Rise of the Planet of Apes

Have you watched this movie? Honestly I wasn't feeling like watching it the first time I saw the trailer, it's an animal movie - will it get anymore different? Well then, glad I changed my mind after reading up everyone's tweet about it. Some even say it's much better than Transformers and 'some-other-hyped-movie' COMBINED! What got me more intrigued was that Jezmine tweeted saying it was a sad movie. I wondered why............

I prepared myself if in anycase I would be sad and cry. And oh my God I did, infact I cringed and cried through and through. I despise all the animal cruelty that happened throughout the movie, although those animals weren't real (CGI animation right?) but the feeling it evoke was as real as it can be. I can relate on how Caesar doesn't want to be treated as a pet, because he's as genius as a human being! And when all the apes fought with the humans, couldn't help but feel bad for both sides. I don't want the apes to get hurt, neither do I want the humans to die. Felt like watching the Gulf War and being helpless! If you get what I mean..

Anyways I have to agree, Rise of the Planet of Apes is probably the best movie of the year! And oh hot damn who can deny the hotness of James Franco ;)

Next, Cowboy and Aliens! Can't get over the title! Too funny!! XD