So yesterday was my birthday, didn't plan anything fancy or extravaganz. I just had a quiet evening with Naz, had iftar at Delicious and he brought home the pavlova coz he said he wanted to. Being me, I was super sleepy and slept like a baby even before it was 12am. And at 12 he woke me up to this lil thing on the coffee table in a dark living room. It was nice, and quaint :)

Honestly though I wasn't expecting anything because I feel grateful enough to be alive and kicking long enough to reach a year older, considering what I've gone through from last year till now. All I want to do is just soak in all the happiness and feel blessed.

Thank you so much to every single one of you who wished me on facebook, twitter, instagram and even writing a blog post wish! You all made me feel so special :) What's even more surprising was that a few people tweeted me saying Kak Noryn Aziz, the beautiful jazz singer mentioned my name during her appearance in Wanita Hari Ini yesterday for segment Turban Style / Gaya Turban. That certainly made my day! I am certainly honored that she would even come down to this bazaar I joined sometime ago to get herself on quite a number of Schanaz Scarf <3

And thanks to Jezmine Blossom, my Schanaz Scarves was initially introduced to Noryn when she styled her for InTrend - Hijabista issue which came out in September 2011. Don't forget to go & get it!
In this cover Kak Noryn is wearing Schanaz Scarf in Canary Yellow ;)
InsyaAllah will restock more Schanaz Scarves after raya.

For my birthday I treated myself to some sale items from ZARA & Diva. I LOVE SALES!
Don't know when I'm gonna wear that choker but it was only RM21 so how can I resist that? Plus, it has really been awhile since I last shopped. Saving up for a trip to the land of Lord of The Ring! ;)


  1. Happy Birthday Ami..Wish you all the best..

  2. happy birthday!may ALLAH bless us all. amin.

  3. this is so belated obviously but Happy Birthday anyway! and we're of the same age actually, go 27! stay strong & happy always :)


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