Was fortunate enough to be chosen as one of the team to join SYTYCS organized by Tongue in Chic and Parkson Pavillion on 23rd July 2011. We were told to pick-up random items under 10 chosen racks in Pavillion under 7 minutes (maximum 6 items) and style them using our own accessories & shoes within 10 minutes. Really glad we picked up all these pieces; black lace jacket + blue bow top layered under + flirty chiffon orange dress + purple jumpsuit we twisted into a turban + the edgy colorful bag. Using our own accessories I think we did a pretty good job - it was on trend (color-block) and it was elegant with a bit of edge. We got into top 5 as chosen by professional judges but didn't got into top 3 because it was based on cheering by crowd. Ah well, I think I had a great time with Aishah & Diana and each of us got this Femme by Boss perfume to bring home anyways! Been using it everyday honestly ;)

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