Fashion: Wrist Wars

A sure fire way to update your basic outfit is by adding on accessories and lately there has been a trend going on that crosses between genders and very versatile according to your mood and personal style: BRACELETS and LOTS of THEM!

Tips or tricks on layering bracelets:
» "Colors and textures! Don't overthink the combo." - Joanna Hillman, Harper's Bazaar
»"I like a good chaotic armful. I think the key however is to make sure they are pretty snug on your wrist, so they aren't all overlapping and piling up on top of one another." - Isabelle Rancier, Refinery29
»"Always mix materials, colors, glam vs. rock, hard vs. soft, ect...More is more. Don't be afraid. Don't match. Pile it on! Most importantly, wear pieces that have meaning to you so that each has a story and reminds you of a moment in time. Then, it doesn't matter how you wear it." - Emily Coppock, Lacoste
» "I constantly change up the Monique Péan bracelets, bangles, and cuffs I wear on my left arm, and I'm never without at least 10 on at any given time. The more the better! I say have fun; mix and match bangles with link bracelets, and you're ready for anything! Arm candy central!" - Catrinel Ardeus, Monique Pean
»"Once they fall off, they're gone forever. Try to mix as much healthy color as possible. Bracelets should be fun!" - Alan Eckstein, Timo Weiland

Here's my version of my arm candies;

Check out some of these local online shops that sells varieties of bracelets & bangles, I get mine mostly from DIVA and local shops though.
1. PERTE (handmade jewelry) 2. SOAK REPUBLIC 3. FashionValet
4. TiCSTORE 5. ZIKKOS & for Casio watches 6. URBAN-RETRO

If you feel like you already have enough to start a wrist war, why not DONATE some of those cash?Check out Islamic Relief Malaysia on how you can help make someone's life better, trust me it feels good to help, even from afar;

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  1. oh lengan tieha kecik...susah nak carik gelang yang padan....sedih kan?

  2. i love Diva too! It would be great if they open another branch at Alamanda..oh, happy belated birthday to you and God bless! :)

  3. Loving all the pictures! But I have to say I'm not a big fan of a loaded wrist- I only wear a watch, simply because it's not practical with a lot of writing/typing to wear all those bracelets! But they look great :)


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