not sure yet about the length coz I'm afraid if it would be too much with all the lace patches on the top & skirt. Will discussed it with Nurul tonight. And I'm gonna buy sort of tudung Ariani and wear the veil like this (EDIT: but tucked in to show the gorgeous neckline):

EDIT yet again: Just text-messaged Nurul, she postponed our meet-up to Thursday night (due to unforeseen circumstances) :((((

Beautiful Sab on her solemnization day, love it ♥

Peep Toe White Heels:
From Yunique Paradise, it arrived last Saturday. But it was off-white!!!!!! Not white as in the photo. If I had wanted an off-white heels, I would've bought off-white heels! Darn it I'm so pissed! But I might just wear it anyways coz 24 days left and I couldn't care less. But if anything else goes wrong, I swear I'd scream from the top of my lungs even Naz in Japan can hear it. Takut tak?

Sad.... :'(