Something like this, I hope Citra Ruby can make it happen for me. Picture credit to Readzul.
My theme color is lilac/mauve/dusty pink with white as it's base color.

My Reception Dais
  • By Citra Ruby from Bota, Perak. Not much choices to choose from. I have to make do with whatever that they have. But ofcourse I'll try to improvise with my own touch here & there :)
  • I really want to use the above chair but Citra Ruby doesn't have any, well they had but it broke. I've been pestering them to buy a new one but to no avail. Anyone wants to lend me one? :P (EDIT: A friend said it's totally gonna hurt my back & posture trying to keep straight for the photos, so maybe something like this?)
  • I need the feathered fans (small & white) but they don't have any so I'm still looking.
  • Merenjis tools, they only have one put on the floor type. Kenapalah takde yang berkaki tinggi tu, adoi. Nak tanya kat bridal belah Naz, maybe we'll rent from there.
  • I want this lace umbrella, but RM50 each? Hmm any brides wants to share with me? Huhu
His Reception Dais

Picture credit Maszalina
  • Something like the above picture, DAMASK themed dais. But our theme color for his reception is turquoise + b&w damask. Of course there will be 2 chairs. Turquoise was the color I decided on end of last year, and guess what it's dubbed as the color of 2010. Woot, I can predict the future, show me your palm.
  • Black & white will be the main color on the dais whereas blueish turquoise flowers as the adornment.

My Solemnization Dais
  • Will be using the same platform as my reception dais but I won't be sitting on a chair, it will be something like this, with pillows and mini sitting pillow?:

    Picture found via Google.
  • Bought the pillows at Jusco (Chinese New Year Sale) x 4 x RM12.90 each. Naz will have his own sitting pillow too, RM27.90. Might need to add some pearl beads or lace? Not sure yet. I don't want it to be too girly coz I'll use it for our future apartment later on hehe.
  • And I want to have a white table for him to use to sign all the forms during solemnization. Kind of something like this, with added floral pomander bouquets on each end. Ambitious is me sometimes. I just don't know if I am able to do this alone*.
  • Yash has so kindly offered to lend me her white furry carpet, thank you so much. So blessed to have such a nice friend like you :)

Phew, who would've guessed, writing all this down actually makes me feel better.
Just received a breaking news yesterday.

my fiance,
who's a genius by the way,
will be sent to Japan for a business trip (not his first time, so not much a shocker there)


and will be back

1 -2 week(s) before the wedding.

My heart died a little.


  1. ami, im gonna borrow the payung from ctfza, cos i need it for post wedding photography jek, try check with someone who get married before u.. myr50 each is quite expensive but having one thing that u really love kinda worth.. i rasa la.. hehe..

    aah i heard that kinda chair gonna cause backache later, sebab nak kene keep straight, tapi i punya nanti takde tempat sandar pun, hehe, sama jelah kan..

    table for signing is COOL kan!

  2. susah jugak nak cari kan coz I pun nak kawin dah nak dekat ni bulan 4. takpelah maybe takde rezeki kot. i nak kerusi cleopatra tu tapi tak tau lah bridal tempat i tu takde :( saaad..

    u pun buatlah table for signing forms! hehe

  3. ami..what do u mean by feathered fan? kipas for pengapit tu ke..? last time i ade nampak kat kedai cina Fun&Cheer near my house area(cheras). White color..if im not mistaken la..xpe..this week i try to check it out for u..if got.i mms..!tgk betul ke x..!

    i saw pomander ball in ur post..nak ke..? my friend baru kahwin new year haritu..and die buat sendiri semua. so..die ade cakap nk bg sewa..but i xtau brape..anyway..itu klw u nk buat pon sennag je..! main cucuk2 je..!

  4. Yash, yang camni ha: . kipas for pengapit la... comel skit pakai yg ala2 bulu ostrich nih hehe. okeh tolong tengokkan pls... tqvm memang baik!

    pomander kawan u warna apa?

  5. NEEE SO FUN WEDDING!! Babe fr the feather fan, maybe u try this shop at Sg Wang (2nd floor), u'll find it on the link to BB plaza, maybe they sell it! :)

  6. tingting, i think you're more excited about the wedding than me! hahahaha kidding :P thanks for the info babe, i'll go check 'em out when i can :D

  7. wanna do table for signing but i always have this feeling, something unusual will always feels like over the top, haha..

    btw u gonna do one kan? ill consult u later dear on the table once u have finished with ur big day? things like where to put, how to deco =)


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