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I swore I found this exact same sofa at Alamanda last weekend, but it was in leather. Turn off.

Went out on a date with Sarah (aka @sarahistheone) after the trial/test make-up calamity. I had soo many leftovers of spaghetti since none who came had the chance to ate it since everyone had to rush someplace else. So I invited Sarah and we chatted a little while eating the spaghetti before jetting off in her silver car to catch a movie at Alamanda. Swear to God it could have been over a month or two that I haven't watched a movie in the cinema - feels like it. Alice In Wonderland was in no way available on a Sunday except for the front rows. We watched Book Of Eli instead, it was okay. Quite unexpected twist about the book and about Eli. And the girl was hot too, eheh. Sarah said she's a Jolie lookalike. True.

Have anyone watched Remember Me? People are giving mixed reviews for Alice in Wonderland, but I don't care gonna watch it with baby boo once he's back this Saturday ♥

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