WIWT: Baring B A C K

Maxi skirt, from left to right: Giovanna Bataglia, a piece from Stella McCartney Resort 2010, Sasha Pivovarova in a piece of Yigal Azrouƫl, Miranda Kerr, Mary Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen and back to Giovanna.

All photos in this particular entry is taken using Nokia E72, sorta love the grainy effect.Don't be hatin'.
What? Booooooooooooooooooooring! Even my face looks bored.

Why hello lacy back, say what now? Black maxi dress from Ladies Fash, white laced back from I can't remember where I bought this, RM2 low sling studded belt, a bag I'm using again - full fringed bag.

I have two phones now, still using the old Sony Ericsson for my Maxis but the E72 is used for free wifi browsing & spontaneous picture time - I shouldn't be using it anyway coz it's part of the wedding gifts/hantaran.

The belt.

The bag, it was once so popular everywhere I go people would ask where did I bought it.

Most recent purchase, haven't been shopping non-wedding-related items in a while. Gonna wear this for my friend's wedding. She strictly wants her friends to wear red+black. So gotta find a black sarong or batik. Bought this from Oh My Clothes.

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  1. I suka gila tengok gambar You yang first.

    You nampak matang dan outfit macam best je sedap mata memandang plus ayu whatever lah. And your hair pun ayu-ayu gitu. Love!

  2. Terima kasih Kak Rona, u buat I terharu lagi malu2 kucing. My hair dalam proses simpanan untuk hari perkahwinan, bila dah panjang jadi malas lalu cuma ikat je selalu.

  3. hey u! kenapa bole guna brg hantaran awal2 huh?hu hu hu...xpe.xpe..tak bole tahan kan..he he he..anyway..i love laces..!! dr dulu lg..! and ur outfit this time sangat adorable okay. looks so simple and ayu gitu...rambut harus messy2 gitu..ala-ala ditiup angin sepoi2 language org kata.. :)

  4. Love this post :)
    Great blog!
    Stop by some time xx

  5. LOve the detailing on the back of your blouse :)

  6. Ms Silent, ahahahaha rambut kamu pun boleh buat camtu pe. rambut u lagi panjang dan ayu gitu.... i love laces tooo! pakai lace ka sabtu nih?

  7. While I second Rhona, I really think the spectacles suit your face. Nampak fresh and artistic.

    Hehe. I've been a reader of urs since waaaay back. This is my first comment ever though.

    Hi! *blush*

  8. Hello Z :D

    I do know that you link me coz well the incoming traffic, thanks for that though! Don't get the nerdy wrong but that's a prescription glass.. true that, i'm semi blind -_-. i always hated wearing glasses coz they make my nose look big (okay dah memang besar, nak salahkan speck la pulak kan) and to avoid looking like a nerd :P

    But fresh & artistic? Ouh weeee, I LIKE. thank you very much for the compliment :D

  9. xde idea nak pakai ape lg...gegirl keliruuuuuu! ;p baju tunang? kebaya nyonya? atau top kebaya n jeans sahaja? ;(

  10. owh that tops mcm Topshop punya back

  11. love the look!

  12. @miss silent, baju tunang warna apa? pakai je warna pape pun.. anggap korang xtau je hehehhehe

  13. @Tee, haah betulla! terlupa pulak macam Topshop hehe ;)

  14. love the first look of the first batch! your shirt and belt are awesome

  15. the back of your top is soooo stunning!


  16. great photos! and love your belt!

  17. this outfit is DARLING.

    that skirt the dress the lace!

    loving it all

  18. love the back of the shirt


  19. I love this look!!! You look so beautiful, and I really love this long skirt, with the loose shirt, so incredible ;)

  20. thanks for the lovely comments you guys :))))

  21. hey dear..just wondering..the red lace top u bought from Oh My Clothes..u matched it with black sarong/batik right for ur friend's wedding? can i have a look at ur pic wearing it? i just wanna get ideas cuz i intend to wear more or less like yours but still couldn't get the picture. hope u dont mind sharing it with me


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