29 Budget Plan

I fucked up this month's budget.

And I hardly know where the money went. I hate this. I was not suppose to spend on the first and second week of getting the salary because I don't wanna end up being broke before the end of the month! Last month at the 2 final week before dapat gaji, I was able to buy four pairs of shoes all different kinds of 'em wedge, gladiator, sneakers and a closed toe flat. And I get to buy a crazy ass pricey blusher a day before I get my salary. All because of the plan!! But now, I've fucked up the budget plan, and I dah terjerat tengkuk. You tau kan?

Budak uitm balik cuti, and aku tak boleh teman dia potong rambut ala Posh sebab 1) kereta kat workshop, and honestly 2) aku dah pokai. Benci lah.

Lagi 2 minggu untuk gaji (+ BONUS) keluar. Tak sabar rasanya. Part of the money ofcourse goes to the thundercats-are-go fund. No, not the baby delivery. The perfect wedding. Eheh, lambat lagi. 2 years. And some I'd buy something for me, probably a watch. I don't have one anymore since the last pink XOXO one kinda look icky after absorbing sweats and stains. Urgh.

I watched a bunch of movies last weekend, Pulp Fiction, Glory Road, Charlie Wilson's War, Dead Man on Campus, Sweet November, Memento(?), 27 Dresses................... etc. And also I played dress up with the webcam. Ahah, so pathetic. Y/N?