Save The Date!

Click on image above to view a larger version.

A mini save the date I made, I don't know what is sanding called in English unfortunately haha. And of course guests will receive the real DIY card we made with the help of Naz's siblings for all the tedious cutting & gluing. Me and Naz came up with the idea, bought the stuffs and I designed the inlays and monograms. I'm pretty satisfied with our card actually and here's a mock-up for your viewing pleasure;

Naz's card will be in blue-ish turquoise and mine will be in purple. Even our envelopes has our monogram ♥

It's not majestic, but it's personalized and it's ours.

p/s: Original reason I made the save-the-date? Coz Naz wanted to give it to his Japanese colleagues so they would stop bullying him & send him home early & coz it's pretty tiring when people asks you when's the date all the time (not that it didn't put a smile on my face everytime I answered hihi)

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