Hmm, wedding photographers is a tricky area since I'm quite fussy about the photographs, angle of shots, editing, how the photos are arranged in the storybook and whatnot (okay, I'm fussy about everything in my wedding -_-). The truth is, I once wanted to be a photographer myself, ofcourse that goes way back during my myspace years (aaaages ago!), art indie deviantart, geez haaaaaa lalala..... Now I think anyone can be a photographer if they have enough determination and know how to google. But to be really, like really reaaally good at it?

First of, I looooooooove most of the dreamy yellow tinted retro styled photos by the legendary L.A based Max Wanger:

And also most of the shots at Green Wedding Shoes, the style, the angles, depth of field, usage of white space etc etc. By golly all is tres parfait! But (there comes the but) then again, let's come back down to reality and remind myself that I am not anywhere in USA, not even Canada not even Europe. I'm in 1Malaysia BolehLand and no way I can afford to fly in Max Wanger or any Green Wedding Shoes featured photographer to be my wedding photographer.

Plus, I'm pretty sure we have our own Malaysian Max Wanger waiting to be discovered, or is there one already??

If I have the big bucks, I'd totally hire any of these big names;

Recently was the official photographer for Awesome Dzu & now husband Khairil. Dzu owns the wonderful cupcake house - Wondermilk Cafe.

Honestly Janggut Touch was among the first few photographers that we looked into for our wedding and we were HOOKED! Love the classic touch, grainy roughness that actually worked for the photos and umm yeah the subtle colors. Failing to afford these guys made us feeling down down down for a few good weeks (time a fleeting!). They were also the official photographer of Adlin & Emelda (knew that after flipping through the archives).

A little different than the two above but talented none the less. And Fatiniz is a lady, mind you. How often do we come across a professional lady photographer for weddings? Nada! Imagine how comfortable it would be in the dressing room, and ofcourse with her being a woman - she would know best which angle and which shot the brides would looooove. Oh come on, every girl has that little vain camwhore 'tude!

Vibrant, natural colors. Not heavily editted but still looks pretty superb to me. Knowing that he was the official photographer (after I asked for the package price) for Anwar Ibrahim's son's wedding was like a sure NO for our tiny budget. Meh, atleast kami berpijak di bumi yang nyata :)

And then for the ones that's up our alley, the ones that we can really afford and LIKE!

Love the editing and angles. Uber friendly & handsome couple Nadia(manages Bliss Candid) & Aizat (main photographer). Best of all, affordable.

Love the most recent editing, soft and retro. Owned by an old friend of ours, Dell & husband. I've known Dell since my myspace years (aaaages ago!), art indie deviantart, geez haaaaaa lalala.. & Naz has known Dell since his foundation year in MMU *cough* old crush *cough*.

A really good friend of Naz and has been doing professional photography for quite some time. Got a really nice offer from him too.

A friend of a friend, he's part of Manggis group so we're pretty sure his work is comparable to his teammates. Pretty nice offer too, thank you dear friend ;)

Last but not least, a new group of photography team that did our engagement photos;

Totally love what they did for us, Arif's creativity is indeed undeniable. I've known them since Naz's uni years, really really good friend of Naz infact they were all his schoolmates back in STAR. We're comfortable with them, especially Naz since he cannot pose for a photo even if his life depends on it, don't worry baby - mama got your back -_-". Offering us three photographers with a very sweet deal. Oh yeah $$$$$ --- EDIT 25/02/2010: We've decided to take them but after confirming, they had to cancel us because one of them can't make it due to work commitment and the other one wouldn't do it without his partner. Hmmm :[

Now who shall we choose to capture our moments?

p/s: sorry I haven't been commenting in anyone's blog in awhile, totally busy with wedding kompang aclapping near my ears every second of the day.

EDIT: Naz won't let me DIY them cute boutonnieres :( he said it's better if we buy the ready made ones. Hmm....


  1. dear..sama mcm i masa nk cari photog dulu.sbb nk sgt syahrin aziz.kitorg ikot dan bulatkan hati..

    ami n naz.cuba try ikot kata hati..

    good luck dear.

  2. bulatkan hati nak max wanger! XD

  3. definitely JANGGUTTOUCH! bab gambar memang takleh kompromi kott..hehehe... atau Fad Manaf? Nagle dorang different. Kalau BlissCandid macam dh biasa kot (since I tak tengok lagi gambar die yang lain2..hehehe)...
    But of course, you know what is the best for you two lovebirds! =)

  4. babe..hav u tried prettypeektures??
    i sukaa mereka!hhuhhuu..
    good luck yang!

