Solemnization OUTFIT

Typically, a Malay wedding has three major events; Solemnization, Bride's reception (at the bride's family house/venue) & Groom's reception (at the groom's family house/venue). And typically, a solemnization outfit is white/ivory/cream in color to mark the pureness of the ceremony.

But since we've already chosen WHITE as our main color for my reception's outfit, so we would rather not have another white outfit. Honestly, solemnization outfit is the last thing in my mind, I was thinking maybe we should just rent a pair since it should be a pretty simple outfit. But seeing patched lace on Bead Me Please just got me thinking.. We already bought 2 meters of white laces from Bandung even before we were engaged, and the idea of using it on our receptions were shot down by our designer as it's rather thick and rough haha. But using it as patched lace like this doesn't seem so wild right? For a solemnization outfit? Yes/Yes?

Fiance wanted the color grey, light grey for our solemnization since he doesn't even have a grey baju Melayu yet. So yeah I'm on with that, I really don't mind. But then I found these photos:

and hey, remember Diane Kruger's outfit to the Globes? I LOVE IT!

(L-R): Don't remember wear I got this from but could be from Alberta Ferretti, Diane Kruger's Christian Lacroix dress, don't remember hmm could be old Dior RTW?

TWO TONE DRESS! Yep, I'm doing it. Grey to black is a little harsh and strong color for a solemnization, so we opted for white to grey duo tone. And seeing that our designer, Amir Mirza is probably busy right now with both my dresses & two of Naz's baju Melayu and what not (truth is I want him to concentrate on those dresses hehe), I thought of seeking out other tailor to make this outfit. We accidentally stumbled into Afidah from Mimpi Kita a few weeks ago (kantoi outfit shopping for Old Blossom Box opening hehe), and she brought us to her new store. Recently moved from Sunway to Bangsar.

Seriously in love with this kebaya, sadly not my size.

Bought my first Audrey Hepburn poster from them too, a few years ago me thinks.

Apart from selling new trendy clothes, they also specializes in tailoring & beading traditional clothes. And their works are pretty intricate in my opinion, plus the rates are really affordable! So after asking a few places, I feel like I can trust Fida (affectionately called by fiance since they've known eachother since uni years, I believe other people calls her Nurul?) with my solemnization outfit. It's gonna be a modern grey princess sleeved blouse with a duo toned mermaid cut skirt, patched with laces on the borders and simple beading. I can't wait to see it finish!

Please don't laugh, I'm terrible at drawing -_-

Visit Mimpi Kita (means Our Dream) at:

No 21, Jalan Telawi,
59100 Bangsar
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60322848302 / 0129318059 (Nurul)

p/s: will update with the price list later, the picture I took was blurry! :(