Wedding Woes

So anyways, I actually had my second fitting for all three dresses last Sunday - on the day that I'm suppose to have my make-up test/trial. Honestly though, two of the dresses are not up to my expectations. I know they say this is not fully done yet but after like trusting someone so much and hearing them rave so much about how beautiful the dresses are, you kinda put your hopes up too high. And I *think* I've been nothing but a good customer, I pay on time whenever they needed and most importantly I give them my utmost trust.

And the make-up? I wasn't even ready...... point is I'm not satisfied. I don't want to be transformed. I want to be myself, but enhanced! (is that somebody's tagline I stole? eh eh eh).

But we still have time, they still have time to enhance my dresses and tone down on the foundations. Gonna have a lil talk with all the respective people. I'm the one paying, I should have my say, no?

And I still have time to calm down my senses and kill the pimple on my cheek. Such a nuisance!