Sidetracked into DETAILS

NSFW pictures ahead, proceed with caution.

Sorry Feyonce (better known as fiance), bride-to-be friends and twilight-hater readers; I got sidetracked into DETAILS & think I've fallen in love all over again:

I've actually forgotten how I fall head over heels over this guy (for Twilight & his delightfully funny interviews which followed after) after watching New Moon, got disappointed and completely Do Not Want to know anything about him ever again. I was like a little girl who just got her cotton candy stolen by the boy whom she likes so very much. The boy was mean, and the girl (metaphorically me) no longer likes him.

Though Rob was in no way at all mean to me, I was just expecting more out of his acting in New Moon, and the glimpse through Remember Me has crushed me more & more (still a little too stiff? In my opinion at least). But coming across this DETAILS interview, I was once again reminded why exactly I loved him in the first place.

From beers to elephants to skin eating diseases to porn and back to elephants and some more beers, he is nothing but amazingly quick witted, shy, utterly self-deprecating and humorous too. Looking gorgeous is a bonus. ILUROB.

Read the interview, pls?

I also love the comments about the DETAILS photoshoot:

"I thought he was quite witty and he is obviously very intelligent if not a little dark. These photos are very tastefully and mysterious without being pornographic, it was artful. I thought his detachment from the models made it sexier. Like he was yearning to touch them but never quite did."

"As much as Rob would love to entertain the thousands of invites he is receiving from his immediate stardom he has to refrain. Mostly doing this to protect who he is and always so cautious about relishing the moment because someone is always watching him waiting to distort his joy."

Oh Rob. Can't wait for more outtakes from this photoshoot!

And scratch that, I'm looking forward to Remember Me ♥