Is still a long way to go right?

Reception Dais
  • I have nothing else to add but turns out Naz's side will be doing the same design of dais, damask damask no more. Stress, sad, stress, sad.
  • Will it be weird or boring if both events have the same design of dais? And from the talk of his bridal house, looks like theirs will be much more grandiose than mine.
  • Should I feel intimidated? Should I change the design now? I still want to keep my theme as sweet & shy with white bases and lilac & mauve as the accompanying colors.
  • Got a pair of lace umbrella from Naz's bridal house, only RM15 rent for two pieces! Worth it :D
Solemnization Dais
  • Bought the pillows and white table. Needed to buy laces or something to attach at the edge of the pillow because we bought plain colored square pillows. Naz bought something before asking me and when he showed me the lace, I tried as hard as I can to suppress the bridezilla in me. But he saw it anyways and we're gonna buy something else to replace the not so nice lace he bought, so sorry dear.
  • Yash already gave me her white fur carpet. Thanks love. Not sure yet what to do with it.
  • Will probably make more pomander balls to throw around the dais. Gonna check out Semua House tonight :| Thanks to this sweet lady for her write-up.
  • I'm gonna do everything on my own, it's gonna be fairly simple (mostly coz I suck at crafting -_-)
  • Tiny beads of pearls, ribbons, felt, and maybe carnations? And nope, not gonna use fresh flowers since I'll be doing it myself so I really don't want to think about dying flowers on my big day.
  • But would it be weird using carnations for hantaran and roses for all other crafts/dais/bouquet etc?
  • Do both parties really need sirih junjung as hantaran?

  • I'm gonna DIY 'em myself, possibly using craft papers or felt. And some feathers for Naz's side. Yes, I'm gonna do for both events. They're all la familia, why not right?
  • But probably gonna do about 15 special handmades ones and for the helpers/little angels I'll make a simpler felt boutonniere.
  • A special custom-made illustrated buttons for friends, KIV :)
  • Mom has already handed in our forms to Pejabat Agama and we're waiting.
  • Mom is also sewing up the curtains for our old house. All by herself, poor mommy.
  • I need to buy fabrics for mom's outfit for Naz's reception, baby blue with black lace :)
  • We've made our research and we'll be deciding before he goes.
You have no idea how freaking out I am right now, Naz is leaving this Sunday for five weeks and I can't help but cringe that he won't be around at this crucial time.

Family members ...... what? Thanks & thanks for your help.

p/s: Opinions needed pls..

EDIT: Thank you all for the comments & encouragements ♥ I'll definitely call up you guys if I need any help, count on it ;)


  1. ooh wee. congratulations ami! (^_^)

  2. ami dear, i don't think it's weird to use different type of flowers, as long as they're in the same shade of colors. :)

  3. those boutonniere are so cutee

    i didnt even lay a finger on hantaran decoration. cos im lazy like tht -__-

  4. ami, if the dais is likely the same then u should appear different for both side.. my opinion lah.. =)

    and lacey umbrella rent for myr15 soo cheap.. i loiike!! hehe..

    i didnt find any shoe from yunique that fit my solemn la, cos there is one peep to tapi i prefer softer version, yg tu i know 100% gonna cause me blister..

    which one u bought.. i love the other kasut, purple color, i shall see if its match my wedding dress.. thanks ami for the info..

  5. ami, if you need any help bagitau i k! especially when your other half is not around. sian you. you can do it ami! :)

  6. hey ami. dont feel intimidated if your partner's side is more lavish than yours. mesti your side ada something unique right?

    btw, i pun dulu buat everything sendiri for my wedding. didn't get much help from my fam cos semua pun bz. but it all turned out ok in the end. not perfect, but up to my satisfaction. wouldn't change a thing. enjoy your special day to the max!

  7. owh..u really shud freak out by now!hhahaha..i know this is not helping write down those teeny weeny things to do in ur checklist!all the best dear..just remember things will fall into place on ur!:)

  8. woah! that's a lot going on! at least your family is helping out:):)

    good luck with the pre planning and don't tire yourself out so much!

    xx raez

  9. The list seems pretty crazy :)
    I don't know much about weddings but goodluck preparing for that..don't forget to have fun though on the big day!

    re: sure no prob..I'll link you in return :)

    eclectic du jour

  10. i think you just have to trust your bridesmaid especially your pengepit, pengapit or however you spell it. I held that responsibility twice, my cousin managed to keep it together cause we all chipped in to help - like I was in charge of decorating the hantarans and shiznit. Trust me when I say you do NOT want to be alone doing the hantaran, even though it seems like a simple task 3 baskets took us 6 hours to make. Glue gun hurts like a bitch.

    Whatever your decisions, remember that it is YOUR day dear, so if you want to have another dais then dammit have your own. It's your own special day once in a lifetime so have it the way you want it! Keep blogging about your bridezilla stresses please, it's so fun to read =)


  11. first of all, congrats ami!
    been a silent reader of yours for a long time.

    i like the boutonniere idea as i'll be using that as well to replace the old typical flower rosette on my wed day, to mark my family members. i have no idea yet on how to do and what design but i'm sure i can google it somewhere. and oh do you mind doing a tutorial on how you did yours?

    regarding sirih junjung, according to my mom, both parties do not need to have sirih junjung. sirih junjung was initially intended only for guys to bring, what significant meaning it has, i do not know though.

  12. hantaran pun i buat sendiri. buat je ami.. idea akan datang sendiri.

    all the best


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