So many things to do, so little time;

  • Pick and choose & print out engagement photos, buy albums & frames.
  • Design signboard and send to printing company. DESIGNED!
  • Send thank you tags to printing company (!!!!!!!!!)
  • Wedding playlist, suggestions please! ♥
  • Buy guestbook!
  • Call up Clarins for facial appointment. Yay! Home counter is always fully booked, menci. Booked at Jusco MV on 28th and after that balik kampung for ze wedding the next weekend.
  • Buy lotion, contact lens solution & grey lens, or brown lens or grey? :[
  • Buy more ceramic plates (two more) and more cute flower buttonaires for family, friends do you wanna wear 'em too? :)
  • Sister has finally come around and wanna help deco bilik pengantin a lil bit. Alhamdulillah.
  • Make my own design portfolio, I am my own worst nightmare client. There's so much that I want and not want it's really hard to start designing. *smacks self* I love sleek & simple design though.
  • Pedi & medi, girlfriends occasion fo sho this one.
  • Update my resume.
  • Program lists for the BIG DAY, and job responsibilities for family members & relatives.
  • Hair trimming, REPLACEMENT still owes me RM55/RM52. Can't remember!
  • Shit, haven't posted my bridesmaid fabric. Eek sorry Wynn! Gonna do it asap.
  • Guests - fb page (sorry I really do have to limit our invites :( sad.. ), addresses, stamps, post the cards out.
  • Wedding cake confirmation. Oh my.. Does anybody know any good wedding cake baker in Ipoh?
  • Oh make our deposit payment to Bliss Candid, our chosen photographer. Must remember to do this, but Naz said wait for him to come back which is next week yo!
  • Renting out my mannequin for the upcoming Wedding Gathering Bazaar. Her name is Sundae and she's a size S, any takers?

3 weeks to go, people.