Collage of Outfits

Been so busy and uninspired to post my own outfit shots, hence been playing around with polyvore! I've registered for an account 4 years ago but only recently that I learned how to use it creatively. Plus, it was Nina Hidayat from MSN Life & Style who literally pushed me to it :P I was asked to write an article for styling tips for Raya so I used Polyvore to collage my ideas :)

Anyways here are some of the sets I've made;

and last but not least, re-invented an old outfit of mine :)

I also have some polyvore inspiration for Aidilfitri outfits but I guess you can take a look of that in my polyvore page and also in MSN Life & Style article which will be published in the future. Thanks Nina for the opportunity! Anyways, do you guys have polyvore too? How active are you? Add me up!

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