My Experience with Naza World: Blues vs Tigers

Random photos from the day of Chelsea vs. Malaysia game.
Some photos are courtesy of Naza World official photographer of the day.

I know I know, football is so last week but I've been caught up with work I had no chance at all to blog not even tweet as much as I used too. But this is one of those events that I had given a chance to be part of, that I will never ever forget in my life. Free grandstand tickets to the game, I have never ever been to any game in the National Stadium and I was pretty pschyed to watch our national team play against one of the big guns in football! We were all gathered at Naza World PJ and got a chance to meet SM Faisal in person, along with wife and cute kid. He was very nice and shook hands with most of us when we were all introduced, unlike the hype of VVIP being egoistic or 'sombong'; he's nothing like that. Even his wife was very nice & humble :)

Before we went to the stadium, the organizer a.k.a cutesy pie Helenness & lanky Leonard bought each and every one of us McDonald set incase we got hungry before the game. And we went aboard a bus reserved for us from Naza World to Stadium Bukit Jalil, escorted by policeman in big motorbikes. Talk about VIP treatment! This was my first time seeing all the traffic being pushed away by the policemen to allow us pass by. Usually I'd be the one on the side of the road being pushed away but haha now I know how it feels like to be the other way around. We know a lot of people were quite angry because it was peak hour at that time and the traffic jam was crazy without us adding oil to the fire. Ahh well :P

Seated at the Grand Stand area, we could see the game going on pretty well from our seats. Although this was my first time attending a live game in the National Stadium, honestly I wished Chelsea had put in a little bit more effort into the game coz the game looked a lil bit boring? Maybe it's just me from my amateur eyes. Or maybe our national team was really good at defending but lost on the second half when  Drogba kicked a goal. Good game boys, good game!

After the game was finished we were all escorted back to Naza World with the policemen. There ends our VIP treatment, ahh we certainly went back home wishing for them to escort us back home as well but one can only wish. All in all, we had a great time. My husband was so happy he got to see his favorite football team play and I'm happy when he's happy. Thank you so much Naza World for the opportunity!

And I heard that Naza World committed to support the local Sports Tourism and are all for healthy lifestyles hence their Sponsorship as Official Transporter and Logistics for ChelseaFC as well as the Official Transporter + Logistics + Jersey for the ongoing first ever Sepaktakraw World Cup happening at Stadium Titiwangsa 21 - 24th July 2011 Open to Public + many more future events. 

Did you also saw that team Naza World rolled out with Vespa Malaysia to the game between Singapore & Malaysia. Now that was really something! I wished I joined that but I know one friend who did and he had a blast!

So keep following @Naza_World for firsthand updates/experience!
Thank you Naza World! ♥


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