Featured: TV-AlHijrah

Me and Eyqa with Irma Hasmie, celebrity and host of the program Assalammualaikum.

Was invited to TV-AlHijrah (Astro channel 114) under the programme Assalammualaikum on Sunday morning 24th July. The other girls who were invited is Jezmine presenting Old Blossom Box, Shea & Adriani for Pastelina, Eyqa for Sugarscarf and me for Shop SputnikSweetheart! We mostly talked about selling clothes online and what type of fashion or style closest to our heart. Thank you so much to Ili & Liyana for thinking of us and inviting us over. I was really nervous but looking back to the recording my brother in law took of me I looked kinda okay :P Alhamdulillah.. This was also my first time meeting youtube star Najwa Latif, she was really nice & sweet girl and only 16 years old!

Once again, thank you TV-AlHijrah for inviting us over ♥

I was wearing Schanaz Scarf in Mossy Green from Shop SputnikSweetheart  and tribal print dress as top, vintage piece from Sunny Side Closet.

But my most favorite photo of the day was this, a shot taken by Aishah of me + husband :))