  5. If you likee macamm yang US style kan ,
    Try to see heartpatrick . Just google it honey :D
    Oh yeah , and onelovephoto .

    OMG you'll fall in love with it .

  6. janggut is one of my fav, but have to pass yg ni, and previously lama dulu i approach one of janggut team, one of them, azim zainuddin, but in december he went oversea jap so have to pass jugak cos i need to finalise by dec, pasal ada banyak promos from other.. and his package kinda limited.. tension sangat.. =( hehe and we have found one that can do nice pic but with less editing, i love it just like that =)

    max wanger soo superb!

  7. oooh la laaa I'm so excited! Ceh I pulak excited. sekarang my hobby is to stalk bloggers' wedding plans. you're one of my victims! haha. well, let's just call it, 'an effort at drawing inspirations' shall we? Especially from fashion-conscious bloggers like you! :D Ok I'm babbling. Update la lagi! :)

  8. my faves or rather our faves photog would be Qippy and Daniel Zain. But sadly both are way out of our budget. I notice someone mention the name Patrick from heartpatrick,and was going to mention the name to you as well to consider. Also, my fiance love Dennis Yap.

  9. ahhh pening kan fikir pasal photog. hehe. good luck in making the right choice, dear. i think u already have the answer.

  10. Haiii kak! :) Cuba tengok gambar-gambar yang diambil oleh Mukhriz Latif & Udey Ismail.


  11. bila nak jadi cam photog ni pun tatau. T_T congrates for your sooner wed.

  12. ami, i read in your last last post about the designer for your wedding dresses. his name is amir mirza, right? if you dont mind sharing, can i know what his price range like? though i already set my mind on one particular designer, it would hurt to keep your options open, right? and, alfad too.

    you can just email me at


  13. Hi dear,
    I dulu pakai jangguttouch masa kat ipoh (for solemnization & reception)..
    u bole tgk gamba wedding i kat blog i..
    Mostly i can say, diorg mmg pro and bagus.. diorg bagi album pon cpt.. tak mcm stgh photog, dah 6 bulan kawen br dpt album..
    kitorg tunggu sebulan lebey je..
    If u nak tgk album, contact la..
    my email

  14. @ciare, mungkin aku pun usha je haha

    @izyan, tu lah i pun fikir macam tu juga tapi bila dah camni dah jadi undecided plak. +kekangan kewangan.

    @fira, thanks dear! i ada check out diorang jugak haritu :D

    @twentysomething, thanks for the suggestions. onelovephoto sgt comel :))

    @nurulhuda, awak amik sapeeee? hehehehehehhe

    @Z, lol banyaklah awak. tensi tau preparation ni haha.

    @lea, hehe tu lah pasal.. but tengah contemplate lagi nih.

    @airin, thanks adik. ada check out diorang jugak but di luar kemampuan haha

    @mas, chaiyok2! teruskan usaha! :D

    @moose, emailed you dear!

    @quiyah, nak tengok! and saya dah email awak..

  15. omg so many great choices, really hard to tell, some of them are more traditional, or classic other more 'young'.

  16. blisscandid.
    yep definitely blisscandid :)
    (eh mane de fotog len dok bace blog2 *future* client die? nmpk sgt kami mmg free, xlaku. haha -_-)
    jd amek lah kami. ahaha sengal.

    izyan w, kalau free jenguk2 lah fp kami.. tp kami mmg admit kitorg biase2 je, sbb tu harga pakej pon bese2. hehe..

    check out

  17. Max Wanger malaysia ade, tpi dia x amik wedding photo lalalalala....

  18. omg. u opened my eyes to the troubles of mencari photog. argh! susahnye!!

    good luck on finding the perfect one to suit ur needs


  19. @shalehin, proof or you're making that up! :P

  20. @BlissCandid, haha cheeky lah korang ni :)

    @fatin, kayuh pelan2 ye.. insyaAllah jumpa yang berkenan di hati..

  21. ami, for my last event as you can see the phtgrapher tu senior kat UPSI, but pangkat adik2. aku guide dia style max wanger and bagi few research of my own. design pun aku guide dia jugak. so aku jimat sbb no need to hire prof.phtgrapher since aku pun tak keje lagi..

    kalau ko , aku rsa ko mampu, and just choose the best one ok! ;)

    gud luck dear!
    happy sgt korang dtg aritu ramai2!


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