REVAMPED: Old Blossom Box

You know, I like the word VAMP, Vampire, Edward Cullen....... Robert Pattinson *swoons*

Anyways! Yesterday during lunch time I received a text message from Jezmine asking me how to upload large photos to blogger. And since I don't think it'll be any good to answer through limited character messages I asked whether she was online anywhere. So yeah she was on FB Chat. After a few minutes trying to explain things to her, she just offered me to revamp her layout and insisting on paying. Sure, I was glad to since I am on a roll right now [been doing graphic stuffs at home when I should be concentrating on my wedding preparation... oh boy, graphic stuffs? That just came out wrong]

I promised I'll get it done by Friday next week but after about 1.5 day(s) tweaking here & there, I manage to get it done in a jiffy! Honestly it's a rather mini project but nevertheless I'm glad Jezmine loved it - she wanted it to be clean & cute. Clean & cute it is then ;)

Inspired by an English icecream parlour which was an inspiration for her shop's deco.

Check it out: Old Blossom Box Store

I've also sorta shamelessly created a business card for my soon to launch online portfolio *cough cough puke cough*

Tagline: repairs all kind of small and medium bugs only!

I honestly don't know what yet to call myself haha and Naz came up with that coz he said I can be;

freelance graphic designer (I'm actually an IT kid, who was taught programming languages, not photoshop)
freelance wedding consultant (waaaa, really ha??)
freelance tukang masak (I can't cook! -_-")

fulltime wife (coming soon alrite baybeh)

Gonna go update my resume! Mechanics? Mechanic? I'll repair THAT soon!

p/s: If you're looking to revamp or create a new website, email me at