Bird-Cage V E I L

Tonight, Amir & Alfad (my wedding designers) will reveal the specially made veil that I ordered, I specifically told them I wanted a bird-cage veil with a few things added, since the first time we met that was what I stressed about. I really do hope it would turn out as I expected. Kind of nervous, but today itself Amir called me up a few times to set our meet-up for tonight (apart from taking the measurements for Naz's baju melayu), and he told me how other people who saw the veil at his house gushed and gasped over it's beauty. Hmm, I'm nervous. Until I see the item myself, don't think I can sit tight.

And with that veil on, I'll DIY a bouquet like this for one of the reception.

p/s: check these out: 1, 2 or contact Amir Mirza for your own custom made fascinators/bird cage veil for weddings or parties.

EDIT (veil): I tweeted about how I felt about the veil last night, but the tweet didn't went through. Anyways the veil is lovely! But I do feel like it's a little 'out there' since no one in my knowledge has don it for Malay weddings in Malaysia. And our reception is gonna be at our small hometown, a village.......... I wonder how I will look under the scrutinizing eyes of society *shivers*

Hmm, the veil is not fully completed yet as Alfad needed to put it on my head and see how the veil would fall on my face and he shall cut off any unnecessary length and put on a few tiny silver swarovski on the edges. Glamorous much?

EDIT (bouquet): I am still gonna DIY the bouquet even if they say it's unnecessary since my veil is pretty much the center of attention, WAIT, shouldn't I be the center of attention???

Oh rite, anyways I'll still need a bouquet to throw to all the single ladies *cue: Beyonce's ALL THE SINGLE LADIES*